[Review] Sleek Kohl Pencil – 127 Glitter Dark Blue

Hellooooo~ I’m back with (FINALLY) another review post! It’s been quite a while since my last review post, right? I have another eye makeup review this time!

I love eyeliners. The first actual makeup that I learned to apply is an eyeliner. I started with an auto pencil eyeliner, which I clumsily dropped and it broke :/ It’s a nice eyeliner, though. I’d love to buy that one again but I think I can survive with the amount of eyeliners that I have now~ This is the ONLY eyeliner brand from UK that I have (for now LOL). And do I like it? Keep reading to find out!

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

Glitter Kohl Pencil’s are ultra-creamy matte pencils infused with glitter particles, perfect for adding fuss-free definition to eyes, taking your look from day to night in one easy application.For an edgy evening look apply a strong cat eye flick using the Dark Blue Glitter Kohl Pencil taking it to the outer corners and sweeping it down partially along the bottom lash line.

For best results, use in conjunction with any of Sleek MakeUP’s i-Divine’s for a flawless finish.

I have always wanted to try Sleek products! I was caught by their eyeshadow palette and their Blush By 3. And from the BTI monthly box, I got this Sleek eyeliner. I don’t know what to expect from Sleek so I just try this blindly. Their design is so simple, nothing too fancy. Since mine is in the colour Glitter Dark Blue, the pencil itself is made to that glittery dark blue colour.

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

The pencil is made from typical wood that are used for pencil liners. Well I don’t really have much to say about the packaging because it’s so simple. But I love their simple design. To me, it doesn’t look cheap.

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

The pencil itself comes with a cap. The cap is also in glittery dark blue colour and made of a really sturdy plastic. It’s like SUPER sturdy, I can’t even dent it no matter how hard I pressed.

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

The eyeliner itself has a gazillion of glitters in it. I was shocked when I saw it because of all that glitters. I though “Oh WOW how am I gonna use this without looking like I’m ready for the club??” But I still swatched it anyway, and I seriously think this is a very pretty colour! Let the swatch speak for itself!

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

The photo can’t take the colour very well (I’ve tried editing it in PD but I can’t get the real colour), but in real life it is indeed a dark blue. It’s a really really dark blue, more like a bluish black or a dark indigo colour. The glitters are not too much, just enough to give sparkle to your eyes. BUT, if you want like, tons of glitters, you can just layer it! I find this is good for both cream eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Sleek Kohl Pencil - 127 Glitter Dark Blue

Again the camera failed in capturing the colour -__- I think I need a real camera here, not just phone camera 😦 Please bear with me, I will save up for a new camera which I don’t know when I will be able to buy LOL

However, despite all the greatness (?) of this Kohl Pencil, I found this eyeliner is not smudge-proof, which is a great negative for me. I have the habit of rubbing my eyes (well, it’s greatly decreased now, but I still forget sometimes). I think this eyeliner can’t dry up to a state where it can’t be smudged. But for you who want to use this as a cream eyeshadow, this is actually a great thing. I have no difficulties in blending this to an eyeshadow. To make it more long lasting as an eyeliner, I would recommend you to apply a thin layer of setting powder on the liner (or a glittery dark blue eyeshadow can do).

And now I will sum it all up,

Positive sides

  • Neutral price, affordable for me which is IDR 75,000 on BTI website which is ON SALE for IDR 67,500 now
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to wipe off, baby wipe is enough ^_^
  • Simple, but not cheapo design
  • Sturdy cap! No worries of breaking the cap~
  • Not too glittery, but build-able if you want to
  • Can be used as both eyeliner and eyeshadow
  • Easily blendable as an eyeshadow

Negative sides

  • NOT smudge-proof
  • Only available in 2 colours, black and blue. But only black is available in BTI website

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ 4/5 I will give full hearts if they are smudge-proof!

Will I repurchase this? Nope. I don’t need anymore black eyeliner. I still have like…. 5 black liners to play with! Hahaha

Overall I like this Kohl Pencil. I prefer to try their eyeshadows and blushes out than buying the glitter black one. This is not a crappy product, but not a really amazing product as well. So have you tried the Sleek Kohl Pencil? Do you like it or do you hate it? Share your thoughts in the comment below! ^_^ As always, thank you for reading and I will be back with another eyeliner review soon!


4 thoughts on “[Review] Sleek Kohl Pencil – 127 Glitter Dark Blue

    1. aku blm tes sih ini waterproof atau ngga. harusnya aku tes juga ya :/
      aku skrg ada holika2 yg jewel light, nyx fat marker, nyx skinny marker, koji, make over dan itu yg item semua lol ada 1 lg yg coklat tp gel liner sih πŸ˜€

    1. oh really? cuma buat di smudge aja ya? aku kira bs buat eyeliner juga sekalian hahaha my bad then 😦 This one is really good for smokey eyes and gradation!
      Yep I love the colour too~ I wish it comes in silver or white 😦

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