[Random] Holiday Gifts from Japan and Malaysia

Hello! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you who read this post! I know it’s so late but hey, better late than nothing, right? 😉

Since I am not ready for another review post (I will post it around 2-3 days after this one) I will show you what I got as holiday gifts. Some of my relatives went abroad on new year, and they brought me back a few stuffs! Too bad they didn’t bring me any makeup, but I still love what they got me! Let’s see what they got me~

Holiday Gifts

I got 3 packs of gifts and I will open them one by one. The one inside the Bershka bag is from Malaysia, and the other two are from Japan. I really hope they bought me some makeup stuffs, but that’s my bad for not telling them (they asked me what I wanted and I said food LOL)

Holiday Gifts

This package is from my cousin who went to Japan along with my grandma. She brought me a lot of food. Oreo White Chocolate, which I will share some to my other cousins, KitKat Green Tea, KitKat Strawberry, and a pretty red wallet. The wallet screams Japanese in its design. I haven’t open it up yet because my current wallet is still in perfect condition ^_^

Holiday Gifts

The next package is from my grandma who went to Japan. She bought me quite a lot. The small transparent plastic bag up there has rice crackers inside, the box on top right are probably chocolates from Tokyo Disneyland, the small triangular green package on the bottom left are wasabi peanuts, and the big package is melon flavored candy! I was really excited when I realize that is a bag of melon candies! I really love everything melon, from syrup, ice cream, juice, fruits, lollipops, EVERYTHING! But I doubt anyone in my family know about this LOL

Holiday Gifts

And the last package comes from Malaysia! I don’t know if it’s really from Bershka or not because the dress has no tag on it. The dress is a cream coloured with pearls and stones embellishment on the neck line. At first I thought the neck line is too low, but when I tried it on, it fits nicely and not peekable (?). The dress is a little too short for my liking because it falls to the middle of my thigh. But I can still wear it with a pair of tights and heels or just wear a hot pants underneath ^_^ I really love this dress because it’s so comfy and the bottom part is an A line cut.

I’m still trying to find out how to take good pictures. I need a plain background and a bright space so everything will look good. I’m not thinking to get a digicam yet because it’s not on my budget T_T And this is the end of this post. I know this post is not too entertaining. I don’t even know why I want to put up this post LOL See you again in a more interesting and fun review post! I will try to schedule my blogging so I can put up posts regularly ^_^ Thank you for reading!


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