[BEAUTY BOX] Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box – Are You Sure This is All?

Hello darls~ ♥ You all probably have read my “rant” about BTI July Box in my previous post, right? Well, here I will let you judge whether I have the right to rant or not. I don’t really remember every details but I will try to write everything that I remember ^_^ Leggo~

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box
Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box

So here’s my BTI July box. First of all, I love the colour combination! ♥ The blue reminded me of the sky~ And they use gold ribbon because mine is the Gold box.

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box
Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box

Here’s the box without the gold ribbon~ Umm, I don’t like the fact that they changed the material of the box. The box used to be wrapped with textured matte paper, which in my eyes look more expensive and beautiful than this. On July box, they use some kind of art paper if I may say so? I’m not that good in describing paper type hehe They did emboss the box with their logo and it still have the magnetic lock too~ I use this box to store my PS CDs in the end LOL Oh, the size of the box is a little bit smaller than the previous months.

Open up the box!
Open up the box!

Umm, blue tissue paper in a blue box? I’m a fan of blue colours, but I still think it will be better to use a different colour so it will look prettier in photos. They must have known that most, if not all, of their subscribers are beauty bloggers. Anyway the packaging is not that important to what’s inside! Let’s dig in~

The products that I got for July Box
The products that I got for July Box

These are all the products that I got for July. I love the gold paper shreds~ I will list the products below:

  • Nivea UV Extra Whitening AdvancedMoisture Care Serum SPF 35 PA++ 75ml
  • BBW PocketBac
  • Maybelline Lipstick
  • Caring Colors BB Cream sample set of 3
  • Provence Eyebrow pencil

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they should let us taste something that we can’t buy the samples of? Or something that is too expensive to buy the full size product just to try? I mean, come on, why give Nivea in the box? I believe all of the subscribers can definitely buy Nivea lotion. And Maybelline lipstick, that’s kinda a dangerous thing to give. The colour might not match the skin tone 😦

Maybelline Lipstick
Maybelline Lipstick

I got my Maybelline Lipstick in the colour B43 Buff, which I have to say, is too red for my liking. And I think it doesn’t go well with my skin tone T_T I really want to use it, but I can’t pull it off. Giving it to mom? I will think about it~ It is moisturizing though, but I just prefer pinkish to coral colours.

Okay, of all the products, I hate the Nivea the most. Not because I am allergic to it or anything. It’s just happen that they send me what I actually wear as a sun protection everyday! I don’t need a sample of it T_T BUT, happily they make up for their July box with their September box ^_^ I will post about it tomorrow because it’s late already hehe

So do you think I have the right to rage? Thankfully October is my last month subscription. I just hope they will get better and better. Maybe I will try Lolabox next? I heard so many great reviews and AFAIK they work with wonderful brands ^_^ Leave your comments below~ I will see you soon! ♥


2 thoughts on “[BEAUTY BOX] Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box – Are You Sure This is All?

  1. this month beauty box is kinda eeeer cheap?? c’mon why they give nivea and caring eh??? i still love nivea but caring???? erg mom and me had bad experience with this cheapo brand :/

    1. Ditto to you! Let’s see what I will get this month. I don’t think I want to subscribe to them after it ends.

      Really? Caring? I thought it was good or okay, but I haven’t tried it because I’m sure the colour will not match my skin tone :/ I dunno what I will do to them though. Maybe I’ll do weird experiments with them hahahaha xD

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