[UPDATE] Update Post After My Long Hiatus~

Hello my beloved readers!! ♥ I’m sure it’s been such a long time since my last post that I’m not sure if I still have any followers left LOL Yeah yeah I’m so so sooooo sorry about that. You know, I am the type who can’t stick with one thing, except Playstation games :p I hate it myself, too. But I will try to make it up for you darls out there. I will do my best to keep posting updates about anything. Be scared darls, for I might rant and spam and overdo the posts hehe (yeah like that could happen).

Oh, you might be wondering why I’m updating this blog out of a sudden. I just realized my promise when I first started my blog. I’ll do 1 post per week…..or month? I don’t really remember HAHA And this time, hopefully I will keep updating things because things have gotten a lot calmer in university. And I am in the 5th term and in the middle of the mid tests now. I will have my next tests on Wed, Thu, and Fri and then I will be free until 23rd ^_^ People usually get soooo busy during mid terms, right? But not with architecture students hehe We don’t really have anything to study and I am kinda more free near the test dates compared to regular days~

So, this post will only have short and quick updates since the last July until this October. I will post some preview pictures and then do a separate post or the reviews (or rants) about everything ^_^ Shall we start this post then?

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box
Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box

The first thing is, I am not really satisfied with Beauty Treats Indonesia’s July box. I haven’t put up any post about it, right? I will try to find the pictures first because I no longer have them in my phone 😦 If I can find them then I will put up a post about it ^_^ NOTE: I found them!!

Beauty Treats Indonesia September Box
Beauty Treats Indonesia September Box

Next, Beauty Treats Indonesia’s September box (they skipped August box and return in September with just 1 box per month. No more gold box or platinum box) is…… what can I say, more satisfying than July’s? Yep, that’s right ^_^ I am disappointed with only 2 things though. I still have the photos on my phone. I am transferring the files to my 미남 (Minam, the next time you see this 2 korean words, it’s read as Mi-nam) while writing this post~

Activa Brightening Mask
Activa Brightening Mask

Aaaand, what’s next? Oh I tried a new mask brand (new for me) called Activa. I bought their brightening mask because my friend told me that it’s good thing (Sil, if you’re reading this, thank you for pointing Activa out! ^_^) And IT IS GOOD! I probably will dump Etude House’s brightening masks (which I don’t have any at the moment LOL) and just use Activa! Will post a review for this! ♥

Blog Swap with Jessicaour theme? Beauty related products! ^_^
Blog Swap with Jessica
Our theme? Beauty related products! ^_^

Then, I ACTUALLY DID a blog swap with a fellow blogger!! ^_^ And I dare to say that the swap is a successful one! I just got the “…” to 1 item and kinda laughed at the same item because…… I’ll tell you later about this hehe We promised to put up the swap posts anyday next week, so keep your eyes on it 😀

Mizon Snail Cream 92% + the free samples~
Mizon Snail Cream 92% + the free samples~

Is there anything else? Hmmm…. I bought a snail cream, which I will review after a few weeks of usage. I also bought Etude House’s Any Cushion although people said it’s for the dry-normal skin. But I’m a bad girl so I just go for it out of curiosity kekekeke~

Etude House Any Cushion & Dear My Nails + the samples!!
Etude House Any Cushion & Dear My Nails + the samples!!

Beside that, I bought some Etude House’s nail polish too from a local seller because she’s having a stock sale. I got a looooooot of samples from her. I will post a review about the Etude House items, too.

Me with short hair
Me with short hair

Ooooh and I already got my haircut!! I cut my hair short to shoulder length, which feels soooo good in this time of the year because it’s FREAKING HOT OUT THERE!! Mr Sun, are you angry or something? 😥 I cut it at Peter F Saerang in Mall Taman Anggrek. I love the cut, and maybe I will go there again ^_^ What do you think of my new hair? P.S. I put on a soft smokey eye makeup on that photo and use circle lens :3 What do you think? Hehe

G-Dragon COUP D'ETAT Black and Red + 2 posters + 2 standing paper + 1 wallet photo card
G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Black and Red + 2 posters + 2 standing paper + 1 wallet photo card

As a faithful (and crazy and sometimes scary) fangirl, I bought both version of G-Dragon’s new album COUP D’ETAT, black and red. I got 2 standing paper and 1 wallet photocard, not to forget 2 posters which I will never post on my walls LOL I do regret my decision, but….. sighhhh the standing paper and wallet PC is so nice I just can’t T_T

Gradation Nails with Pink and Purple using Nail Sponge
Gradation Nails with Pink and Purple using Nail Sponge

I also succeed in making gradation nails….. well, kinda LOL Should I put on a tutorial? I mean, it’s not that good, but still I feel like it’s a surprising thing that I can make that gradation nails! I use pink and purple shades, which….. actually comes out quite nice. But my mom said my finger nails looked like bloody zombie nails…. Is it really that scary, mom??

And last thing! It’s my mom’s birthday on October 13th!! After a few days (or weeks?) of thinking what I should get her, I finally decide to buy her the SK II Pitera Set. It contains a 75 ml Facial Treatment Essence, a 40 ml Clear Lotion (a toner) and a mask sheet. It doesn’t cost a fortune but I will be able to let her try the Miracle Water. Oh, I tried the SK II Magic Ring, too! I’m in the age of *cough* 20 *cough* years old this year. And I thought because my skin is so bad, I will get like 25-30+ for skin age. But what surprised me is, I got EIGHTEEN!! A FREAKING 18!! Maybe thanks to the Soon Hwan Essence of The HOW and a few days using the snail cream? But I have problems with dark spots, wrinkles, and radiance…. The BA told me the products that are recommended for me, but because I don’t have that much money……

Yeah, so that’s all this post is about! Wait up for my next post~ I will do it the day after tomorrow ^_^ And the next time I will go on a hiatus, I will inform you darls before hand. Next post will probably about the Beauty Treats September (or July) box. Stay tuned and thank you for reading as always ♥


5 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Update Post After My Long Hiatus~

  1. the new haircut really suits you sher 😀 now we both have short hair lololol
    it feels really goood, right? so comfy in this hot weather :3
    i can’t wait to post our blog swap asap >.<

    1. Yepppppp~~~ I feel soooo good when all my long haired friends busy with their own hair in hot weather, I can just… watch them tie their hair muahahahaha xD (yes, I’m evil and my friends acknowledged that alr)

      Oh yeah the blog swap post! I’ll write the post tmr, but let me know when you wanna publish it ^_^ It will be cool if we can publish it at the same time! hehe Just write your true feelings about the products ya :3 Don’t need to feel bad or anything 😀

  2. leave your hair longer and come to visit me in Switzerland so you won’t be too cold later! hahahah! although long hair is useless here since it’s getting dry 😦

    I have a friend who goes to the same salon as you 😀

    1. Oh I really wish I can visit you someday! I can’t keep my hair too long, sadly…. I always have crazy fall off whenever my hair is longer than my chest 😦 And my hair is soooooo thin. I look gross with long hair LOL Is your hair getting dry too? Try spraying your hair from the middle to the ends with water until it’s kinda moist, Separate into 2 sections and tie into a mini bun, then wrap it with a plastic wrap and rubber band every night! ^_^ I saw this from youtube, and her hair looks so good!

      Really? Is she happy with their cut? 😀

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