[REVIEW] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

It’s time for another review! ^^ I got this sleeping pack quite a while ago and I already use the 2nd sachet now. 1 sample sachet can be used for up to 5 times of application for me. Yep, I’ve been skipping some days and just apply the EMC on my face instead of this because I’m more concerned about my acne scars 😦 I’m breaking out badly right now. I use the wrong facial cleanser a few days ago and now I got bad skin again T^T

Anyway, back to the review. I’ve been using it for about 8 times I think. So far it doesn’t break me out and I hope it will never do 🙂 This is the sample sachet of my Laneige sleeping pack ^^

Laneige water sleeping pack EX sample front

Laneige water sleeping pack EX sample back

It contains 4ml of the product and I can use it for a week (or 2 weeks if I skip a few days LOL) It is surprisingly a fast absorbing sleeping pack. Well this is the second sleeping pack I’ve ever used. The first one is the Imyss AC Sleeping Pack. My skin absorbed this in about 8-15 seconds depending on my room temperature and humidity. I got an oily skin so I thought I will need to wait for 20-30 seconds until it’s fully absorbed. I washed my face first before I apply this sleeping pack because my face tends to be oily at night 😦

Swatch on hand

The sleeping pack came in a light pastel blue colour. I love the colour! And it also has a very pleasant scent. A kind of soft flowery scent, not too powerful scent. It has a cooling sensation but it only lasts for a few seconds.


Right after you apply it, you can see your face a little dewy and has watery shine. Different from oily shine, this watery shine made your face looks so supple and well moisturised 🙂 In this stage, you should avoid touching your face too much because it feels a little sticky because the product is still not fully absorbed~

fully absorbed

Once its fully absorbed, you can see your skin looks healthier. In this stage, no more sticky feeling and the watery shine has gone. It’s time to go to bed and wake up with a fresh, moisturised, supple face in the morning ^^

Honestly, I really love this product since it gives enough moisture to my face and it doesn’t break me out. I used to have dry patches because of continuous usage of Vitacid. This product, along with EMC, helped me by hydrating and moisturise my skin 🙂

Here’s the overall opinion on the product ^^

Positive sides

  • Doesn’t break me out
  • Easily absorbed
  • Made for all skin types! ^^
  • A little goes a long way~
  • The sample size is not too pricey compared to the full size 🙂
  • Gives cooling sensation for a few seconds
  • Has a pleasant scent, it’s said the scent can help you to relax too ^^
  • Not oily!
  • Easy to find, both the full size and the sample product

Negative sides

  • The full size is in a jar, which is unhygienic. But they gave you a spatula in the box so I think this is not a really big deal.

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5 FULL HEARTS!

Will I repurchase this? YES! I’m still thinking whether to get the full size or the samples because my skin has a weird habit of breaking out once I bought a full size product while it’s fine with the samples or miniatures  LOL

Do you have a different experience? Share it in the comment box below~! ^^

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

  1. i loveeeee laneige water sleeping pack, esp the scent which calms me down. Bought the whole jar from laneige counter in Singapore for S$45 (really pricey!). Suggest that you get anyone going to Korea to buy back, costs only about S$20!

    1. woah that’s pricey T^T Here, if I buy it online, it costs around S$35. My aunt just came back from Korea. Too bad I love this sleeping pack after she came back T^T Will make sure to do that next time! Thanks for the information ^^

  2. Hey! nice review! 😀
    I have a question for you. I got myself the sample sachet of this product but I’m not sure of how to store it. do you keep this in your fridge after you used it or do u just keep it in your room?
    it’s a silly question I know xD

    1. I just store it in upright position in my room because the nearest fridge is in my mom’s room LOL But if I have my own fridge in my room, I will definitely store it inside the fridge. If you want a longer cooling sensation, you can store it in the fridge too ^_^ It depends on your own preference 🙂
      It’s not silly~ I was confused on how to store it at first too hehehe

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