[REVIEW] Activa Brightening Mask

Hello readers~ ♥ I’m back (finally) with another product review post! ^_^ I have been trying to take care of my skin this few months so my next review posts will probably be full of skin care items instead of makeups. I did buy some makeup stuffs and already used them a few times, but since I’m still under doctor’s medication I can’t really use them that often to know the real pros and cons 😦 My skin IS getting better now compared to earlier months this year. I have less acnes and pimples, my dark spots are lightening up a bit, my skin tone gets more even, and some of my acne scars are starting to fade 😀 And as a bonus, there is a huge possibility that I will take off my braces by the end of this month~~~ hehehe I’m still praying for it.

Anyway, when I went to Guardian 2 months ago, a friend told me that this Activa masks are good. I didn’t have the urge to buy it at that time so I just took a look and leave. I decided to buy the mask when I went shopping for my cousin’s birthday last month. I saw there are 2 kinds only in that Guardian, the Brightening mask, and the other one is for Breast Firming. I didn’t know what’s wrong with me but I kinda giggled a bit when I saw the Breast Firming one LOL I went ahead and buy the Brightening one (obviously) to try. The price? Only IDR 28,000 which is equal to Etude House masks!

Activa Brightening Mask
Activa Brightening Mask

It came in a paper packaging, which is kinda weird for me. I wonder what’s the mask inside look like because sheet masks usually comes in plastic packaging hahaha. It contains Mulberry Extract and used to replenish and brighten the skin. I still have something with brightening products so I hope it will brighten my face a little.

Back side of the packaging
Back side of the packaging

The back side of the packaging have the ingredient list and the direction to use the mask. I keep my masks in the fridge right after I buy them until I want to use it. Curious, I went ahead and cut the paper packaging~

Activa Brightening Mask

Activa Brightening Mask

So it has double bag packaging, which I think is a waste. They can just sell the product in the plastic packaging, like the other Korean mask sheets. Oh Activa is a Korean brand, anyway. At first I thought it was a western or local brand but it turned out to be a Korean brand. Looks like me and my friend has something with Korean products. I do believe that Korean products have higher quality than local brands or Chinese brands. Their price is in the middle of western drugstore products and Chinese products, but the quality is, I can say 2-4 steps higher than local brands.

Activa Brightening Mask

The mask itself looks like other regular sheet masks. The difference is, this one has a plastic film to separate the mask from attaching to itself (if the sentence make sense LOL). The mask is not dripping wet, but is well soaked with essence. The colour is white and the size fits my face perfectly!

Excuse my weird face shape >//<
Excuse my weird face shape >//<

The instructions told me to leave it for 15-20 mins if I’m not mistaken. But because I fell asleep for a while there as I was enjoying the cool mask on my face, I left it for 1 hour xD When I woke up, the mask was completely dry!! I took off the mask and massage the essence that was left on my face and neck until they’re absorbed. When I saw my face in the mirror, it did look a bit brighter than usual. A long term and regular use of this mask might be able to help me maintain that brighter skin ^_^

Positive sides

  • Cheap mask! Only IDR 28,000 in Guardian
  • Good quality. The mask is not too thick or too thin
  • Well soaked in essence but not dripping wet
  • The size fit my face size
  • Does brighten up my face a little after using
  • A Korean product (for you Korean skin care lovers out there)
  • Easy to find, available in every Guardian, I believe

Negative sides

  • NONE! Except if you think it’s ability to make me fell asleep with it’s coolness is a negative side LOL

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5 FULL HEARTS!!

Will I repurchase this? OF COURSE! I love this masks and maybe I will substitute my red ginseng mask from EH to this after my 3 pimples are gone~

Have you ever tried this Activa brand? What’s your favourite mask sheet? Let me know in the comments below~ And thank you for reading darls ♥♥!


4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Activa Brightening Mask

  1. i thought it’s a local brand!! O.O
    i’m a little scared to use any sheet mask right now because the last time I used mung beans mask from Faceshop, it broke me out 😦
    thanks for the review 🙂

    1. Me too! Because of the brand name sounds like a local digestive yogurt brand LOL Oh I forgot to state that this one doesn’t break me out! Etude House sometimes break me out, I don’t know why. I haven’t tried Face Shop masks (I think). I’m curious with The Saem mask because there’s GD on the packaging xD *fangirl mode*. You’re welcome ^_^

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