Hello readers! ^^ Sorry for my lack of post this month >_< I have a kind of hectic schedule because of the assignments and deadlines T^T Oh but I will start posting again this Friday (or Saturday) but not as active as on holidays though. Just gonna give you a quick update that I should have told you since May 10th :p

So a few weeks ago I got an email, the sender claimed to Β be one of Β Wet n Wild staffs. She said I am chosen to be one of their Beauty Ambassadors (you know, I posted about this like 1-2 months ago maybe?) She asked for my personal information such as address and phone numbers. Being a careful person (which is so not me, but I have to learn) I emailed the Wet n Wild staffs via the web question form. After a day or two, their representative replied to the question form, confirming that I really am chosen to Β be one of their Beauty Ambassadors, and also confirmed that the one who emailed me before really is their representative (because the sender email is form hername@pcmg or something like that LOL)

So I then replied their representative with my personal infos, and they said my period will be for May 20th-26th (changed from May 10th-16th). Oh they also asked me first whether I’m still willing to do it if my period is on May 20th-26th, I said that’s fine πŸ™‚ They sent me 3 products on May 10th to test and review. I think those are one of their new products ^^ I have tested all of them, some I use it religiously to see the effect and I must say I am quite satisfied πŸ˜€ I hope I will get better result before May 20th πŸ˜€ By the way, they didn’t pay me to write reviews. They only sent me the products (and some brochures and fliers)

I will show you what they sent me on Friday or Saturday this week, depending on how my body feels because my body doesn’t feel that good this few days 😦 I hope I will get better soon. And I need to stop sleeping at dawn T^T

Oh and I also received a postcard and a fan from GD’s Korean Fanbase (GD World). Those 2 things are beautiful! ^^ Gonna post it this week too, I promise πŸ˜€ I also ordered a few studs (well, okay 150 studs actually LOL) and I’m planning to make accessories from the studs. I bought the silver and coloured studs, and I will post it this week too (OMG so many posts @_@) By the way I’m still replying to comments although I don’t write a new post. Feel free to ask me anything~

Anyway, has any of you tried Secret Key First Treatment Essence? It’s said to Β be the dupe of SKII, even the packaging is the same LOL I really want to try the Secret Key because it’s more affordable *cheap girl* I found a seller who has them in stock, but by the time I asked her, it’s out of stock already T^T If you ever tried this, please tell me your thoughts or just give me your blog link πŸ™‚ Thanks before and see you 2-3 days later~!Β β™₯


7 thoughts on “QUICK UPDATE!!

      1. >< I had a favourite trio from wet and wild but later got sick of the pigmentation since it disappear after a few hours.

        I have to finish most of my make up first hahaha

      2. You mean the eyeshadow trio? I’m interested in that one for learning purpose lol As long as it shows up when I apply it hahaha Do you think it’s okay?
        I also got some things stacked up on my table because of the monthly box. Should have been wiser and only subscribe for 3 months T^T

      3. Hahahaha!! The trio’s are nice for starters since the pigmentations aren’t crazy, meaning no need for harsh blending. The crease colour is not too harsh and is easy to blend. Only complain : the highlighter since its chalky. Its worth its price~

        You should try sweet as candy~ and there is 2 other I want to try~

      4. the sad thing is they only have 3 colours in here: Silent Treatment, Walking on Eggshells, and Don’t Steal My Thunder haha They have so much colours in LA T^T
        Thank you! Will think about buying this if I get the mood to learn lol

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