[Review] Hair Coloring With One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

Hello everyone! It’s been a week since my last post hehehe I’m sorry for not posting as regularly as other bloggers because sometimes I don’t know what I should blog about. I can’t make a fashion post because I am not a stylish person. I went to campus wearing T-shirts and pants and I dress nothing fancy. I can’t keep doing review because I honestly don’t have that many things left to review. I am currently saving up for my future plan to go to Korea for holiday πŸ˜€ And I think I’m sticking with my current skin care routine so I will not buy and try as much products.

However, you all can expect another SWAP post with another fellow blogger. We decided to go for Valentine’s Day, and let’s hope that our orders will reach ourselves before that day! ^_^ I will not reveal her yet because I don’t want to ruin a surprise. I hope the swap will be exciting again for this time!

ANYWAYYYY, I FINALLY got my hair coloured professionally in a hair salon!!!!Β I choose One Piece Hair Salon in Kelapa Gading because they extended their promotion till the end of this month! They give 40% OFF FOR ALL TREATMENT/CHEMICAL/CUTTING!! How awesome is that??? For the details, you can contact them directly by phone. I will list their website, address, and phone number at the bottom of this post.

One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

If you read my wishlist earlier in December, I stated I wish to get my hair coloured by a professional in a hair salon. This is actually the first thing in that wishlist that I managed to achieve! Okay, stop blabbering about the unimportant stuffs, I will talk to you about everything from the booking until the result! ^_^

One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

I decided to go to One Piece with my cousin and aunt. My cousin wanted a haircut, and my aunt wanted a perm. So after a little discussion with them, I called One Piece. The first thing I asked is whether they still have the promotion, and do they have exceptions for the promotion. The lady who answered my call was actually very nice and informative. She explained everything about the promotion and answer my other questions. The price stated are their regular price before the discount. The promotion can be used on anything except the Carbonated Water System, Wash & Blow, and Poni Cut (Fringe/Bangs Cut). The price stated for the chemical process excludes any other treatment. You know how some hair salon offers free 1-2x treatment after putting chemical on your hair? They don’t. BUT that’s not a problem! You’ll know why after you read this post! πŸ˜€

One Piece Hair Studio Pricelist
One Piece Hair Studio Pricelist

So on the phone I booked our appointment at 11 AM for 3 person for us. I will advised you to book your appointment so you won’t have to wait too long if they’re crowded. I booked my cousin and myself with Mizuho-san, and my aunt with Kyosuke-san.They had 4 stylist in Kelapa Gading, Kyosuke, Mizuho, Pipit, and Yanti. Pipit and Yanti are Indonesian so they cost a lot cheaper than with t he international stylist. Kyosuke-san and Mizuho-san both are Japanese. Kyosuke-san is very fluent in Indonesian, he even has Indonesian accent! While Mizuho-san is not too fluent in Indonesian. We communicated with English all the time. She uses some Japanese words which sometimes I can guess the meaning but sometimes I’m in the dark LOL

One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

We got there a little bit earlier than 11 AM, but because there was not to many people in the salon, we got our turn right away! Maybe because of the rain, because when we finished, everyone kept coming in non stop! First, Mizuho-san asked my what color I want, and whether I had any reference. I showed her this picture, which she giggled at because maybe she thinks it’s impossible to do that to my hair without bleaching. She did not recommend me to bleach, and I personally didn’t want to. I told her I want the darker purple colour on the roots, not the light purple. I also said that I don’t want it to be too extreme.

Mizuho-san then brought a hair color book, she offered me this two rows of dark colours with some hint of colours on them. She said both rows will look good on me and I can pick any of the colours. I actually picked the one she recommended because I want professional opinion (well, duh? That’s why I went to a hair salon for colouring in the first place hahaha).

The picture I showed Mizuho-san
The picture I showed Mizuho-san

She told me to wash my hair with the Carbonated Water System first because my hair look so ugly. I know, because I came with my 3-days-unwashed-hair LOL She told me I have oily roots and she said nothing about damaged hair so I suppose my hair is fine ^_^ I got wrapped with a bathrobe, a piece of towel on my neck, a plastic sheet tucked in on the back side of my T-shirt, a cutting robe with sleeves so you can still play with your phone and such, and another towel on my neck. WHEW~ that’s a lot of layer! Then they washed my hair~

The Carbonated Water System is good for people with any type of scalp, dry, oily, normal, everything! What it does is it peels off the dead skin flakes on the scalp which can’t be removed even after regular hair wash with shampoo. It also removes the excess oil on the scalp so the next process will be perfect! Your hair will look shinier after this treatment because they use Soda Water! They showed you the result of this treatment, and I do feel a lot cleaner after this treatment.

After the wash, she told the assistant to dry my roots a little bit. Next, they use this Nano Steam (I forgot the name, sorry >.<) which I only have seen in there. The assistant explained that it’s for the health of the hair. The steam will fill in the opened up hair cuticles so it will stay healthy even after coloring. This only took around 5 minutes, but please note I have very fine thin hair. Thicker and longer hair will probably take a little longer.

Then after the colouring paste(?) is done mixed, Mizuho-san and an assistant work on both side of my head. Mizuho-san works really fast! And by really fast, I mean if she’s a car, she’ll be an F1 car fast! Β She probably only need 1-2 minutes to finish her side before she finally invaded her assistant side LOL Despite how fast she worked, her work is extremely neat. I just love Japanese people and their work mindset! My whole head was covered with the paste in about 5 minutes, and she told me to wait about 15 minutes, and she will check it to see the result.

After 15 minutes, she came back and checked a tiny strand of my hair. She checked it really closely as if she could see the result colour under the coloring paste! She decided that it was done, and then told the assistant to wash my hair~ Oh and I got the Carbonated Water System again this time. Once you paid for it, you will get two washes with the price πŸ™‚

After the wash, my hair actually still looks dark, like a very very dark-almost-black brown. For the drying process, Mizuho-san also did it with the assistant for both sides. Have I told you she works so fast? She dried my hair so fast! She gave my hair a little curl inside so it looks better. She then invades the assistant side again LOL And she is VERY NICE! She trimmed my bangs a bit, but she doesn’t charge it! It’s not a huge cut, maybe just like 5-7 tiny cuts but still, it means the world to my bangs :p

Please only look at the hair. I edited this photo to get the hair colour as close as possible, and as a result I ended with weird skin colour LOL
Please only look at the hair. I edited this photo to get the hair colour as close as possible, and as a result I ended with weird skin colour LOL

OVERALL I love Mizuho-san and One Piece! But it’s too pricey for me without discount. Even with discount, it’s still out of my budget. Thankfully my dad paid for it. I don’t think I will go to another hair salon for the rest of the year. I’m sorry, Dad γ… γ… 

Good be Mizuho-san. Thank you for making my hair looks pretty ^_^
Good be Mizuho-san. Thank you for making my hair looks pretty ^_^

I have to bring you sad news though, Mizuho-san already left One Piece and went back to Japan today. But, Boon will come to Kelapa Gading, I think as a substitute. I heard that the One Piece in Central Park mall will be closed, too. Maybe the stylists will be moved to Kelapa Gading πŸ™‚ If Mizuho-san ever return to One Piece again, I will recommend you to get her! She is super friendly and nice, and also very pretty. I personally think she looks a lot fresher with a high bun ^_^

So this is the end of my review. I totally recommend this hair salon although it IS expensive. But hey, price never lies. In One Piece, you get what you paid for. I have washed my hair twice, and the colour did bleed a little. My hair feels a little stiff after first wash, but with a leave in serum, my hair is soft again. After the second wash, my hair is back to it’s natural condition ^_^ If you have any question about my experience, just ask in the comment section! I’m sorry I didn’t take step-by-step process because no one in my family knows about me blogging, so taking pictures here and there will be so awkward XD

One Piece Hair Salon Kelapa Gading

Ruko Kelapa Gading Park View
Jl. Raya Boulevard Timur
Blok ZC 1 Kav. No. 43
Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara

(+62 21) 4586 0119 ORΒ (+62 21) 4586 0120

Anyway, thank you so much for sticking by this blog. I really really appreciate that I reach 100 views per day! Sometimes it also hits above 150 views! You all are so wonderful. Sorry for the long review >_< Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on the next post!


This is how my hair looks like after a few washes. The colour actually stays in this shade. My hair keeps bleeding for 5 washes and the purple kinda faded a lot.One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

6 thoughts on “[Review] Hair Coloring With One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

  1. your new hair color looks sooo gooood >.< envy you can dye you hair leh 😦
    the picture you showed to them obviously need bleaching but the purple looks really pretty πŸ˜€
    and congratz dear for reaching 100 views in one day πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you Jessss ❀
      It looks better in real life but my phone cam can't take the colour well T_T
      The result is nowhere near the purple, but I still love it hehe
      Thank you again! ❀ ^_^

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by ^_^
      Wah sama Kyosuke ya? si Kyosuke friendly bgt orangnya, mgkin next time klo aku bs ke OP lg aku mau sama dy hehe
      Aku kena 508rb udah termasuk sama Carbonated Water System nya, panjang rambut diitung medium πŸ˜€

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