[Event Report] Crabtree & Evelyn with Beauty Treats Indonesia

HELLO EVERYONE! ^_^ This is my first post for an event report, and the first event I’ve gone to for my whole 20 years LOL I know I will be lacking a lot in this post, so your comments will be highly appreciated. I hope I can write the next event report better than this one hehehe

The event that I will post today is the Beauty Treats Indonesia event 2 weeks ago. The event is a workshop, which is a collab of Crabtree & Evelyn, and Beauty Treats Indonesia. It was held on Saturday, October 26th in Grand Indonesia. To be honest, I have never attended a workshop of any kind before. I thought the event will be like a talkshow LOL You know, we as the audience will be seated in a big hall and 1-2 people will talk about something on a stage xD But it turned out to be a smaller scale so we were not in a big hall and there was no stage~

The workshop itself was held in Crabtree & Evelyn store in Grand Indonesia West Mall. I arrived in Grand Indonesia around 2.30 PM, 30 minutes earlier so my cousin and I wouldn’t be late. It’s a shame to be late, especially to workshops 😦 And thank GOD we arrived earlier because we got lost for a while, searching for the location! And we did get to the location on time (or a little bit early maybe hehe).Β Too bad, they started late. I think they started aroud 3.15 or 3.30 PM? This is what I hate from Indonesian people. They can’t be on time.

The place is not too big. The workshop space is around 4 meters by 6 meters maybe? It’s a little bit bigger than my room πŸ™‚ There were 2 small round tables, with 6 chairs for each table. That made 12 people would be attending the workshop. I like the decoration of the place. Not too much, but not lacking either ^_^ I looove the lamp! I wish they gave me 1 as a souvenir or inside the Goodie Bag which shockingly worth over IDR 350,000 (or that’s what they claimed).

The lamp that I adore!
The lamp that I adore!

On the round table, there was a tray of Crabtree&Evelyn products. They gave free hand massage to for the attending people. The SA were all so friendly and nice. Not like the SA that I met in department stores, these ladies smile all the time!! They explain every products that they apply to our hands and answers our questions clearly. We need more SA like this in department stores.

The products used for the hand massage
The products used for the hand massage

From the picture above, you can see that there are 4 different products, 1 bottle of water, a pile of cotton pad, and a pile of tissue. First they asked you which hand soap you want to use. My cousin did her hand massage first so I watched her. She chose the Lavender hand wash. The SA then spray her hand with generous amount of water, but not to dripping wet. She then applied the lavender hand soap. It smells so nice. I forgot how exactly it smells because obviously I didn’t smell her hands for 10 minutes! LOL The soap is not that bubbly or foamy because the SA only added a little water. Then she wiped it off, and applied the hand cream, which is the yellowish bottle on the far left. It’s called Summer Hill Hand Therapy and contains natural shea butter. It smells nice too, and I think it is actually a body lotion or something like that. Because seriously, when will you finish that huge bottle if it’s only a hand cream?? WAIT!! I checked the picture and IT IS A HAND CREAM!! LOL Forgive me, ladies *shy*

Now it’s my turn!! Since I am curious about the other soaps, I asked for the red one, which is the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed which is obviously the one with the longest name among all soaps LOL I actually love the smell. It has a sweet smell, and the soap’s consistency is so thick. It’s different from all the hand soaps I’ve ever used. It’s as thick as a body butter, I think. The SA then did the same thing like what she did with my cousin. Spray water, wipe off, apply hand cream. My hand skin is not dry so I actually didn’t feel any difference than usual. It just smells sweeter πŸ™‚

The store itself is nicely decorated. Their products are displayed on the shelves around us. They have so many different scents. The famous ones are Indian Hicks, Evelyn Rose, and Summer Hill (if I remember correctly). BUT, all their fragrances are too complicated for me. I think it’s more for a more mature lady. I still like sweet, fruity floral, vanilla scents and all these smells are not my type.

Event in progress
Event in progress
In the picture is Debby! A fellow blogger I met in the event

Crabtree&Evelyn event

Crabtree&Evelyn event

Crabtree&Evelyn event

So I only took a few shots when the workshop started because I didn’t want to miss any info they about to give. They are talking about Fragrance Layering, which is actually not that important. I mean, you can get this info for free on the internet. No need to pay IDR 100,000 to know that in order to have a longer lasting smell, it’s recommended to use the same scent for body wash, body lotion, and perfume. I knew this already, I just never did it. And even after I paid IDR 100,000 to hear that, I don’t do it either LOL

The Fragrance Layering talk
The Fragrance Layering talk

In one side of the room there was a tea and cookie spot. We can get as much as we want. But because I am a *cough**cough* noble lady *cough**cough*, I just got a cup of tea and 1 of each cookie. Nah, it’s just because I didn’t really like the cookies. They are delicious, just not that delicious to make me wanting for more :p

My cousin over there! Ain't she a beauty? ^_^
My cousin over there! Ain’t she a beauty? ^_^

After all that talking, we are allowed to test everything we want. And seriously everything!! That is how I know the scents are not my type hehe I sprayed all the fragrances here and there on my both hands :p Some people purchased 1 or 2 products, but because the price is above my expectation, hence I didn’t buy anything. I got my eyes on Juicy Couture perfume anyway :3 So my cousin and I just went back to our seat and waited for the goodie bag!! We really are curious with the goodie bag. We expected like 1 mini bottle of perfume or maybe hand cream or just hand wash!

After we waited for quite a long time and some people have left with their purchases, we still haven’t got our goodie bag yet. So one of the people in my table who also didn’t buy anything, asked the SA about the goodie bag. And you know what??? We will only get our goodie bag IF WE PURCHASE SOMETHING. In this point, I was confused. TOTALLY confused!! I remembered the banner said nothing about purchasing something to get the goodie bag. We all did. Let me remind you with the banner here.

Beauty Treats Fragrance Layering Workshop
Beauty Treats Fragrance Layering Workshop

It says “GET GOODIE BAG worth over IDR 350,000” with NO TERMS & CONDITIONS. Well, I was having my period that day, and I went upset. But I didn’t scream or ruin their store or anything! I just ranted and rambled with the people in my table who also didn’t buy anything. I think we kept rambling for 10-15 minutes. We asked a fellow attendee about the goodie bag, and she confirmed that we will received ours after we buy something. She showed us her goodie bag which actually looks like a bad joke. Then the person who earlier asked about the goodie bag, called the SA again and explain (or maybe pointed out) about the goodie bag thing. They finally gave up and handed us the goodie bag.Β Do you know what the goodie bag that’s worth over IDR 350,000??? Behold, the $35 goodie bag!


Yes ladies, a tote bag. It’s somehow looks like a recycled material OR a degradable material. It’s like a cloth that all eco bags used. It’s printed with the orange swirls and leaves on the front and back. WAIT, there is more!


Let me tell you something, I already got 3 of those samples in my previous beauty box. These 4 samples PLUS the tote bag definitely doesn’t worth over IDR 350,000. But the people in our table have this theory of “The over IDR 350,000 goodie bag”. They added the IDR 150,000 voucher, and the 20% discount if we bought over IDR 1,000,000. Well……. I hate to admit but that theory is definitely true. And that sucks…. The voucher is only applicable on that same day and there is no way I will purchase up to a million!

This is probably the first and also THE LAST event from BTI that I will go to. I said to the fellow bloggers that I will rant about this on my blog, because this is not acceptable for me. There is also an editor from Nova magazine, and she said she will write about this in the magz. I’m kinda curious about what she wrote, but I haven’t bought Nova yet.

OVERALL, I didn’t have a good time in the workshop except when I sprayed their perfumes LOL I will recommend the products and this particular brand, though (Crabtree & Evelyn, not the other one). They are quite pricey, but they suited a working lady a lot. Their SA are so helpful and friendly ^_^ Okay ladies, see you on the next post! I don’t know what the next post will be because assignment is near the deadline T_T I’m afraid I will be able to post after the exams. Until then, thank you for readingΒ β™₯

Disclaimer : I paid for the event myself, I went to the location with my cousin’s father (he drove us), no one paid me to write this post. I am no trying to ruin anyone reputation or to advertise anyone. I wrote this post in my own will and in a conscious state. I am not drunk nor upset nor high when I’m writing this.


6 thoughts on “[Event Report] Crabtree & Evelyn with Beauty Treats Indonesia

    1. iyaaaa! aku sama sepupuku akhirnya bikin keputusan klo mau ikut workshop2 gini mending ikut yg beauty class aja. mending jauh banget dari ini, bs coba produk trus goodie bag nya lebih terjamin lol
      Wah goodie bag etude oke ya :O kyanya klo ada lagi si etude ini aku pengen ikut hehe ^_^

  1. that goodie bag is A JOKE
    it such a relief that you got it free without had to purchase anything -___-
    with this post, now i’m really sure that BTI is poorly managed and sucks! LOL
    thanks dear, now i can be aware with this kind of event :/

    1. I kinda regret taking the goodie bag. I should have just leave with my pride. It looks like I was begging them for the goodie bag -__-
      I don’t know if the mistake is on BTI or Crabtree. We asked the BTI representative who attended the workshop, and she’s kinda stuttered with the “free goodie bag” part LOL maybe a miss-communication between the 2 company but that’s their problem not ours 😦
      Better kitta ikutan beauty class aja jess, lebih jelas gitu LOL ajak2 ya jess klo mau ikut beauty class so we can meet up! hehehe ^_^

  2. Omaigatt… Jadi bayar workshop 100ribu itu buat apaan yah? To learn things that we already know (because it is basic knowledge) + bisa nyoba2in all products doang? Di counter juga bisa kalo mau nyoba2-in produk.

    Atau dapet free hand massage yg cuma dipakein sabun + lotion? Kayanya nggak worth 100ribu deh ini workshop, harusnya mah gratis aja huhuhu…

    Thanks for sharing this info.. Kayanya rugi banget yah, udah bayar 100ribu tapi “nggak dapet apa2” 😦

    My Current Post: Pamper Day

    1. IKR!! I didn’t know the workshop would be like that -__- LOL klo gratis nanti mereka ga dapet apa2, ntar rugi dong xD Next time klo mau join workshop mereka mgkin better yg makeup workshop drpd yg tipe begini πŸ™‚
      OH I love your bloggggg ❀ I subscribe to your blog right away hehehe ^_^

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