[Award] Another Liebster Award!! ^_^

Hello everyone! I will try to keep this post as short as possible and then make a beauty related post after this ^_^ So I got chosen for another Liebster Award by a pretty blogger – Suci Park! I met her (in real life) on the BTI x Crabtree event. She is one of the ladies in my table. I actually kinda shocked that I got another Liebster award because I thought you can’t get it twice xD But hey! It’s an award, I’ll take it anyway LOL Anyway let’s move on~

As you know, the receiver of the award have to list some bloggers that have less than 200 followers. This time, I will have to list 11 blogs! Well, this is kinda hard for me because most of the blogs I read already have hundreds of followers. But still, I believe there are more blogs out there which are less known but are great blogs! I just have to keep searching ^_^ Please for the chosen blogs to use this badge I made by combining pictures from google LOL

Liebster Blog Award Badge - vintage edition

So here are the 11 blogs that I adore and I think they deserve more followers :

  • Of course, Lilith of Balkan a.k.a Suci Park herself!
  • Still, AJ Beauty House a.k.a Jessica
  • Emily Kawaii, I love her blog!
  • In The Name of Colors, I love The Dragon of Flame post so much!!
  • Belle Bunny, her Eye Diaries posts are so pretty T_T
  • Chel’s Latte, I want everything in her Christmas Wishlist LOL
  • Bright Demeanor, I love her reviews!
  • Kirei Makeup, her halloween and casual makeup is so cool!
  • Shanty Huang, you won’t believe she is married with 1 daughter!
  • and for 2 more, I am still searching T_T Please help recommend me more awesome blogs with less than 200 followers πŸ˜€ Most of the awesome blogs that I found already has 300+ followers so….. 😦 OR if you think you deserve this award, just leave a comment below with your blog link! ^_^

And of course, the 11 questions that I got from Suci Park :

1. What is your blog name/link?
♣! Because I always blame the stores that sell the stuffs that I want to buy or bought xD
2. What is your fav lipstick brand?
♣ I am no lipstick expert, and until now I only have tried Dearberry and my mom’s Chanel lipstick. Obviously I recommend BOTH!
3. Who is your idol?
♣ Well for you who read my blog since a few months back, you must have known that I LOVE BIGBANG. Like, they’re the only boygroup that I actually keep myself updated about. I listen to some other boygroup, but none can grab my heart like them ^_^
4. What you like the most; chocolate or milk?
♣ Umm… If by milk it means fresh milk, I prefer chocolate. Unless it’s chocolate milk, then I choose chocolate milk :p
5. Where did you see yourself in 3 years from now?
♣ Let’s see….. In 3 years I have already graduated and working in an engineering/architect company (I hope). I have already fulfill my dream to go to Korea by myself with my own money. And I already started saving up for… future marriage? *blush* HAHAHA
6. Is Blogging fun?
♣ Well, I gotta say YES! I am so quiet in real life but I can ramble a lot in my blog. My friends are not really into beauty related stuffs (I mean makeup stuffs) so I can’t really talk about these things with them. I like to try stuffs out to see if they will work on me or not. And I feel like blogging is my 3rd life. 1st life is of course my real life & college life, 2nd life is fangirling life, and blogging is currently my 3rd life ^_^
7. What is your first blog post?
♣ It’s kinda funny how I write my first post xD You can check it out HERE just…. please don’t laugh hahahaha
8. How many blog do you have?
♣ Just this one, and I already feel it’s hard to keep this blog up to date whenever college life is hectic 😦
9. What you love about make up?
♣ Makeup can make someone feel more confident about themselves. You can cover your imperfections with it, and also enhance your perfections with it. You can change the shape of your face, eyes, nose, you name it! I honestly think that makeup is scarier than plastic surgery. With PS, you still look pretty without makeup, but if it’s just makeup when you wipe them all off….. You have a bigger chance to see a different face. But, I still love it πŸ™‚
10. When did you start applying make up?
♣ If nail polish is counted as makeup, then I started on middle school. If by makeup you mean face makeup, then I just started it on senior year in high school (and that’s only eyeliner LOL)
11. What brand of make up will you recommend to other people?
♣ This is actually a hard question because the brand may have this 1 great product but the other products are crap 😦 But I will recommend Etude House, Sleek, and NYX. I want to try some more makeup products but I am in the process of saving up to reach one of my tiny dreams πŸ™‚ And there are still a lot of products in my shelves that needs reviewing, so…. yeah! hahaha
And my 11 questions will be:
  1. Which feature(s) of your face that you hate? Why?
  2. And which feature(s) of your face that you’re proud of? Why?
  3. Let’s say I will give you a chance for plastic surgery in a trusted place and I will pay for everything. Where will you get the job done (nose, eyes, jaws, etc) and why?
  4. Why and when did you start blogging?
  5. Have you found your HG skincare and/or makeup products? What are them?
  6. Do you have anything that you regret buying?
  7. What is your biggest splurge on beauty stuffs? And how much is it?
  8. Which makeup look that you prefer, all dolled up or natural no makeup look? Why?
  9. Tell me 5 things in life that you’re grateful for.
  10. If you can pull off any hair colour including the unnatural colours (pinks, blues, greens, etc) which colour will you choose and why?
  11. In your opinion, what is the secret of clear healthy skin?

And here is the end of my post! I will post the badge on the side after I edited it ^_^ And I will see you in my next post which is a REVIEW~~!! hehehe See you all and thank you for reading!Β β™₯


10 thoughts on “[Award] Another Liebster Award!! ^_^

  1. Hi darling,

    Thanks for putting my name on your blog. Actually, I’ve more than 300 followers, but since I changed my web host, the followers did not get transferred over :(…I’ve them spread-out through the different social media (facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram). So sorry, but I don’t put up this type of stuff on my blog since it’s purely for makeup reviews and tutorials only. 😦

    Thanks again though! πŸ™‚ Keep blogging!

  2. hi! im replying here bcs i really want you to read my reply xD lol!
    Really? How did you fix your crossbite? 😦 I wnt it so bad! And with your compliment , thank you so much :’D I’m really unconfident about my jaws bcs of the crossbite πŸ˜₯

    1. Oh yeah I was wondering why I didn’t get any notifications from any blogspot bloggers although I already join using Google connect T_T
      Um, I got braces! hehe I had scattered teeth, a really bad one 😦 I had bunny teeth, then the teeth next to the bunny teeth went inside, and I have 2 vampire-fangs-but-not-as-sharp everytime I smile -___- The braces help with my crossbite and overbite, also aligned my teeth πŸ˜€

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