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[Sponsored] Love Package from KoreaBeauty!

Hello again my lovely readers ♥~ Guess what? I finally got a sponsor! Well, I am the one who emailed them and asked if they want to be my sponsor. I explain what I will do and what they probably will have to do. I am going to introduce you to my lovely sponsor, Koreabeauty!

Koreabeauty is based in Korea, and they guarantee FRESH, first hand products right from the factory! The delivery is very excellent. They use JNE to ship from Tangerang to all over Indonesia, so we will get our tracking number. Some sellers offer a cheaper but slower shipping (from Korea to Indonesia) but that means your products will spend at least a month only for the shipping and we don’t get fresh product. While the sellers with faster shipping from Korea, of course charge us for more! Well, not with Koreabeauty! I found their product price are not too expensive for a fast shipping like this.

The owner, is located in Korea, so he (yes, not a woman) guarantee authentic products. I mean, why take products from China (most fake products come from there) with extra shipping fee while you can buy directly from the factory in your own country? The owner is very nice! In fact, I didn’t expect my love package will arrive today, and with that many items >_< I promise I will review them properly in my blog as a gratitude.

So, what did they send me?

Love package from Koreabeauty

They used this plastic bag. Don’t worry, it’s quite thick, not like other plastic. This kind of packaging is popular in Korea. It has glue so they can just slap it close. To be honest, this is a little hard to open, but that’s the positive thing! No missing items in your package and you will know if someone ever open this plastic bag.

After a little hard time opening the plastic bag, these are the items that welcomed me!

Love package from Koreabeauty

THAT’S A LOT OF STUFFS!! Let’s go see them one by one~

Love package from Koreabeauty

A box of Tony Moly’s best seller items! The box is very creative. Because it’s the year of the horse, they put cute horses on the box. I wish it was unicorns LOL There is a circular calendar on the box, and I don’t have a 2014 calendar so this will be a great use 🙂 The box is just a thick paper box so it’s not that sturdy. It got dents here and there because of the shipping but I don’t find that’s a problem as long as my items are safe 😀

Love package from Koreabeauty

What’s inside? NOT ONLY Tony Moly best seller items, but they also put in some more extras! The Tony Moly best seller items are the Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream (the only one lying while the others are standing LOL), the Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream, and the Floria Nutra-Energy Toner (the one in yellowy bottle).
The extras that they gave me are Holika Holika Face 2 Color Change CC Cream, Holika Holika Gonyak Soft Jelly Cleansing Foam (I really want to try this one out!!) and Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint. They put all of this inside the Tony Moly box.
I tried the BB Cream and CC Cream on my hand, and they fit my skintone. But my hands are actually whiter than my face, so I will test it tomorrow (maybe) and I hope it will fit there too. The tint is a reddish pink and it smells so fruity!

Love package from Koreabeauty

They also sent me a trial kit of the new Etude House Like 20 line! Inside the kit there are 4 items, a Booster Essence, an Eye Concentrate, a Finishing Cream, and an All Day Cream Pact. Honesty, I am in need of another moisturizer (my Mizon Snail Cream does it’s job well, but I need more hydration) and I am excited to try this line. This line has anti-aging properties and I think we should start using anti-aging products early to prevent the fine lines and everything else! I hope this line works well with my skin~

Love package from Koreabeauty

I also got a product from a brand that I haven’t heard before. It’s called Boscians. They sent me the Cycle Repair Whitening Spot. This tube here contains 15 ml and I think that’s a lot! Because it’s a spot treatment, that means I shouldn’t apply this all over my face, only to my dark spots from my post acne war 😀 YAY FOR WHITENING!

Love package from Koreabeauty

The last set I got from them is from Tony Moly. It’s called Berriane. It has a really sweet berry scent, so people who don’t like a strong smelling skincare might want to stay away from this. I actually tried this kit today, and I will keep using it for a whole week or two until I know what my skin feels about this. This kit contains a bottle of Skin and a bottle of Lotion. Of course I use both, before my Mizon Snail Cream.

What they sent me is actually a lot more than i expected. I only expect the Tony Moly best seller box up there, but they added so many things! I am planning to buy some products from them, too.

Oh, you should totally check them out. They have a Qoo10 account, just click here >>REOMING<< and you will find it 🙂 BUT, you will get a 10% OFF for every purchase on Facebook! You just have to message them on their Facebook page, Koreabeauty. I think they are one of my favorite place to buy Korean cosmetics now. They have almost all Korean brands. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask them 😀 I don’t know about international shipping, but they do ship to Japan. It won’t hurt to ask if they ship to your country ^_^

Everything in this post are sent by Koreabeauty for review purpose. I do not spend any money on them. Please like Koreabeauty’s Facebook page and my Facebook page, Blame The Store because I will be posting the updates there ^_^ It will also be easier for you if you want to join my future giveaway hehehe~

So, this is the end of this post. I am very thankful to Koreabeauty for giving me this chance. I will make sure to review each of the products properly as my token of gratitude to you. Everyone, don’t forget to check out Koreabeauty! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on Valentine’s Day ♥!


6 thoughts on “[Sponsored] Love Package from KoreaBeauty!

  1. how lucky you got the etude house like 20 trial kit woooah so jelly~ remember when I said i want to try this product so much because last month I recently turned to 20 and I need some early anti-aging skincare haha 😀 can’t wait for the full review of these babies
    adios~! 😉

    1. Of course I remember Jess! Try applying as Koreabeauty’s supporter deh, who knows you will get this kit too 😀 Mereka lg open recruitment (?) hehe
      Yesssss I want to review them all, but I have to try it one by one T_T Hopefully none will break me out 🙂
      Jess you need to get back to blogging because I miss your posts very much T_T

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