[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50/PA +++ in W24 Honey Beige

Hello darlings~! ^_^ I’m finally back with another review post! I used some new products since last month but I still don’t know how to review them 😦 This time, I’m back with Etude House’s best seller item : Precious Mineral Any Cushion! Wanna know what I think about this product? Keep reading! ^_^

I bought this product last month, October 8th to be exact. And since I am stingy, I didn’t buy the original product. Instead, I bought the refill pack which surprisingly also comes with a fresh new puff! ^_^ I bought it in the shade W24 Honey Beige. I tried the sample of previous Precious Mineral BB Cream in W13 and it made me look creepy…. I fit into both W24 and W15, and it’s not really that different on my face. Since the seller only has the W24 ready in stock, therefore I bought this one πŸ˜€

I will not talk about the technology of the case and cushion in my review because I simply don’t care that much. I mean I’m not that up-to-date about technology. But, the puff IS wonderful, even after almost 2 months using it regularly almost everyday! Anyway let’s just get to the review. I have blabbered to much LOL

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in W24 Honey Beige
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in W24 Honey Beige

This is the packaging of the refill. It’s in a plastic packaging with the name of the product. Nothing much to talk about this packaging, though. Oh, I love the E on the packaging!

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in W24 Honey Beige

The refill comes in a closed white plastic case. The refill case is sturdy and the material is quite thick. It’s kinda bulky even without the case, but it’s still travel friendly. It just consumes a little more space in your makeup bag. The puff comes in a separated transparent sealed plastic package. Everything looks so clean and fresh until now! ^_^

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in W24 Honey Beige

The back side of the refill case has the manufacturing date and of course the name and shade of the product. It also has the “slogan” of the product which is written in Korean “λˆ„κ΅¬λ‚˜, μ–΄λ””μ„œλ‚˜, μ–Έμ œλ‚˜” which means “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime“!

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in W24 Honey Beige

The refill case, you need to flip it open to use it. But before hand, you will be greeted by a piece of sticker, sealing the cushion underneath. You need to peel the sticker (duh?) in order to use it. So far, I really like the cleanliness and freshness that Etude House put in this refill. But how is the product? Continue down below! ^_^

The cushion!
The cushion!

This is how the cushion looks like! It is different from pressed powder. It’s some kind of sponge, and the product is actually below it. BUT you don’t need to pull the sponge out. Just use the puff and press it lightly on the cushion. Don’t press too hard or you will get too much product. As you use it, the cushion will become less soaked, and you will have to press a little harder. Don’t worry, I use mine almost everyday but I still only have to press it halfway to get the product ^_^

Pressed the cushion with my finger~
Pressed the cushion with my finger~

This is kinda unhygienic, and I will not recommend you to try this. I pressed my finger on the cushion, and that’s how it looks like. The product is actually almost the same as BB Cream, just a tiny bit runnier. From the photo above, maybe you will say the colour doesn’t match my skin tone, but surprisingly it DOES! ^_^

Pressed the cushion with provided puff~
Pressed the cushion with provided puff~

The puff is so wonderful! You know how powder or blush puff always soaks up the product right? Well this one doesn’t even soak any of the product! It’s just stained with the product (well, of course!) but it doesn’t soak any of the product. The puff is so soft and it spreads the product well on my face.

Right : Bare face, before Any Cushion Left : After Any Cushion
Right : Bare face, before Any Cushion
Left : After Any Cushion

I have an oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. Maybe I have the worst skin type you can imagine. I broke out from almost everything that I put on my face, both skin care and makeup. This one, surprisingly, doesn’t break me out. It’s a little too hydrating for my oily skin, though. Without powder, it can lasts 3-5 hours before my oil glands take control. With powder, it lasts 1-2 hours longer. It has a dewy finish so it doesn’t look that good for oily skin.

From the photo above, it obviously make my skin looks better. It evens out my skin tone, and conceal my redness and dark circles. It matches my neck so I don’t have to use it down to my neck. But I do anyway, because at first I bought this for the sun protection! I notice my face doesn’t get any darker hence the brighter sun, and looks whiter (not brighter, whiter!) now.Β It has a cooling sensation, but only for 1-2 seconds. I hope the cooling sensation can last longer, though 😦 It has a usual smell of BB Cream, maybe similar to the BB Cream from the same Precious Mineral line πŸ™‚ The coverage is light, but you can build it up.

Positive sides

  • Not too expensive, IDR 130,000 or around US$13 from a local online seller Chang Olin
  • Doesn’t smell funny
  • High sun protection
  • No white cast even with SPF 50!
  • Whitening fo sho’~
  • Sturdy case, clean and fresh for the refill
  • The refill comes with a brand new puff
  • Has cooling sensation for 1-2 seconds
  • Light feeling, perfect for daily wear
  • Medium coverage… I think? Because it can cover up my dark circles!
  • Easy to take off! I use baby wipes PLUS facial wash afterward

Negative sides

  • More expensive in stores
  • I wish the cooling sensation can last longer
  • I also wish for the matte one for this Any Cushion!
  • Has dewy finish, which is not a good idea for oily skin, but looks Β good on dry-normal skin ^_^

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β€’ 4.5/5

Will I repurchase this? YES! This is kinda my HG for now, although I have never tried any other cushion LOL

So what do you think about this? Have you tried Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion? Do you like it? Or do you prefer other brand”s cushion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! ^_^ Thank you for reading and I will meet you in NOTD post next!


12 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50/PA +++ in W24 Honey Beige

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk racuuuuuuuunnnnnnn
    tapi ini coveragenya sheer ya say?
    klo buat cover bekas jerawat ampuh ga ya?
    trus kamu nyimpen refillnya ditaruh di pact apa? atau dibiarin kayak gitu aja?
    map kebanyakan tanya
    thanks ^_^

    1. Helloooo ^_^
      Engga kok, di aku ini coverage nya medium (di post nulis nya light, mksudnya ga berasa pake makeup gt hihi nanti aku benerin ^_^)
      Dark circle aku lumayan parah, bisa ketutup pake 1 layer aja *O* Ga keliatan pake makeup juga~
      Bekas jerawat bisa kok πŸ˜€ Tapi kl agak gelap bekasnya, better pake concealer aja sih πŸ™‚ Bekas jerawat aku ada yg merah sama ada yg gelap, bisa ketutup.
      Aku biarin aja gitu refillnya *pelit* soalnya belom beli yg ada casenya >_<
      Ga abis2 sampe sekarang, masih banyak aja hehe
      Gapapa tanya2 kok, bisa jadi masukan biar nanti makin lengkap pas review yg lain πŸ˜€

    1. Aku sekarang masukin ke dalem toples gt sih say hehehe *pelit*
      Ngga kok, ga kering. tutupnya si refill ini sendiri cukup kedap udara menurutku πŸ™‚
      Sampe skrg sih masih bs dipake dan masih rada banyak isinya *O* Ga abis2 rasanya LOL

    1. Kalo aku lagi agak gosong sih si honey beige ini pas hehe Kalo biasa2 sebenernya natural beige masuk sih πŸ™‚
      Honey beige setau aku lebih gelap dari natural beige yah. Kalo natural beige kegelapan di kamu, coba yg light beige deh ^_^

    1. Aduh enggaa aku ga putih kok. Aslinya biasa2 aja.
      Itu krn kamera hp nya ga bagus nangkep warna jadi keliatannya begitu 😦 *pengen beli kamera*
      Tapi emang warna bb cream korea putih banget sih, aku masih bisa pake yg natural beige kalo lg ga gosong, tapi masih sedikit terlalu terang, jadi prefer honey beige πŸ™‚
      Saran aku sih coba colek di store nya aja buat tau warna yang cocok, tapi jangan di muka yah. Soalnya tester itu ga higienis kan, udah dicolek sama jutaan orang *lebay*

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