[Review] Koji Smooth Eyeliner in Black

Hello everyone~ ^_^ I’m really sorry I didn’t post a review yesterday. I…. got caught in Bigbang Dome concert, well, live streaming it LOL But don’t worry! I have posted the review today!

As you can read in the title, this review is for Koji Smooth Eyeliner. Koji is a Japanese brand, probably the same Koji with the one which held Dolly Wink name. However, the one I’m reviewing today is NOT from their Dolly Wink line. So do I like the eyeliner? Proceed to find out! πŸ™‚

Koji Smooth Eyeliner

The eyeliner is an auto pencil, which for you who don’t know means you don’t need to sharpen this with a sharpener, just twist and use! I found auto pencil liners are so easy to use, I mean no hassle with sharpening them because they are usually quite slim and can be use for making thin lines as well as thick lines.

Koji Smooth Eyeliner

This particular auto pencil comes in a plastic, hot pink packaging. It has purple flowers and swirls on the body of the pencil. This pencil screams girly all over itself. I believe this eyeliner is made in Japan (although it’s not written anywhere) and we all know how Japan products are all high quality!

Koji Smooth Eyeliner

This eyeliner also comes with a plastic cap (of course, duh?). The cap is also made of plastic and quite sturdy, although not as sturdy as Sleek Kohl Pencil’s but I found it still quite hard to break.Β The length of the pencil is average pencil liner. It’s length is the length of my middle finger and ring finger combined. The point, like I said, is quite slim so you can make thin and thick line with this. Usually there is a little sharpener tucked at the end of the pencil, but this one doesn’t have it. I never sharpen this pencil, anyway.

Koji Smooth Eyeliner

Above is the swatch, the colour is the usual black colour on pencil liners. You can make it intense or more natural by layering it. Β I personally prefer natural looking eyes so I think I’ve never use this eyeliner to make intense line before. I will recommend a liquid liner to get a really intense look.

Koji Smooth Eyeliner

Okay, now to the great thing about this liner. This specific Koji eyeliner is smudge-proof AND water-proof. After it sets, I tried to smudge it with my finger and it doesn’t budge at all! It doesn’t need a long time to set, just around 10 seconds! But as a price for the water-proof and smudge-proof, this eyeliner is a little harder to wipe off. I need to wipe this a few times with baby wipes. But that’s maybe because it’s not meant for wiping off makeup. I tried using Etude House’s I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water and it wipes off a bit easier.

I personally think this eyeliner is more useful for as a waterline because it’s smudge-proof and water-proof. It doesn’t budge when I wore it to the mall, but I don’t know what will happen if you cry like a baby LOL I used to hate this eyeliner because it’s so hard to wipe off. That’s why I didn’t review this, because I didn’t like it. But now that I like this eyeliner, I will wear them everyday! Umm… I mean when I go to a mall or somewhere nice hehehe

So as a summary,

Positive sides

  • Water-proof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Girly design (which I am neutral to because I’m not that fond of pink)
  • No need to sharpen, thus doesn’t waste product
  • Slim, appropriate for travelling
  • Good quality and sturdy plastic packaging
  • Comes with a cap, helps to keep bacteria away! (although I’m neutral to that too LOL)

Negative sides

  • A little hard to wipe off with baby wipes, easier with cleansing water
  • Β Hard to find, I can’t find any seller who sells this (but maybe they just change the packaging?)
  • I don’t know about the price because I got this from BTI monthly box.

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β€’ 4.5/5 because I can’t find a seller who sells this!

Will I repurchase? Yes, because this works well on my waterline while other liner just smudge like crazy LOL

Have you tried this Koji eyeliner? Or do you already have your favorite water-proof and smudge-proof liner? Share it in the comment below! I’d love to try new eyeliner~ hehehe Thank you for reading this post! I will be back soon hopefully with Tony Moly Backstage Liner? Or maybe I just review….. Mizon Snail Cream? Or Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner? I don’t know, I’m so undecisive HAHAHA


4 thoughts on “[Review] Koji Smooth Eyeliner in Black

    1. Hello, Elvina! ^_^ Thank you for the info. I’ve checked their website, but they didn’t seem to carry this specific item 😦 I saw the Koji Dolly Wink one, but I doubt that they’re the same. But still, thank you anyway! ❀

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