[TINY HAUL] Vitacid 0,025% Retinoic Acid Cream

So after this whole time looking for the right treatment for my acne and acne scars, I still haven’t find the right one. Well, I had for once but then it made me so dependent of it that I decided to throw my hopes away from that thing kekeke~ I have tried The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, The Face Shop Blemish Zero, Clinique 3 step Blemish Solutions, Etude House AC Clinic Emulsion, and some other stuffs but nothing really worked for me.

A few weeks ago, I read threads about acne treatment on forums and groups, and I read Vitacid and Retin-A being mentioned a lot. They said that those two things worked for almost everyone! I thought “WOW! I really should give one of these a shot”. I also notice that almost everyone said that they had the “purging moments” when they applied these things but it only happened for 2-3 weeks and their skin started getting a lot better afterwards. I wouldn’t mind the purging IF after I went through that phase I can get a clear or at least better skin! So I bumped my 2 fists (literally) and decided to buy them.

I have spent weeks looking for these two things. Well I only looked for the Vitacid because they said you can find it in almost every pharmacy and that’s the cheapest one. There is a pharmacy near my house and I have asked them about Vitacid twice ut they said they didn’t have it :( Then I accepted the fact that I will not be able to try this thing. At least not this month.

I WAS WRONG! kekekekekeke~ Me and my parents went to the mall tonight to do a little grocery shopping. And I notice there was a quite big pharmacy named Century just right in front of the supermarket. I was thinking “Okay, this is your last try. If you can find it here, buy it and give it a shot. If you can’t, then you will find something else“. I took my mom there before we went grocery shopping and asked to the Sales Assistant about this Vitacid and she said that THEY HAD IT! OH MY GD I’m so happy (well not so happy, just happy LOL) I bought the 0,025% because that’s the least percentage they had. It costs me (my mom actually kekekeke~) about IDR 23,500 or equivalent to $2.40! FREAKING CHEAP!

Then we went grocery shopping, reached home, I quickly washed my face because I had foundation and powder on my face at that time. I don’t know why but I found myself applying makeup more often than I used to. Maybe because of hormones kekekekeke~ Or maybe because I was ashamed of these scars and acnes on my face :( Well I think it’s the second reason. Okay back to this Vitacid. After I washed and dried my face, I applied a thin layer of this to my whole face. Why? Because I want to get rid of all the acnes on my face. I was thinking whether to do a spot treatment first to see how it works or to apply it to my whole face. I decided to apply it to my whole face because I don’t want to wait for 3 weeks to see how it works then apply it to my whole face. It will took soooo long~

Well I will post updates once or twice every week until my face clears up OR until I run out of this cream so please stay tuned ^^ Below are some pictures of the Vitacid that I bought~ :)

jjaaangggg~ Vitacid 0,025% Retinoic Acid Cream!

The back side, translation:

For external use only, store in a cool place

The aluminium tube. Contents : 15 g

Exp. date : JANUARY 2014!

Sealed aluminium tube

What the cream looks like

Roughly blended. It looks like a pearly primer to me kekekeke~ ^^

Oh, one more thing! If you decided to try this product, ONLY APPLY IT AT NIGHT! Don’t apply it in the morning because it may cause sunburn. Apply sun protection lotion (minimum of SPF 20) and try to avoid direct sun light.

I can’t rate or give any positive and negative sides for this cream yet, so please stay tuned ^^

Have you ever tried Vitacid or any Retinoic Acid? How does it effect your skin? Please leave some comments below and thank you for reading! ^^

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2 thoughts on “[TINY HAUL] Vitacid 0,025% Retinoic Acid Cream

    • hello ^^ I’m really sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sooooooo busy in college T^T
      I have been using this for about more than 1 month now, and I really see improvements :D
      My face is not cleared up yet, I still have a few tiny bumps and some monthly breakouts but only 1-2 :)
      For prescription, I think it depends on where you live. In my country, Indonesia, I can get this in any large pharmacy without prescriptions ^^
      I will post an update for this maybe in Saturday or Sunday so please stay tune kekekeke~ ^^

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