[Wishlist] First List: Christmas Wishlist!!

Hello beauties! ^_^ It feels like it’s been a month since the last time I wrote something here 😦 I’m not ready for a review post yet because the weather is kinda dark in here and I can’t get a good lighting for the photos, so I will delay it for a bit πŸ™‚ This time I will make a wishlist for Christmas! It’s kinda a new thing for me to write this whole wishlist thingy. I also got a hard time thinking what I want the most because I want a lot of stuffs! LOL But I managed to narrow down the list from aroung 50-ish (no kidding, I can write 50 things that I want in no time LOL) to just 8 of them ^_^ My wishlist is not that interesting, and maybe all of you already have what I want hehehe

Not everything is beauty related, though. But anyway let’s just start out the list!

1. A New MCM Backpack Replica

I’ve been needing a new backpack since my last panda backpack got smeared in pink ink T_T I’ve been looking here and there both in the internet world and in real world for the backpack that I like, and I found this MCM Backpack is so cool! However, the price of the original one is insanely expensive. It’s even more expensive than my phone! Therefore I’m opting for a replica. This is the specific design and colour that I want ^_^

MCM Backpack White
cr on photo

2. A Pair of New Sneakers

So I’ve been wearing sneakers a lot lately. Okay I admit it, I wear sneakers everyday! I used to wear flat shoes to campus but after I tried wearing sneakers, they are a lot more comfortable to walk in. I currently only have 1 pair of sneakers, so I’ve been wearing the same one to campus everyday. Not that it matters to me since the colour and design goes well with anything I wear, I just want a new pair. I wanted to try a denim sneakers and I found this pair to be so adorable! I currently like destroyed denim style and this one is just perfect!

denim sneakers
cr. Classy Look on FB

3. A new PS 4 console and camera

Okay, you may not know this but I love playing PS 2 games, but only the RPG ones. I have something with Shin Megami Tensei maybe because I love their Persona 3 so much despite the ending, and Persona 4 is not that bad either! I heard they will release Persona 5 on PS 4 (or is it PS 3?) but that’s not the only reason. My PS 2 is kinda broken already. I can’t play anything else except the Persona games. I tried Silent Hill and the other game but the console seem to be not responding to them. Also, PS 4 has a cool sleek design and a cool wireless controller! I fell in love with it right away, unlike with PS 3 earlier hehe

cr on pic
cr on pic

5. Urban Decay Naked Palette

You may think I’m wishing for the Naked 3 palette, but NO, I’m wishing for their Naked 1 palette. I know it’s been a while since their first Naked palette, but that’s the only Naked palette that catches my heart. A friend told me to opted for the Naked Basics because I said the Naked 1 is a little expensive for me. I still want this Naked 1 palette though. I think I will save up a lot and buy myself a Naked palette someday. I just hope they won’t get discontinued by the time I finish saving up hehe I’m putting this in my Christmas wishlist because it has been on my mind for quite a long time, not that I have to get it for Christmas though. I just hope I can *wink wink*

Urban Decay Naked Palette4. To Get My Hair Coloured by A Professional

I’ve planned this one with my friend today, actually. I heard there is a 40% off discount in One Piece Hair Studio in Kelapa Gading for this whole entire December!! And since Chinese New Year will be by the end of January, I’m planning to dye my hair there by the end of December, done by a professional. I probably will bleach it before though, since I don’t want them to charge me for the bleaching 😦 The coloring itself already costs me IDR 680,000 for my hair length (medium length). With 40% off it will be IDR 408,000! That IDR 200,000 probably will be spent for self bleaching LOL. STILL, if they charge me for bleaching there, it will costs me another IDR 680,000! Of course I will not spend that much for bleaching, especially if I can do it myself! I kinda want a red hair or a ginger one, but it also depends on what the hair stylist will say. I want a more noticeable colour but not a flashy one (or maybe I want? xD)

One Piece Hair Studio - Kelapa Gading cr. freemagz
One Piece Hair Studio – Kelapa Gading
cr. freemagz

5. A Perfumed Candle for My Room

I’ve been longing for this since…. I don’t even remember when. I bought my cousin a perfumed candle as a birthday present, although that’s what I wanted LOL But she told me she hasn’t use it yet because it looks good as an ornament xD My room doesn’t smell bad or anything, it smells nothing in my nose. I want to make my room smells good so I will spend more time in my room~ I’ve been eyeing 2 brands that have perfumed candles, 1 is Bath and Body Works, and the other is Etude House. For the BBW, I’m interested with their Vanilla Bean Noel and Cinnamon Caramel Swirl~ I looveeeee vanilla and caramel smells, so I think I will like both. Etude House also released a 100 grams perfumed candle in their Winter Princess Etoinette line too! The price is almost equal, and I don’t know which one to choose T_T

Etude-House-Princess-Etionette-Moon-Flower-Perfumed-Candles pBBW1-16894974enh-z8 pBBW1-16894975_alternate1_enh-z8

6. A Brush Set

I am nowhere near a professional or experienced makeup artist/guru, but I’ve been wanting a brush set for so long. My brush collection is expanding though. Now I have a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush, a gel eyeliner brush, and an angled brush+concealer brush. The brush set that I’m interested in is Sigma’s Mrs Bunny Set! The colour is so cute! I can’t resist the colours T_T Oh and it’s synthetic too!

Sigma Mrs Bunny Essential Kit

7. A Purple Blush and Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Concealer

Another makeup thingies! I’ve been seeing purple blushes on Korean brands, therefore I’m dying to try it out. A review said it doesn’t make your cheek purple despite of the colour. And I don’t think my pink blush that I got from my monthly beauty box suit my skin tone, so I’m not using it often. I think maybe coral tones will suit me better? I don’t know, haven’t tried it yet. I just know there is another colour that will suit me better than pink ^_^ And a concealer! I have crazy acne scars and dark circles, that’s why I think I need concealer. My Any Cushion can no longer cover them because they keep getting darker 😦 I’m planning to get a surgery done there after I have enough money and get the permission πŸ˜€

8. Save Up and Only Buy What I Need for The Next 5 Months

This is kinda the opposite of all that I’ve been writing above. I actually want to save up a lot and restrain myself from online shopping. I rarely do store shopping because I’m not comfortable with the eye stare from the sales assistants, especially when I’m going alone. If I didn’t buy something from their store, I feel like they kinda upset about it but I know that’s all in my head. I can’t stand eye contacts from strangers therefore I don’t really look at other people’s eyes. With online shopping, I can take a look of their products whenever I want and I can avoid all the eye contacts and the eye stares. I don’t feel bad even if I don’t buy right away because they didn’t know that I take a look at their website!

So that’s more or less of what I wish for Chrismas this year until next year’s. Yeah that’s a weird time range, but I wanna do it my way hahaha I know I won’t be able to fulfill even half of the list this month, that’s why I probably won’t write another wishlist until next Christmas. Well okay, maybe one for birthday LOL

I got some of my wishes fulfilled this year:

  • Watch GD’s concert
  • Buy a crownstick and a lightring
  • Buy both versions of GD’s album
  • Buy more The History of Whoo samples
  • Buy nail studs and rhinestones
  • Got my braces off – wearing retainers now
  • Finish assignment earlier than deadlines
  • And still a lot more!

I hope I can fulfill half of this list til next year’s Christmas. It kinda brightens me up when I think about all the wish that I have fulfilled ^_^ And also I managed to keep this blog going on! I will keep posting this month since the term is almost over. I just have to wait for the final exams next week! Anyway, see you again soon πŸ˜€ Oh and tell me your wish list down below! Thank you for readingΒ β™₯


4 thoughts on “[Wishlist] First List: Christmas Wishlist!!

  1. woah I also want a pair of sneaker and also a new backpack! I notice that backpack is the most comfortable and easiest to bring if you walk around a lot in campus teehee~
    nice wishlist sher πŸ˜€ I also got my eye on naked palette but still confuse which one should I get :/
    I have sigma mrs bunny kit (altohugh mine is travel kit one) but because back then I still don’t know how to clean my brush properly, in the end I cleaned it with too much dettol liquid and now the bristle is soooo dry and feels itchy on my face 😦 😦
    good post hun πŸ™‚ now I feel guilty by abandoning my blog uuugh, must find some free time to update my blog

    1. Yep! Can’t agree more. I used to use shoulder bags but my shoulder hurts because my bag is always heavy 😦 backpack is a lot more convenient ^_^
      All naked palette looks sooooo good T_T The first one looks more wearable for me, especially for daily wear. Maybe you should buy all 3? lol :p
      Awww too bad 😦 If only you own it a bit later, you will probably rave about it right now >_< Is there no way to restore their condition?

      Thank you dear! ^_^ You're probably in a busy state right now. All my friends from different departments are panicking because of final exams are coming in the following week! (while I'm here procrastinating lol)

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