[Review] NYX Love In Rio – LIR19 Bikini Bottom Parfait Bikini

HELLO AGAIN!! Remember I told you how yesterday was dark and I can’t take photos for reviews? Well, today the sky is soooo bright! Looks like the sky heard me whining yesterday and he gives me a nice, pretty and bright sky today ^_^ Therefore, I can make review post today! YAYYYY!!

Okay, NYX Love In Rio has been release for quite a long time in NYX website, but I just got mine like… a few months back? I didn’t buy it, I got it from AJBeautyHouse (Jessica) through our blog swap πŸ˜€ I haven’t tried any NYX eyeshadows before, just a local brand. NYX are said to have great pigmentation for their eyeshadows. So how’s this Love In Rio palette? Keep reading to find out! ^_^

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Parfait Bikini

First, the packaging looks so cute and sleek at the same time. It’s a black plastic box, and it’s quite sturdy. There is a transparent section on the front so you’re able to see the colours inside. I think this is very useful and convenient if you have a big shadow collection. You don’t want to open up every shadow box just to check the colours, right? ^_^

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

And it’s so cute that they placed a plastic black bow on the side! It’s the side where you pop it open, so you won’t get confused to open the box even with your eyes closed! Sorry the lighting changes here. It gets too bright and I edited it a bit :3

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

The back side of the packaging has the ingredients and the colour code. This palette is made in P.R.C which is People Republic of China. It also says it’s cruelty free, and you can use it up to 18 months after opening. I never obey this rule, though. Except if it’s something that goes into my skin, like foundation and BB creams because I don’t want them to be the cause of break out. I will not recommend you to follow me because it’s not a good thing!

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

The colours are so pretty! You got 3 eyeshadow colours and 1 double ended sponge tip applicator. The left one is a really really soft pink with gold shimmers, the center one is a glittery bronze colour, and the right one is a shimmery and a little reddish dark brown. I’m not really good with eyeshadow finishes, and maybe the swatch will do the description better.

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

As you can see, the middle one is the most shimmery one compared to the other 2. However, they are very pigmented IMO. I really really love the colour combination. I like natural look so this palette really suits my likings πŸ™‚

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

The darker colours show up really well on my wrist, but the lightest one doesn’t. But, my face is a little darker than my wrist so all the colours come out really well! I use the darker colours on the lid and outer corner, and the lighter one as a highlighter on the browbone and the inner corners. I’m not that good in applying eyeshadows yet, therefore I want to apologize in the first place before posting the picture of me wearing the colours 😦

NYX Love In Rio - LIR19 Bikini Bottom

The shimmery pink is actually looks soooo good on the inner tearducts. I forgot to wear mascara and eyeliner. I should have applied foundation and concealer too LOL Excuse the dark circles and eye bags. And yes my eyes are so asymmetrical.

The colours are all pigmented, and not hard to blend. However, there are a decent amount of fall outs. The area under my eyes got so many glitters that it looks like I applied shimmery powder 😦 My lid is oily to begin with and I didn’t bother to apply a primer for the photo. I used this a few times to campus with eye primer and they don’t smudge at all! FYI, my eye primer right now is an oil control powder :p

So as an overview,

Positive sides

  • Pigmented
  • Sleek and cute packaging
  • Good colour pay off
  • Inexpensive!
  • Stays long on my lid without creasing
  • Easily blendable
  • Pretty colours and the middle one is super shimmery

Negative sides

  • Quite a lot of fall out especially the middle one

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ 4/5

Will I repurchase this? Probably YES! ^_^ But I want to try their single shadows first hehe

Well I know that this review is not so good since I don’t know what I’m looking for in eyeshadows. I mean, I don’t have any expectation when I use this. Maybe after trying another brand, I will be able to write a better review on eyeshadows πŸ™‚ But overall I love this palette as my everyday wear! And honestly it looks better with mascara and eyeliner~

So have you tried NYX Love In Rio? What do you think about them? Tell me in the comments below~ ^_^ I will be seeing you guys again in the next post soon! Thank you for readingΒ β™₯~


4 thoughts on “[Review] NYX Love In Rio – LIR19 Bikini Bottom Parfait Bikini

  1. soooo glad you like this palette ❀ hehehe I really want to get one for myself too πŸ˜€
    your eyes look so great with neutral colors like these, soooo pretty πŸ™‚
    anyway, I got a single eyeshadow (the matte one) from NYX and I just freaking love it!!!! so pigmented and the color is soooo darn pretty ❀ will make the review asap on this holiday, but not must finish all the assignments I have ugh
    wish me luck! πŸ˜€

    1. yesssss! I love this palette Jess, thank you ^_^ You should get some too!
      I’m still not good in applying eyeshadows 😦 And the colours don’t show up that well because of my hooded eye .___.
      Really?? I’ve been eyeing their singles since I no longer remember when but I keep going back and forth because I’m not sure I will use it hahaha Haven’t tried wearing this look to campus though. I don’t have the guts :p
      I’ll be waiting for your review! And good luck for the assignments ❀

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