[Random] Youtube Channels That I Subscribed To?

Hello ladies~! This is seriously a random post LOL I’ve been thinking this whole week what I should write for the next post and nothing came to mind! But suddenly when I opened up Youtube and saw my subscription list, I though “Hey, it will be fun to share the accounts that I subscribed to!” Not that I follow a lot of accounts, I just follow some accounts that caught my interests with either their videos or the person’s personality~ ^_^ (or just because I am simply a fan hahaha). I follow various accounts from artists, to gamers, to beauty gurus, and some other ones πŸ˜€

First, since this is a beauty blog (or that’s what I want it to be), let’s talk about the beauty channels first! I don’t subscribe to a lot of beauty gurus, because there’s not that many accounts that I like. I prefer those who talk straight to the point, not too much blabbering. A little chit chat here and there is okay but if he/she does that all the time in her videos then I prefer not to subscribe hehe I also noticed that almost all beauty gurus that I follow are Korean! Maybe I am obsessed with Korean make-up style?

I also noticed almost all of the beauty gurus that I follow don’t really have a massive collection of makeup. They just have enough for them to do what they want. You know how there are some gurus that buys almost all MAC makeup, right? I don’t feel that to be called a makeup guru you need to have a massive expensive makeup. I know it’s their money they’re using but I’m not comfortable with that. Anyway! The beauty channels that I subscribed to are:

  • Beautifymeeh (Angel, Korean, a professional make-up artist, married with 1 super cute son)
  • TeddyBearKitties (Angela, Korean, a high school student, her channel also has fashion looks)
  • CutiePieMarziaΒ (Marzia, Italian, a pretty and dorky girl, fashion food beauty and dorkiness)
  • MichellePhan (oh come on you don’t need me to introduce her! The owner of Em Cosmetics line!)
  • ILikeWeylie (Weylie, Chinese, a bright and funny lady, great advices, hauls, tutorials, reviews, DIYs)
  • GossMakeupArtist (Wayne Goss, a professional makeup artist, reviews, tutorials, truth about makeup)
  • BubzBeauty (Lindy, fashion, hair, beauty, DIYs, advices all in one channel!)
  • SunnyDahye (Sunny, Korean who lives in Indonesia, hauls, reviews, tutorials)

Well…. that’s quite a lot. I didn’t know I follow that many beauty gurus LOL I really love all of them! If you haven’t subscribe to them, you better check them out πŸ˜€ GossMakeupArtist reviews more higher end brands, but he ALSO reviews some drugstore brands too ^_^ Beautifymeeh and TeddyBear Kitties reviews more Korean products, but sometimes a western product as well.

And I also follow some gamers since I love playing games, also watching people play scary games and I will never have the guts to play it hahahahaha Here are some of the best channels that I really love:

  • Cryaotic (never know his real name, never know his face, but he plays game very well! Plus his voice is so…. ARGH!)
  • CinnamonToastKen (Kenneth, has a magical beard, doesn’t curse in his videos!)
  • PewDiePie (Felix, Swedish, VERY FUNNY and the boyfriend of CutiePieMarzia, has a pug named Edgar)

Cryaotic, girls you gotta hear his voice! He has this deep, sexy, manly voice which is too good to be true! But beware, he also has a mad people-slash-hyena laugh when he got too sucked in his character LOL He never showed his face I believe, but the voice alone is enough. For Kenneth, he’s a really great man. I mean it’s rare to find a guy who doesn’t curse in their own videos especially when they play scary horror games! PewDiePie is a really funny guy. He did a lot of dorky things but I think it’s his charm. He’s so cute when he’s with Marzia too, it’s good seeing them together ^_^

I follow a lot of other accounts but they’re just idols. I follow YG artists channel (all of them, separately), Sungha Jung (JwcFree) LEDApple (Steroyal), also some vlogs account which are from Beautifymeeh (BeautifymeehTV, YunwooTV) some cooking channels (EugenieKitchen, Maangchi) and some other random channels (RRCherryPie, EatYourKimchi, PointlessBlog, MnetAmerica, Mnet)

Wow that actually a lot of channels……

Okay this is weird… I don’t know what else to say…. Oh I remember my friend said Oiseau88 (is this account name true? I dunno) is also a good beauty guru! I have checked her channel once and it’s full of tutorials! Not interested at that time, but I probably will take a look again hehe

So ladies, share the channels that you subscribed to in Youtube in the comment section below! I’d love to check more beauty gurus and any other channels ^_^ I don’t really know how to do the closing of this post so this post might end a little bit awkwardly LOL Anyhow, thank you for reading!Β β™₯


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