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[Blog Swap] A Successful Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House a.k.a Jessica!

Finally a BLOG SWAP POST!! In a few posts back, I wrote about a Blog Swap idea. It is a little risky but also can be a surprising gift from a fellow blogger ^_^ AJ Beauty House A.K.A Jessica took the risk to actually did the swap with me. We only knew each other for like a few months from the blogging routine. We got to know each other better through numerous emails and WhatsApp chats. We asked each other preferences and likes, and of course took note of that. We also asked for each others dislikes and things like that. The process from learning about the other person to choosing and buying the stuffs, it’s so fun and I hope I will be able to experience it again ^_^

Jessica and me decided to go for Beauty related theme. We also limit our budget to IDR 300,000. The process took about 2 months, I think? We talked about this and that and sometimes went out off topic LOL But I think we both enjoyed it πŸ˜€ We decided to just buy the products online because it’s obviously cheaper. We didn’t limit the brands, but she ended up bought me both Western and Asian brands. I believe she went over IDR 300,000 and she did admit it LOL I hope she didn’t went over too much >_<

So in this post, I will reveal all the things she bought me, from the packaging to the products! Aren’t you darlies excited? Because I know I am! I forgot the exact date we sent the package, but I believe we sent it on the same day, and received it right the next day! She received hers a few hours earlier from me hehe Anyway let’s stop the rambling! Blog Swap GO GO GO!

Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House A.K.A Jessica!
Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House A.K.A Jessica!
Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House A.K.A Jessica!
Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House A.K.A Jessica!

The products came nicely and safely wrapped. She used a plastic bag over the real box packaging. Everything is great so far! ^_^

A Sturdy Box!
A Sturdy Box!

She uses a mask set box. You won’t believe how sturdy the box is. I can’t believe it either since it’s only used to hold 10 sheets of masks!! The box is sturdier than BTI’s box. This box also has magnetic lock and the material is a lot thicker than BTI box. There is no damage, not even a dent on the box!

Inside the box
Inside the box
Didn't expect a bubble wrap at all after the sturdy box!
Didn’t expect a bubble wrap at all after the sturdy box!

As the caption said, I didn’t expect bubble wraps because she used a really sturdy box, but she DID bubble wrap them all! Nothing is upsetting so far, instead it’s so mood-lifting πŸ˜€ Are you curious of what’s inside? YES, ME TOO! TEAR ALL THE BUBBLE WRAPS!!

Nail polish!!
Nail polish!!

First I was welcomed by 2 bottles of nail polish! On the left is Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail in PK005 Bebe Pink, and on the right is Etude House Dear My Deep Colour Nails in DGR701 Tint Mint. Β I LOVE BOTH COLOURS! The Skinfood one is somehow has kinda matte finish to it, while the Etude House is a regular nail polish. I think the Skinfood spilled a little bit on shipping because there is dry nail polish all over the inner bottle cap 😦 And not just a thin layer of dry nail polish, A THICK ONE that it’s kinda hard for me to unscrew the cap. Or maybe I spilled it while opening it?? I don’t know, but I love them both ^_^

My Beauty Diary masks!
My Beauty Diary masks!

She also got me 2 My Beauty Diary masks. On the left is the Strawberry Yogurt Mask, and on the right is Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask. I haven’t tried MBD masks before, and this 2 will be my starters. I hope this won’t break me out ^_^ I love strawberries and cherry blossom so I am very thankful that she got me this 2 instead of the others. Thank you Jessica!

NYX Eyeshadow Love in Rio
NYX Eyeshadow Love in Rio

This is my favourite of everything! She got me a NYX eyeshadow palette, I am sure this is kinda a newer edition from NYX for the trio palette. She got me the Love in Rio, in the colour Parfait Bikini. I love the colours, and I have used this several times already! The colours are so natural. They are all shimmery, but not too heavily so I can still use this for daily wear ^_^ I wore this to class for a few times, and none of my friends actually said anything LOL Either it’s so natural that they didn’t notice it or they just didn’t care xD Anywhow, I LOVE THIS!!

Eyeliner, Lip Balm, and Lip TInt
Eyeliner, Lip Balm, and Lip TInt

This one is kinda funny though. She got me Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Gem, which is a black colour with no shimmer/glitter. And I also got her the same exact thing and colour! hahahaha I kinda giggled when I saw this. It’s a little disappointing though, because I already have a loooot of black pencil and felt liner. I wish she bought me another colour, beige or blue or brown or khaki. But it’s good that I am able to try this thing too!

She also got me a lip balm from Baviphat. It’s the Lemon type. The packaging is sooooo cute! I love the lemon scent~ The texture is a little hard, but it does moisturize my lips. The colour inside the pot is a pale yellow, but it became colourless on lips. I think she got me this because I told her I uses EMC as a lip balm, which is so effective! I haven’t use this one that often, but I do like this ^_^ It also smells like lemon!

The last thing is a lip tint. I told her I haven’t tried any lip tint before, because I didn’t know which one to go for. She got me a mini Tony Moly Lip Tint! Also very happy with this! The texture is watery. I had difficulties in blending it to my lips at first, but after a few trials and errors I finally know the best way for me to apply it. It lasted quite a long time I must say. I use this almost everyday now, because using the Any Cushion really washes out the colours on my face, I look dead without a lip tint hahahaha

So overall this is a really successful blog swap, or that’s what I think. Jessica will post about the blog swap in her blog too, so don’t forget to check out what I got her. I actually forgot some things that I already gave to her LOL I only remember 4 of them, and I forgot how many items I gave her xD She gave me 8 items in total! I think I am the bad girl here 😦 I will do better for the next swap.

I will post Jessica’s link HERE once she updated her blog with the swap ^_^ What do you think about the swap? Leave comments down below! And wait up for my next post, I have an event report from BTI x Crabtree&Evelyn~ Thank you for readingΒ β™₯


4 thoughts on “[Blog Swap] A Successful Blog Swap with AJ Beauty House a.k.a Jessica!

  1. why am i the one who excited while reading this post?? LOL
    Thanks dear, very happy that you love the things that i sent πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and don’t worry i only spent a bit more than 300k, and it just cuz of the shipping cost hehe :3
    Maybe i’ll post the blog swap tomorrow *cross fingers* >.< you wrote this post very detailed and nicely so i must too *determined*
    Oh i'm so sorry bout the eyeliner 😦 at first i was kinda confused whether should i pick the black or brown one :/ but i was afraid you might dislike brown liner 😦
    Anyway, i'm truly very happy with our blog swap πŸ˜€ thanks a lot dear *chu~

    1. LOL I think I will be excited when I read your post too Jess! hahaha You don’t have to do it tomorrow, take your time ^_^
      Huh is this detailed? Aku malah ngerasa ini kya asal nulis gitu .__. Your posts are always great Jess~
      No worries! A girl can’t have too many black liners! hahaha tapi aku msh gatau gmn cara pakenya. diputer gt ga sih? atau diserut? aku blm berani pake krn gatau klo udah pendek nanti diapain :p
      Yeah I’m really really happy with the blog swap too! Thank you for everything ^_^

      1. aku malah blom coba eyelinernya lol. Sayang soalnya aku uda buka yg tony moly punya haha πŸ˜€
        Now i’m kinda feeling bad since i already tear of the bubble wrap on your package and didn’t take photos of it -__-” cus im to excited *but stupid*
        I also want to order the nyx palette for myself! The packaging and the color are just sooo pretty >.<

      2. gpp lah jeeees haha harusnya di bubble wrap dulu br di bungkus, tp aku br inget buat bubble wrap setelah bungkusin .___. Aku jg blm coba sih, baru coret dikit doang :p
        You should!! They don’t crease on my oily lids even without primer and easy to blend but super pigmented! ^_^ I think I will buy more shades some time in the future xD

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