[REVIEW] Golecha Magic Henna for Tattoo

In my previous post, I hauled this henna I bought and also told you about my obsession for tattoos~ ^^ The henna I bought is from the brand Golecha. I have tried this henna the night I received it LOL Yeah I’m not the patient girl type when it came to something I’m obsessed about kekeke~ If you’re wondering how can I review this item so fast, that’s because I already use this henna for 3 tattoos LOL It’s just around 5 days but I already made 3. Can you imagine how many tattoos will I make if I can do permanent tattoos?

Well, first thing’s first. Let’s check the packaging of this Golecha Magic Henna~ πŸ™‚

The point is so fine and there's already a pre-cut tiny hole in the end without any difficulties ^^
The point is so fine and there’s already a pre-cut tiny hole in the end without any difficulties ^^
Before you use it, twist open the tip cap and open the aluminium seal first ^^
Before you use it, twist open the tip cap and open the aluminium seal first ^^
I didn’t know it has aluminium seal. I tried squeezing the tube with all my powers but nothing came out. I thought it got dried so I twist open the cap. It turned out to be sealed LOLOL
This is what it looks like after you open the aluminium seal :)
This is what it looks like after you open the aluminium seal πŸ™‚

I was thinking hard about what to make. I mean did I want to draw something? Or did I want to write something? And in the end, with my obsession over this young and rich man, I decided to make his initial.

Then I spend like hours thinking what kind of font I want to use. Since this is my first self-made tattoo, I want it to be pretty yet not too girly since it’s a man’s initial name~ I remembered I bought his album and I really really loved the font that he used to write his name on it. Then I just took out that album and re-draw the initial on my inner wrist. That’s right, I re-draw it, with a ballpoint pen LOL Are you curious with how it turned out? Check the pictures below! ^^

Can you guess what it is? It's a "G"~ This is right after I applied the henna
Can you guess what it is? It’s a “G”~ This is right after I applied the henna

I made a “G” letter on my inner left wrist~ ^^ kyaaaaaaaa I’m so happy with it. I know it’s not the most gorgeous “G” you’ve ever seen, but I like it anyway kekeke~ I re-draw it from G-Dragon’s One of A Kind album πŸ™‚ The picture above is how it looked like right after I applied the henna. And after around 20-25 minutes, It dries up and the excess will peel.

P.S.: Apply a thick layer of henna on the desired area. The excess will peel. If you applied it uneven (like me), you will get lighter spots (where the excess doesn’t peel).

This is what it looked like after the first wash (with water and soap)
This is what it looked like after the first wash (with water and soap)

Above is how it looked like after the first wash. You can see there are some kind of lighter spots. That is what will happen if you don’t apply the henna properly LOL The area with less henna will appear lighter and will fade faster. I made a mistake once and I have learned kekekeke~

This is after the third wash. It faded away T^T
This is after the 3rd wash. It faded away T^T

Above is the picture of my “G” after the third wash. I usually didn’t wash my temporary tattoos with soap, only with water to make them last longer. But I want to see how long will it take to remove the tattoo, I washed it LOL Today is it’s 5th wash, and some parts are already gone. But you still can see that it’s a letter “G

The other 2 tattoos that I made are a one-word-tattoo. Inspired by Mina Kwon (actually I copied hers LOL) Please take a look ^^

My 2nd and 3rd self-made temporary tattoo ^^
My 2nd and 3rd self-made temporary tattoo ^^

The word “Love” is on the right side of my left middle finger, while the word “Hate” is on the right side of my left ring finger. They are fading away too. I think today is their 3rd wash already? When they’re gone, I planned to write “Gold” and “Diamonds” instead~ ^^ Oh I also wrote it with a ballpoint pen before I use the henna.

The colour first appeared black, then after the first wash, it will slowly turned to dark brown and gets lighter from there πŸ™‚ I got no difficulties doing these tattoos myself, though I can only make tattoos on my left hand because I’m right handed LOL

So as a summary,

Positive sides

  • Easy to use!
  • It won’t mess your room or wherever you use it
  • No weird smell. Well you won’t actually smell it on purpose, right?
  • Cheap!
  • Good colour. I like how it appeared to be black then becomes brown πŸ™‚
  • Lasts quite long if you don’t use soap to wash it
  • My friend said it comes in a lot of different colours! ^^

Negative sides

  • Hard to find. I can’t find it online anywhere else 😦 only at Rebhelyne’s

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β€’ 4.5/5 (only because it’s hard to find)

Will I repurchase? YES! Maybe I will try another colour, too. But for now, I will stick to this one ^^

33 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Golecha Magic Henna for Tattoo

  1. Hey! Amazing review thanks!
    I bought it to10 mints from my house!lol
    but I’m in MΓ©xico City cx
    Thanks! This is amazing cx

  2. I sell this product in various colors and at a very reasonable price I have lot more stuff including glitter cones , glitter tattoo , etc. you can email me at if you need it .

    Thanks .

      1. Really? Are you using the same one as mine? I tries it again last week and it’s still in good condition. Some leftovers in the tiny hole dried up so I have to poke it with needle, but after that, I’m good to go πŸ™‚

  3. Just a quick question, true natural henna, with no chemicals, only comes in brown-deep red… What on earth is in this to give it that odd colour and what is in the coloured stuff? Natural henna stains look a lot more uniform than that, have a lovely rich colour and can last up to 2 weeks, a lot longer than that obviously has. Just wanted to point that out. I think you should double check what is really in this before putting it on your skin again!

    1. yes I’m aware about the colour too. I rarely use it because I don’t really have time lol and when I used it again a few months ago, it did last more than 10 days. I’m sure this is not 100% natural henna, but they didn’t list the ingredients so I can’t really check 😦 I think it will be better to make a real one if I have the guts :p Anyway thank you for the info! Next time I will check first before I buy another henna πŸ˜€

      1. the ingredients are henna powder, turmeric powder Katha powder Kasari powder clove oil and eucalyptus oil

      2. I highly recommend that you stop using and buying black henna. It is very very unsafe. Henna caravan. Com is a GREAT website to order and learn henna. “Mehndikajoeyhenna” on instagram teaches how to make your own natural henna and etc.. She also sells her own natural paste on her website. Good luck love β™‘

      3. Thank you very much! I’ll head to the website right away.
        I threw it away already because it dried already, but more so I won’t find ways to use it anymore LOL

  4. eurgh thats not henna at all. i dont know what it is, but lets just not call it henna okay? real henna gets such a bad name from crap products like this.

    1. maybe this is a paint lol it’s really hard to wash it off. It won’t even disappear after i rub it with soap and water (and my skin is all red already). i agree with you. it’s hard to find real henna here. i think i should throw this away. people said i have to buy it from the arabics to get the real henna, but the problem is i don’t know where to find them 😦

      1. If you are wanting to buy real henna, check out that is where i get all my henna supplies (i have a henna business) she also has great info and instructions, glitter cones, gilding gel, design books and lots lots more! Check them out, and they are really lovely! πŸ™‚

      2. thanks for the info! I have checked them out ^^ Their products looks lovely, but it’s not in my country so I guess I will have to wait for a while before I will buy from them 😦

      3. They post internationally too, I’m in Australia and get it posted. Adds a bit to the overall cost but totally worth it!!!

      4. YOu can find real henna in most ethnic stores, Pakistani,Indian, Arab, Moroccan and more . If you don’t have a store like that near you there are many places to order from online. Henna Caravan is one of the most reputable and ships world wide. Safe natural henna is never black like that and will not wash off . Natural henna is the only safe product that will leave a stain for so many days. The black stuff shown here is probably a transdermal toxin and causing liver and kidney damage. Safe natural henna should only have henna, sugar, liquid (lemon juice or tea) and a safe essential oil – Cajeput or lavender . Be safe , be healthy and use only natural henna.

  5. as with usual henna you should not let it dry to fast so best let it set a bit and while it has still moisture in it spray it with liquid bandid or hair spray so taht the colour stays moist cause the longer it is moist the better it goes in to the skin and then it stays longer and is usually not so patchy. if you have time and dont have to do something with your hands you can also just moisten it with sugar water … just carefully aply it with a qtip everytime you see a spot getting dryed out. another tip is that it should be warm so maybe when you sprayed it you carefully wrap it in foil so that it is warm

  6. So, what is your thought on this now that you know it’s not real henna? I just saw this item on Wish, and it’s in Jet Black, I was thinking of getting this but I’m afraid I may get an infection or something because it’s not real henna.

    1. Hi πŸ™‚
      I personally still use this but only like once in a year and only for little drawings for some events. So far I haven’t seen any visible negative reaction (like rashes or allergy reaction), but I can’t see what’s happening inside my body so I can’t say much. I do recommend getting the real henna. It’s a lot more safe and it stains longer so you won’t need to do touch-ups so often. People said no henna is black, but isn’t it okay to add black pigments to the henna to get black colour? #justmy2cents

  7. hi what color did you buy was it black?
    please reply i the same henna tube but in the ingredients says doesn’t contain ppd ammonia or any harmful chemicals I read that if henna was like a greenish brown color is probably indigo and that it won’t affect your skin but please reply if it is black and if it damaged your skin

    1. Hi, I bought the one that the seller listed as black. It’s not like, ink black, it still has greenish tint to it. It also stated that it contains no harmful ingredients. So far I don’t see any visible damage to my skin. I did use it again for a small tattoo a few months ago.

  8. Thanks for all the comments by these comments I have come to know that availability of our product is a problem so in future we are going to sell it in our website or u can download our app in play store or ios and order there and we are also started selling in Amazon all marketplaces and suggestions most welcome which will help us reach customer service u can mail queries on or our Facebook page golechahenna Jain or what’s app +91 9036585848

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