[Review] Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

Hello everyone! Are you tired of my “Hello everyone” in every post? I will need to think of something new and official to say in the beginning of each post to break the ice. Anyway, I will share my opinion of this particular lip balm from Baviphat.

First of all, Baviphat is a Korean brand. They offer quite a big range of products from skin care to cosmetics to accessories and tools. I actually have never tried any Baviphat products before, so this is my first one! I have heard a lot about this brand. My cousin actually ordered the Apple Lip Balm a long time ago from me when I still sell Korean brands products πŸ˜€

You will need to note that my lips are extremely dry. I HAVE TO wear lip balm or anything that can keep my lips moisturized every day. Therefore, I can’t live without lip balm. I have tried this products for a full week before I decided to write this review. You also need to note that what happened to me might or might not happen to you because everyone is different! πŸ™‚

Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

The lipbalm comes in a lemon shaped jar, which is so cute! This is the cutest lip balm I’ve ever seen. The colour is the colour of lemon skin, a bright yellow! The size is quite small, around 4 cm tall and 4 cm in diameter. There is no safety seal or anything, it just came like this πŸ˜€


Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

The jar is made of plastic, and it has a doff finish. I prefer doff finish than glossy finish because I can’t stand fingerprints on my things. I even can’t stand fingerprints on my laptop. The jar is very study, there is no chance I can break this! Good job, Baviphat!

Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

It actually has the usage directions inside the paper wrap, and the description of the product on the back of the paper. It claims to contain Vitamin A, C, and E along with lemon extract to make our lips feel moisturized with a sweet lemon scent. (I translated it with my shallow knowledge of Korean language. Feel free to correct me!)

Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

The cap is a twist off type. It comes off completely like in the photo above. The lip balm is clear, there is not even a slight tint to it. And because of that, I think there is no need to swatch it hahahaha *lazy* I love everything about the packaging!

Okay, now to the actual review. I want to love this product, I really want to. I want to stop using my EMC as lip balm and apply the actual lip balm on my lips. And I am surprised to see this baby inside the swap package from Jessica a few months ago! Like I said, I only have used this for a week before I finally wrote this. Despite me wanting to love this, I have to hate this 😦

This lip balm doesn’t work with my lips. It IS very moisturizing, and a bit stickier than my EMC. I put this on every night and it’s still there in the morning. My EMC usually got washed away if I drink water afterward, but not this one! I really love this baby until approximately day 3. What happened after that?

Well, after 3 days of a really moisturized and healthy looking lips, my lips started to peel on its own. I keep using this even after that because I think maybe it’s just the dead skin cells peeling on its own. However, it didn’t get better, and 2 days ago I forgot to apply any lip products on my lips when I went to the mall. Usually, it’s still okay as long as I drink enough water. But that day, my lips are sooo red in the inner parts. It looks like I heavily applied lip tint and didn’t blend it. It actually creates a line separating the red part and the pale pink part. The red part is obviously irritated. It feels so sticky, it kinda hurts if the upper lip touched the bottom or when I sucked my lips in (weird habit, I know). My cousin asked me if I use any lip products or not LOL

I have used my EMC to repair these lips and it feels better today. It doesn’t hurt anymore and it’s starting to repair itself. I will probably try this lip balm again after I got my usual lips back. Who knows if it probably because of my own lips Hahahaha Hopefully it will work well next time because this one smells soooo nice. I love the scent! I can smell vanilla and lemon, it smells sweet and fresh. It doesn’t have a taste at all so don’t bother to lick it :p Another downside to it is it’s kinda hard in texture, which sometimes is a good thing because it won’t melt easily.

Positive sides

  • Very moisturizing
  • Long lasting, doesn’t wear off even when drinking water
  • Smells nice
  • Cute packaging, and also sturdy!
  • Doesn’t melt easily in hot weather

Negative sides

  • Irritate my lips

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯Β 2/5 because it irritates my lips quite bad

Will I repurchase this? No. But if this doesn’t irritate my lips then I will surely repurchase this! But for now, I am happy with my EMC as my lip moisturizer πŸ™‚

Have you tried Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm? Or any of Baviphat Lip Balm? What’s your favorite one? Let me know in the comments below πŸ˜€ Also, since Chinese New Year is just around the corner I have bought quite a lot of clothes. Do you want to see a Chinese New Year Haul? Not a huge one but I can say it’s bigger than my G-Market haul last year ^_^ Leave it in the comments! and I wish you all an early Happy Chinese New Year, in case I can’t post near the dateΒ β™₯~


4 thoughts on “[Review] Baviphat Lemon Soft Lip Balm

  1. so sorry this lip balm doesn’t work for you 😦
    and yes please do a haul post for CNY πŸ˜€ love to see what clothes you bought πŸ˜‰
    i hope your lips will get better very soon~!

    1. This might sound weird, but we don’t have honey in our home LOL I put the Egyptian Magic Cream though, and I think it’s fully healed now~ I know, right?? I have never seen any lip balm with cuter packaging than this >w<

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