[UPDATE] Skin Condition 2013.10.15 and Current Skin Care Routine

For those who are curious of my skin condition, I took a photo on the 15th this month. I can say that in the photo is my best skin condition for this year until today. I know my skin is still “ugly” and “not good for the eyes” but in my eyes, my skin is A LOT better that it used to be. Still, if you’re eating while reading this, you shouldn’t see the pictures LOL I stopped the Vitacid treatment months ago and I found out my skin IS getting better after I stopped it. Maybe my skin can’t take harsh treatment like that hahahaha

I still have a mad oily T zone and normal U zone, but my cheekbone is somehow a little bit dry now. I get a tight feeling everytime after I wash my face. Pimples are less likely to appear on my forehead, but still have some on my cheeks. The sad thing is now I have blackheads and huge pores on the nose T_T Below I will post 2 photos for each side of the face, so prepare your eyes!

Right side
Right side
Left side
Left side

As you can see, it does look A LOT better even in close up photos. The skin tone is still not even but I’m still focusing of getting rid of the pimples and acne scars first~ And why don’t I open my eyes? Because it looks scary everytime I put on a straight face with opened eyes xD I don’t want to scare you darls, YET hahahahaha

So, move on to my current skin care routine. I changed and omitted some steps to let my skin rest. I will list them below!

Morning skin care routine:

  • Facial wash — Hadalabo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Facial Wash (before I use Clean & Clear)
  • Essence — The History of Whoo, Soon Hwan Essence
  • Moisturizer — Mizon All In One Repair Cream with 92% Snail Mucus
  • Spot Treatment — Doctor’s medication (used to apply it all over my face)
  • Sun Protection — Etude House Any Cushion W24
  • Lip Balm — Egyptian Magic Cream

Evening skin care routine:

  • Make up remover — Mitu Antiseptic Baby Wipes to wipe off dirt and the EH Any Cushion (will change to cleansing oil soon)
  • Facial wash — Hadalabo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Facial Wash
  • Peeling (not daily) — CURE Natural Aqua Gel (after peeling then I wash my face with Hadalabo again)
  • Essence — The History of Whoo, Soon Hwan Essence
  • Mask (not daily) — Etude House Red GInseng mask sheet or under eye Collagen mask
  • Moisturizer — Mizon All In One Repair Cream, applied twice in cheekbone area
  • Spot Treatment — Doctor’s medication
  • Lip Balm — Egyptian Magic Cream

Currently I am quite satisfied with the result of my routine because SKII skin test gives my skin the age of 18 years old!! hehehe BUT, I want to add some History of Whoo products in my regime because I feel the Soon Hwan essence is the one giving me a good 18 years old skin. I’m still fighting with myself about the need of sleeping pack. I need it in the days I am lazy to put on a sheet mask, but it’s not something I can use daily either. And I don’t know what cleansing oil (or milk or gel) that I should buy. I’m afraid something in the ingredients will agitate my skin again T_T

I am also looking for a toner. I’m thinking of Etude House Wonderpore or something else with no alcohol in it. Oh! I just remembered this!!! I think what helped my skin to recover the most is that I rarely touch my face again. And I’m also using a face washing technique that I acquired from watching BIGBANG Daesung’s interview in Go Show (he is currently in the 1st place of best looking skin in BIGBANG and has the most wonderful skin transformation, so I followed his instructions). He said it’s better to wash or face once for a longer time to make sure it’s clean than to wash it twice. You also need to use a circular upward motion from the outer face to the center of the face. And remember to clean the nose thoroughly because it is in the center of the face. Do not use the water right from the shower because it can harm your skin. If you have bangs, let the water run through your bangs then to your face. I followed his directions for a few months and my skin is getting better ^_^ Don’t be too harsh while washing the face because you can irritate the skin.

So that is all for my skin condition and skin care routine update. I hope this post is helpful to you ^_^ Try the Daesung face washing method for a few months and I hope it works well to you as well as to me~ If you need the video, just tell me and I will post the video or give the link to you! Thank you for reading! ♥


8 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Skin Condition 2013.10.15 and Current Skin Care Routine

  1. your skin is a loooooot improved since the last time I’ve seen it!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    good job dear hehe 🙂 now i’m kinda inspired to post my bare face since it’s the best skin condition I have right now (plus no pimples teehee~)

    1. Hehehe thank you jesss ^_^ I no longer feel as depressed as months ago because my face looks better now without make up. Yeah I think you should jess! I put on a post to encourage myself to keep taking care of my own skin. I used to be so lazy to do double cleansing but now I think cleanliness is everything for the face :p LOL

  2. i use to double cleanse every night until i moved to switzerland since i can’t bring too much with me 😦 and there isnt a place that sell anything that is asian friendly skin 😦

    1. Really? Well you should bring more when you come back to SG later ^_^ Maybe because there are not many asians in Europe so they don’t really carry asian brands? But your skin is still fine right?

      1. Really??? Well that’s bad 😦 So you have to try new brands? It’s still a good thing that you can come back once a year, my friend can’t go back at all until she finishes uni .___.
        But when you come back, you need to bring a whole lot of your regular skincare to Switzerland :p

  3. Hi there, I know this is an old post but would you please update about your current skin condition and your skin care routine? I have a quite similar situation with you, I only got 1 or 2 zits on my face in high school and they’re gone in a few days but after going to college my face started to break out and by the end of the year I have acnes all over my face and I’m so depressed that it dropped my confidence really low and now I’m still searching for a better skin care method 😦

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply.
      Actually I’m starting a new skincare range from Murad today. But my skin hasn’t changed much better since this post T_T Due to stress, it gets worse sometimes. But I’ll see what I can do! I noticed that I get better skin when I have enough rest and just go bare face for days. I’m hoping this Murad kit will help me ._____.

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