[REVIEW] Smith’s Rosebud Salve in Mocha Rose

So, I have promised you guys that this post will be a review. I’m having a hard time trying to decide what to review. Then I remembered I found this magical thing that saved me from my chapped lips~ ^^




  • What they said : 

Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla is a blend of essential oils, mocha, vanilla, chocolate and a hint of rose. It is a perfectly delicious way to soothe chapped, dry lips and skin. ( 0.8 oz)


The size of my palm~

ImageInside the tin

ImageSwatch on hand

Image On the lips (please excuse my bare face >_<)

For me, this thing works really well~ I used to have a really bad chapped lips. Even my mom said my lips look ugly LOL then I decided to find a cure for this. I didn’t really have the guts to try various brands so I ended up with Nivea and Lip Ice. Those 2 brands did nothing to my lips except made them worse 😦

Then I read about this brand somewhere. I thought “wow I really should try this. Let’s find some reviews~” and I found a lot and I mean A LOT of positive reviews on this! After that I rushed back to the google, trying to find someone who sells this in my country and I found her! She sold it for approximately $7.50 exclude the shipping fee. She has so much flavour to choose from : Brambleberry, Mocha Rose, Strawberry, Minted Rose, and Original. I was confused between Strawberry or Mocha Rose. I ended up buying the Mocha Rose because the Strawberry looks so red in the tin hahaha~

When I finally received my package, the tin turned out to be bigger than what I expected (I expected it to be a “small and pricey lip balm”). I opened the tin and it smells sooooooo good~ I literally can smell this all day long LOL I smelled vanilla and mocha in it, which is two of my favourite scents ^^ I used it 2-3 times daily and after one week I had chapped lips no more *yaaaaayy~~~!!* I even wore it to school and no one noticed because it’s almost colourless. I have been using this for around 1 year or so but I still have a lot of product in the tin.

So, as a summary~

Positive side :

  • You can take your time using this lip balm until you hit the bottom of the can
  • Almost colourless so you can wear it everytime
  • No sticky feeling
  • If you love vanilla and mocha scent, this is a must!

Negative side :

  • No one sells this for $7.50 anymore 😦
  • Once you drink something, you’ll loose the lip balm on your lips

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Will I repurchase this? YES if I can find someone who sells it under $10~ :p

Thank you for reading my first review 🙂 Feel free to leave some comment~


I get a letter from my local post office to take my package from Gmarket T^T perhaps because it’s heavy and the value is almost $100 so I have to pay tax (maximum amount to be tax-free is $50). The paper said the tax is IDR 59,000 or equal to $5.9 and I hope it really is only that much. I’ll post a Gmarket Haul once I get my orders~ ^^

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Smith’s Rosebud Salve in Mocha Rose

  1. i knew about this product first when I watched Katy Cheung from Sasa Beauty Room’s video back then…and I also started to watching Michelle Phan’s video, it turned out that she also looooove this magical thing kekeke
    I agree with you, nivea doesn’t do anything to my chapped lips, in my case it just sit there and voila once it dries, my lips back to its chapped condition -__-

    1. I forgot when or where I heard about this actually. I think it’s from youtube, maybe from AllThatGllitters 🙂 I rarely use this now, because I’m too attached with my EMC hahaha gonna get back to this and empty the pot! ^^
      I think my first “lip balm” is my mom’s. I think she already has it for like 5+ years because it smells so weird but she kept pushing me to apply it. I decided to buy this so I can stop using hers lol
      Nivea is still better than Lip Ice. The Lip Ice that I tried, its colour changed to hot pink once applied and kinda burned my lips -__-++ I throw that away instantly hahaha

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