[REVIEW] Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

This is a review that I wanted to write since months ago when I still use this product. Now I have quit using this because I’m on Vitacid 🙂 Plus, I think too much chemicals on my face will only make it worse 😦

A few months ago I saw some products in this Clear Face Line was on sale online. I decided to buy them (Foaming Cleanser and Deep Cleansing Toner). After 2 months using those 2, my mom bought me this Care Gel and Spot Treatment (or whatever the name is) and I ended up using the entire Clear Face line. That is the first time I used the whole line of a skincare product kekekeke~ ^^ Maybe I will post a full line review of Sebamed Clear Face line or maybe not.

Well I can’t say anything about this. The point is this care gel is not for me 😦 It didn’t give me breakouts nor it eliminates the breakouts that I had. But it did make the breakout become more visible to the human eye. The breakouts appeared more red and my skin appear more fair, so those 2 things made my breakouts more visible (I said this twice already, I know)

I applied this in the morning and evening. It made my face become more oily too T^T I applied it at 7.30 AM and at noon my face is so shiny! I can’t take that anymore (but I keep using it at that time). But once applied, your skin can absorb it quickly. You will feel no stickiness, not at all! Why did I dump this you ask? Because it made my breakouts more visible (3 times already LOL)

Front side of Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel box
Front side of Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel box
What's on the side of the box
What’s on the side of the box
It comes in a tube! I love everything in tube :)
It comes in a tube! I love everything in tube 🙂
What it says on the back of the tube - descriptions and directions
What it says on the back of the tube – descriptions and directions
The tube cap is a flip cap ^^
The tube cap is a flip cap ^^

Down here will be the swatches. I don’t know why the lighting keeps changing everytime I take photos -____-

Pea sized gel
Pea sized gel

The gel is clear and has just the right consistency. Not too runny and not to thick. Don’t apply too much on your face to avoid oily face at noon ^^

Roughly blended
Roughly blended – you can see that it is shiny (and the lighting changed -____-)
Fully blended
Fully blended – no shine! your skin can absorb it so fast~ (the lighting changed again)

Well let’s just go for the summary, shall we?

Positive sides

  • Nice packaging! it comes in a plastic tube so it is hygienic ^^
  • Gives cooling sensation once applied
  • Not too pricey, I think it’s about IDR 170,000 or equivalent to $17 for 50 ml
  • You only need a pea-size amount for the face
  • Didn’t cause breakouts on me (ADDED: except on dry and hot days, it did break me out T^T)

Negative sides

  •  The cooling sensation only lasts for like 3 seconds and then you will feel no different
  • So light when you put in in your face but it becomes oily at noon 😦 (ADDED: except on dry and hot days, my face became oily after 2-3 hours)
  • Didn’t heal my breakouts

Rating : ♥♥ 2/5

Will I repurchase this? NO. I don’t even finish it up and I would like to try another product 🙂

Does this thing work for your skin? Comments are so welcomed ^^

7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

  1. Dear Sherly, Sebamed Care Gel is not meant to reduce break up. It is a water based moisturizer which hydrates your skin without oil hence no new breakouts will take place and yet your skin which needs hydration in the form of water based moisturizers in our case as oil will lead to acne. I have a very sensitive skin and this works fantastically for me. The ingredients are all natural like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, allantoin & panthenol. No chemicals like paraben, paraffin, propylene glycol etc are used

    1. good thing it worked for you 🙂 for me, as I stopped using it my face actually got better so I don’t think I will use it again. The bad thing is this moisturizer made my face more oily 😦 I applied it in the morning and around 2-3 hours after, my whole face was like covered in oil so I don’t really like this. Maybe I’ll give this gel another chance in the future ^^

    1. Finally, someone with the same experience with this gel! (not thet I’m happy about the oiliness). May I ask where you’re from?
      I changed to Kiehls and my skin is pretty much back to the usual oily condition.

  2. It worked for me ever since I stopped applying it in the morning, and applying it before bed as the temperature at nite is so friendly and calm

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