[Haul] Chinese New Year Clothing Haul!

Hello! First off all HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US!! And to Korean people who might or might not read this post, 새해 복 많이 많이 많~이 받으세요! To Indonesian people, Selamat Hari Raya Imlek! I wanted to post something today, but I didn’t get the chance to take photos of what I ate on CNY eve 😦 My parents are rocking the “no phones while eating” rule 🙂

HOWEVER, I will do a clothing haul! Well, they are not stylish clothing, just casual ones because I want to be able to wear them to campus and still feel comfortable. If you expect stylish clothing then you are in the wrong blog and you can close this tab 😀

I bought my clothings from a real store, no online store this year. But I probably will do some online shopping someday in this year 😀 Okay, let’s just start the haul!

Giordano teeThe first two tees are from Giordano. I got that for the “Buy 3 for IDR 297,000” promotion, so I grabbed 2 and my mom grabbed 1 😀 The quality is…. well, just so-so. Not a really really good one, but it’s comfortable. I found it’s not an easy thing to buy a white tee that is thick enough so the underwear won’t be see through but thin enough so it’s not freaking hot and uncomfy. This one is a liiiittle too thin, but it’s still wearable! The black one is actually a second choice. I wanted a different image, but my size is no longer available. Therefore, I picked this vintage classy bunny!

Chinese New Year clothingThe pink one on the left is from Cool Teen and it’s their Mr. Men and Little Miss Cartoon. I picked the Miss Bad because of the writing! “When I’m good…. I’m still Bad” Somehow I feel that this sentence fit me a lot. You may see me as an ordinary people, but if you know what’s in my mind, you will not come any closer *insert evil laugh here*

The denim vest on the right is actually not a CNY haul. I bought it quite a long time before, but I have never used it. I’m planning to use it after this year CNY 😀 It’s from Cache Cache, and it’s a studded vest! It’s a light blue-grey colour and I think it looks good with tees, tank tops, or maybe a cute dress for a casual look!

CNY clothing haulThe next one is a chiffon blouse. It’s purple and peach, and it’s so light. I love that it’s not see through and it has another layer inside. The back has a zipper that goes to the middle of my back. It looks studded, but the metals are actually glued to the cloth.

CNY Clothing haulThis is a cute top that I found in a department store. My cousin also bought the same one because we both love this and it’s been quite a long time since the last time we had a similar clothing piece. It may not look so clear in the photo, but the front is actually has 2 layers. The outer layer is lace like the smaller picture there, and the inner layer is just plain black. It looks neat and it gives me a different look (I look sloppy and boyish in real life, and this gives me a more feminine and chic look).

Flanel Plaid Shirt CNY CLothing haulFINALLY! I’ve been searching for a flanel shirt for quite a long time. I even almost bought one from BSX (korean brand, equal to Giordano) but the shipping keeps me debating. When I went to Uniqlo the other day, I found this flanel shirt when I’m queuing up to check out. This just cost me IDR 149,000 and I think it’s such a deal so I tried it on spot and just put it in my basket LOL I love how this, even it’s just black and blue plaid, doesn’t look like “abang-abang”shirt! You know, abang-abang wears a lot of plaid shirt (mostly yellow and black plaid, or red and black) but this doesn’t make me look like one of them HAHAHAHA Since I rock casual and a little boyish look, this will be a great addition to my wardrobe ^_^ Oh and this is oversized. I bought in size Medium because I’m planning to use it as an outer.

CNY Clothing haulThe last item is a black denim pants. I’ve been looking for this EVERYWHERE!! Most places have no black denim pants, just different shades of blue, or if there is a pair of black pants, they’re not denim. I finally found this in Uniqlo (again). The price tag is IDR 499,000 but they had a promotion and I only have to pay for IDR 299,000!! Isn’t that a deal or what??? Oh, and I think they have a crazy unusual size chart. I normally wear size 28 for pants, but I have to buy size 26 and it’s still feel a tiiiiiny bit loose!! Well, that makes me happy, though. If people asks, I will say I wear size 26 from now :p

Well, that’s all people! My favorite piece from this haul is the plaid flanel shirt and the black pants. I really love Uniqlo because I think they have a good price and the quality is great. Of course, maybe because it’s originally from Japan, but I think I will shop more of my clothings there starting from next month 😀 Okay, I have to go now. I have to test my makeup for tomorrow because it’s CHINESE NEW YEAR and all my relatives will come. I want to look pretty and don’t want to mess my makeup 😀 Like always, thank you so so soooo much for reading my blog. I really appreciate you and I am planning to do a giveaway in a few months ^_^ Once again, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!


One thought on “[Haul] Chinese New Year Clothing Haul!

  1. happy chinese new year dear~! 😀
    nice haul 😉 i’m also in my journey searching for a flanel shirt >.:( my wardrobe is really horrible ugh -__-

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