[Random] Current Obsession!

Helloooo~ Just want to post a quick update here about my current obsession ^_^ This is not a new obsession, I already went through this obsession successfully like, 1-2 years ago? But now the obsession came back ㅠㅠ It’s not as intense as it used to be, though. I can control myself a lot better now hehehe So what’s this “obsession” thingy, you ask?

Left to Right: Jean Paul Gaultier - Ma Dame Vera Wang - Princess Anna Sui - Forbidden Affair
Left to Right:
Jean Paul Gaultier – Ma Dame
Vera Wang – Princess
Anna Sui – Forbidden Affair

Yep! Mini perfumes!! That 3 up there are just my favorite of the collection because the scent goes so well with my body chemistry. I still have a few more in my secret safe ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t really know how this collection started, to be honest. I used to only buy the minis from the cute bottles or just ask the seller to describe the scent. Most of them are floral fruity and have musk and vanilla in the base notes.

This obsession came back because a few days ago, GD gave his perfume that he wears everyday, Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, to a lucky fan in a fan meeting ㅠㅠ I wanted to smell how the perfume smells like, but I was surprised because of the price. I thought if that’s not too expensive and have the notes that I will probably like, I will just try to buy the smaller size. But guess what? This Musc Ravageur costs USD 399.99! It’s like more than twice the price of Chanel No.5! Even I think the Chanel fragrances have humorous price tag which I can’t afford, and now I knew the fact that he uses an IDR 4 million perfume as an everyday perfume -_-

But then I try to look for a signature scent because there is this beauty group in Facebook that mentions about it. I still haven’t found my signature scent till now, but I love those 3 perfume on me!

And just this morning, I bought a 10 ml decant size of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy and Chanel Chance! Yeah I wanna slap myself for that. BUT, both have the possibility that I will love the scent ^_^ My nose can’t differ scents well so I can’t review perfumes. I only know the scent of jasmine and vanilla LOL

Chanel Chance

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy

So do you wear perfumes? I kinda want to make it as a habit now 😀 Have you found your signature scent? Or what’s your favorite perfume? Please share it in the comments down below~ I’d love to try them if I like the notes hehe Thank you for reading my ramble today! I will post a review tomorrowwww~


2 thoughts on “[Random] Current Obsession!

    1. Yep, I do agree! Some looks a lot cuter in mini size than the full size hehe. But some sellers just sell the minis a lot more expensive than others because they are the only sellers who have that specific ones ㅠㅠ
      Oh really? Ooohh it’s good to know someone else likes what I like too ^_^

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