Quick Update II~

Hello again in another quick update post! hahaha I don’t have that much time to spend writing on a complete post, so I decided to just do a quick update once in a while. I will not put ant coloured letters in this post because I want to go to sleep soon :p

Umm, so I ordered a few stuffs online, and some has reached my home, while some already reached the seller (pre ordered stuffs), and some still on their way. These are the things that already reached me :

Colouful studs

Studs!! Have I told you that I love studs? Sadly I don’t have any studded things yet because I can’t find the perfect studded stuffs. Either too many studs, or I don’t like the studs shape and colours 😦 I decided will make my own studded things. I already made a studded bracelet, but it doesn’t look that good LOL I will use it as a lightstick strap! And I’m thinking of applying studs to my drawing tube. Oh in case you want to buy these studs too, I ordered them from @kelly_kurnia on instagram, IDR 300 each with a minimum purchase of IDR 30,000 ^^


Maybe you’re wondering what this thing is, this is a fan and a postcard from GD World, sent via G Dragon Indonesia ^^ The fan is the round one, which is cute because I never seen any round fan before γ…‹γ…‹


See? It has the fanbase name and the website, but to the korean site. I want one of their slogan towel, but the shipping price is more expensive than the slogan, so I decided not to buy it. I will only use the slogan for the concert anyway, so I will just save that money to buy other merchandises :p

Korean Keyboard Sticker

I also bought this Korean Keyboard Sticker. I has transparent background with black writings. The print is clear and it sticks well on my keyboard protector though it’s made of silicon. Not that I type a lot of korean from Minam, It’s just sometimes I want to tweet or type in Korean and I still haven’t memorize the layout T^T I bought this from Qoo10, you can just search it there. I bought it for IDR 29,000 exclude shipping fee πŸ™‚

Well there are BIGBANG Crownstick and GD Light Ring that has reached the seller. The seller said he/she will send it to me on thursday the latest. And I’m still waiting for my May box from Beauty Treats. I wish they will reach me tomorrow. Oh I ordered a bunch of nail polish from Etude House, but they are still on their way. I also ordered The Skin Food Tomato Whitening Toner along with the polishes, I hope they will arrive soon ^^ OMG I bought a lot of things T^T And I said I want to save up for the pretty merchandises *face palm here*

I will protect my savings from now on LOL gonna stay away from the internet for a while until I have handed in my assignments on next Monday and Tuesday, and after my first final exam on next Wednesday ^^ Wish me luck~ I will work hard to update this blog too γ…‹γ…‹ Okay, see you on the next post! λΏ…~


2 thoughts on “Quick Update II~

    1. haha ikr! abisnya aku selalu belanja online, jadi biar ga belanja ya jangan online :p kalau ke mall2 gitu aku malah ga pernah beli apa2 lol iya, aku order ke poppen huis abis mreka yg plg murah πŸ˜€ we can never have too many nail polish :p
      yaaaay! thank you, gonna read it now ^^

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