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[Wet n Wild] Mega Length Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

Okay, this is my last review post for the products that were sent to my for free by Wet n Wild. First of all, I would like to deeply apologize to Wet n Wild because I didn’t post this sooner. I know my period has ended by now, but I also know I have to review this. I’m sorry for being late, but I’m in a very tight schedule, and I just have a kinda “free time” now. Second, I would like to say thank you very very much to Wet n Wild for giving me this chance. Yes, yes, I said it already, but I really am so grateful for this chance. I hope we can work together again in the future in any way possible ^^

Oke, ini post review terakhir aku buat produk-produk yang dikirimin ke aku secara gratis oleh Wet n Wild. Pertama-tama aku mau minta maaf sebesar-besarnya ke Wet n Wild karena ga post ini lebih cepet. Aku tau periode aku udah selesai sekarang, tapi aku juga tau aku harus review produk ini. Aku minta maaf karena postnya telat, tapi jadwal aku lagi numpuk banget, dan baru sekarang aku ada “waktu luang”. Kedua, aku mau bilang terima kasih banyak ke Wet n Wild buat kesempatan ini. Iya, iya, aku udah ngomong ini, tapi aku bener-bener berterima kasih buat kesempatan ini. Semoga nantinya kita bisa bekerja sama lagi ^^


Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara
Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara

Today I will review the Mega Length Waterproof Mascara. From the name, of course we realize that it’s waterproof. Now I just hope this will not be as bad-boy as my mom’s mascara, which I can’t take off LOL The packaging is not too big, only less than 13cm in length and 1.5 cm in diameter.

Hari ini aku mau review Mega Length Waterproof Mascara. Dari namanya, jelas kita tau kalau ini waterproof. Aku sih berdoa aja ini ga akan se “bad-boy” mascara mamaku yang ga bisa aku apus dulu LOL Packaging nya ga terlalu gede, panjangnya kurang dari 13cm dan diameternya 1.5cm.


Again, they stated that it’s WATERPROOF. They wrote it in 6 different languages, which I only recognize the English hahahaha They put the descriptions on the cap, while the body only has the name of the product, the brand, the amount of product inside, and the manufacturer country which is China ^^

Dan mereka menyatakan sekali lagi kalau mascara ini WATERPROOF. Mereka tulis dalam 6 bahasa berbeda, aku cuma tau ada bahasa Inggris disitu hahahaha Mereka tulis keterangan-keterangannya di tutupnya, sementara bagian botolnya cuma ada nama produk, merk, isi produk, dan negara pembuatnya yaitu China ^^

It contains 0.27 fl. oz. or 8 ml of products
It contains 0.27 fl. oz. or 8 ml of products

It contains 0.27 fl.oz. or 8 ml of products inside. Also they wrote their original website on the cap.

Isinya produknya lumayan banyak, 8 ml. Mereka juga tulis website aslinya di tutupnya.

Shelf life : 12 months
Shelf life : 12 months

The shelf life is 12 months. But I heard that we’re supposed to throw away our mascara after 3 months. I never did this, though. I keep my mascara until they dried up LOL

Shelf life nya 12 bulan. Tapi aku denger kita harusnya buang mascara kita setelah 3 bulan. Aku ga pernah sih. Aku simpen mascaranya sampe kering LOL

Colour : Very Black They only have 1 colour by the time I write this, though
Colour : Very Black
They only have 1 colour by the time I write this

Next thing is the colour code. Mine is Very Black. By the time I write this, they only have 1 colour available. I hope they will make another colours like brown, reddish brown, and some crazy colours ^^

Selanjutnya ada kode warnanya. Aku punya yang Very Black. Di saat aku nulis ini, mereka cuma ada 1 warna. Semoga nantinya mereka bikin warna lain misalnya coklat, coklat kemerahan, dan warna-warna lain yang lebih ga biasa ^^

The mascara wand
The mascara wand

I almost forgot to put this picture LOL The wand is different from my Etude House’s. This has same length bristles made of silicon. The bristles are short so I can apply it to the lower lash without it touching my skin, which I can’t do with Etude House’s.

Aku hampir lupa masukin foto ini LOL Wand nya beda dari Etude House punyaku. Bristle nya terbuat dari silicon dan semuanya sama panjang. Bristle nya pendek-pendek, jadi aku bisa pake ke bulu mata bawah tanpa kena kultku, yang ga bisa kalau pake Etude House punya.

I maxed out the brightness here so you can see the difference better (can you? LOL)
I maxed out the brightness here so you can see the difference better (can you? LOL)

Sorry for the grainy picture. I maxed out the brightness because the original looks too dark. This way, you can see the difference better, right? I only apply the mascara to my right side, that means it’s the one on your left hand side. I only apply 1 coat of mascara because it started to clump on the second coat. You can see that it looks a little longer than the one on your right hand side. It looks darker too, of course. I can’t take picture from the side with my eyes open, so I just close it LOL It has a little curling effect on me, which is nice 🙂

Maaf ya fotonya agak ga jelas. Aku edit biar brightness nya maksimum soalnya yang original terlalu gelap. Kalau gini, jadi lebih keliatan kan perbedaannya? Aku cuma pake ke sebelah kanan, brarti di sisi mata yang ada di tangan sebelah kiri kamu. Aku cuma pake 1 lapis soalnya dari lapisan kedua udah mulai menggumpal. Bisa diliat bulu mataku keliatan sedikit lebih panjang dibanding yang di tangan sebelah kanan kamu. Bulu matanya juga keliatan lebih hitam. Aku ga bisa foto dari samping dengan mata terbuka, jadi aku tutup aja LOL Ada sedikit efek curlingnya di aku, dan menurutku itu bagus 🙂

The original photo without edit
The original photo without edit

This is the original photo without any edit, except I cropped it, in case you’re wondering LOL

Ini foto aslinya sebelum di edit apapun, cuma di crop aja, siapa tau kalian penasaran LOL

In a brighter place, but there's shadow effect T^T
In a brighter place, but there’s shadow effect T^T

I took this picture in a brighter place, but stupid me, there’s shadow on half of my face. My skin looks good on this photo, which in real life is not LOL Well, I can’t really compare this with Etude House’s because they have different purpose. When I apply this, sometimes I apply Etude House’s over it to get the volume 🙂 However, since this is waterproof, I have a little trouble removing them. It stays really good, that I have to use baby oil to remove it. I usually use baby wipes to remove my makeup, but this can’t go off perfectly with that. Not really a big deal, except you want to re-do your eye makeup fast.

Aku ambil foto ini di tempat yang lebih terang, tapi dodolnya setengah mukaku kena bayangan. Kulitku keliatan bagus ya di foto itu, padahal aslinya ngga banget LOL Aku ga bisa bandingin in sama Etude House karena tujuannya beda. Satu buat volume, sedangkan ini buat lengthening. Kalau aku pake ini, kadang aku pakein Etude House punya lagi setelahnya buat dapetin volume nya 🙂 Tapi karena in waterproof, aku sedikit kesulitan buat hapusnya. Tahannya lama banget dan ga meleber, tapi aku harus pake baby oil buat bersihinnya. Biasanya aku cuma pake tissue basah buat hapus makeup, tapi mascara ini ga bisa bener-bener bersih kalau pake itu. Ga masalah sebenernya, kecuali kamu mau ngerjain ulang makeup mata kamu dalam waktu singkat.


Positive sides

  • Not expensive for a mascara, IDR 79,000 on the Wet n Wild website
  • Has lengthening effect
  • Has a little curling effect
  • Doesn’t clump on the first coat
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn’t smudge, stay put a whole day
  • Short bristles make it easy to apply from the roots

Negative sides

  • Have to use baby oil to remove it. I don’t know about eye remover, never used it.
  • Started to clump on the second coat
  • Only available in 1 colour

Rating : ♥♥♥• 3.5/5

Will I repurchase it? No. I don’t really need a lengthening mascara. I prefer the volumizing ones 🙂


If you’re interested to try this, you can buy it directly from their website >>Wet n Wild<< Do check out their other products, too. So far I really love their nail polish 🙂 What’s your favourite mascara? Tell me in the comment section below ^^ Mine is still Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara ^^ Thank you for reading and see you on the next post!

By the way, I broke out from my Dearberry Milk Mask T^T Gonna heal the breakout and try it again some other time. See ya~! ♥


4 thoughts on “[Wet n Wild] Mega Length Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

  1. great post. So far I have tried 3 mascara brands, I am not an enthusiast in mascara product, anyway. But I have to say so far this mascara might be my favorite product, I just love it sooo much :D..
    thank you for the post, have a nice day 😀

    1. Is this one of your favs? 😀
      I’m not a mascara enthusiast either, I just want to have 1 mascara that works for me. I think having a bunch of different mascaras at a time will be more waste (for me, as I don’t really wear it often) and they will all dry at the same time hahaha
      You’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by!

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