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[Blog Swap] Valentine’s Day Swap with Mitchellina from Chel’s Latte~

Happy Valentine’s Day everyoneeeee~! What is your plan for this lovely day? Me? Well, I have no plans because I still have class today, and it’s until 5pm 😦 Not that I have anyone special (err… you know what I mean, right?) to spend this full-of-love-day with, though. And because of that, I publish this post instead! Another blog swap with a cute blogger, and I have to say this from the beginning : She spoiled me with this swap. I feel bad for it and I will, somehow, make it up to her!

We have been planning this…. well, it’s not planned. It’s more of a sudden decision from both of us LOL At first we wanted to do it before Valentine’s day, but because it’s too close, then we decided to choose an event, which is Valentine’s day! Like all the blog swaps, we talked through twitter and Line and find out what each other want/need. She, somehow, looks like she can read my mind. I don’t know how she did it, but she made me ran out of words of what I got.

It all went well until the shipping. We decided to send the package at the same time, on February 7th. But I couldn’t post it on that day so I posted it on Feb 10th. We both use a popular shipping service. However, despite she sent her package first, my package reached her first. Do you know why? Because the shipping agent type my address wrong!

Mitchellina (Icel) wrote it exactly like what I told her, but the agent make everything became worrying. She apologized, although it’s definitely not her fault, but the blame is on me too. I never pick up phone calls from unknown number, and on Monday, February 10th, there is a number which was unknown called me twice. That number also called me once on February 11th too. I told Icel about this later that night, and she told me it might be from the shipping service. Yes, I was that dumb HAHAHA
Thankfully, another unknown number called me again February 12th and I pick it up right away. That is how I finally got Icel’s package on February 13th!

Okay, enough with the opening speech and showing you how dumb I can be. Let’s see what she got me!

Blog Swap with Chel's Latte

I am surprised to see the size of the box that she sent all the items with! I mean, I only sent my package with BTI spare box, but I got hers in the size of a sneaker-size shoe box! She wrapped it very securely, while I only wrap it like a normal gift wrap. Me: Fail 😦

Blog Swap with Chel's Latte

Inside those paper and tape wrap, is this uberly cute shoe box! She wrapped this shoe box herself! I’ve tried to wrap a shoebox with a gift wrap but I never succeeded HAHA I almost squealed when I saw pandas all over the box! She also tie a red ribbon over the box.

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

This is what I see when I open up the box! It is so full, compared to what I sent her, that’s nothing 😦 I will send her some extra stuffs later so I won’t hurt her heart 😀

Let’s dig in one by one!

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

Her handwritten letter, and her handwriting makes me feel failed as an architecture student LOL And she said her handwriting is messy. She definitely have to see mine LOL Well, she has seen mine (in my package) and I’m sure she thinks my handwriting is super weird and messy hahahaha…..ha…ha..

She sprayed Etude House Etoinette EDT all over the envelope, and the whole box actually smells good! It’s not my type of scent, I prefer sweet, food-y, a little musky, and a little strong smell, but this one smells good too ^_^

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

Oh, she used post-it papers to write her message on each item, which I didn’t do! Because I was in a rush, and I forgot T_T I feel really bad already. She gave me a mask sheet from Etude House. It contains 5 berries : Blueberry, Acai Berry, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry. It’s full of anti-oxidants and vitamin for a lovely face complexion.

Honestly, I am in short of mask sheet. I only have 1 left and that’s from my previous blog swap HAHAHA I am too lazy and I have no time to go and buy mask sheets 😦 So, thank you so much for this!

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

The next  item is wrapped like a candy! I never thought of wrapping the items cutely with a bubble wrap .__. This is a liquid lip color from Make Over in the colour Kissable Peach. The colour is so pretty! It’s my-lips-but-better colour! It looks natural on me and it’s so moisturizing. I don’t know about the lasting power yet because I only tried it for a while, because it looks so pretty and chic!

The packaging looks so chic and professional. I think this will be my go-to lip colour for natural look, besides the lip tint~

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

Looks like she knows that I love painting my nails (although I can’t make cute nail art like her) but I only paint my nails plain. Because that’s more hassle free, and I can’t make the same designs on my other hand anyway LOL She sent me 3 bottles of bright nail polish, which I don’t have yet but I’m looking for it! And also a nail art decoration kit with glitters and foils~ Weeeee now I can experiment with more nail design for special occasions~

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

She also sent me a Hadalabo Shiryojun Ultimate Whitening Milk. I did told her that my face is, somehow, darker than my body. Maybe she’s concerned about that? Hahaha. I have tried some Hadalabo before, but they make me break out so bad that I have to stop using them. I hope this one works on me as how it works on her ^_^

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

Aside from all that, she also sent me not a pair, but two pairs of false lashes! I saw her eyelash review post and I did told her I wanted to try some lashes later. These lashes looks good on her! And I still don’t know how to put on false lashes! LOL These lashes looks natural, although one pair looks kinda bolder than the other one. I will have to learn now that I got some from her~ Thank youuuuu 

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

She asked me what colour I like earlier. I told her I actually love all colours (the pretty ones!) but I like my things blue~ I have blue book shelf, blue water bottle, blue shirt, blue pants, blue phone case…. hahaha And she gave me blue silicon watch! The blue is a baby blue, so cuteeeee *O* I still have to find out how to adjust the time on this, though. But I will make sure to wear this to campus! hehehe

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

She’s crazy, right? This post is like…. ENDLESS! She got me a Sleek palette because I told her I wanted to try Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette but I didn’t get mine. She got me Ultra Matte V1 Brights palette. The colours are so vibrant *O* Oh, I also told her I wanted to buy the V2 of this palette on Luxola the other day, but I decided not to because I want to save up hehehe And I am so surprised she got me one of Sleek palette! I will find out how to use these bright colours, maybe combine them with softer colours will tone them down ^_^

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

My obsession towards Bigbang is…. just over the limit. I need to get back to real life as soon as possible hahaha But she gave me this super cute Bigbang tee! The characters are so cuteeeeeee. I have no complain on this. I will definitely wear this tee! Hahahaha. But, the person who drew this doesn’t know Daesung that well. His eyes are like… 100 times bigger than the real one LOL (I just love to bash them, that’s how much I adore them).

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

She doesn’t stop there, ladies! She put in some samples in the box and a bar of chocolate too! I have tried the Brightening Gel before and I still don’t know how I feel about it. It’s just, everytime I peel off my dead skin, the next day I got a new acne. I don’t know why 😦 I am curious with the rest of them, can’t wait to try them all out! And thank you for the chocolate bar! I ate it right away because I just can’t control myself around chocolates XD

Valentine's Day Swap with Chel's Latte

Above  is the picture of all the things she gave me! You all agree that she spoiled me, right? And I hope my additional gifts (later) will spoil her a bit hehehe I am sure all of this costs… more than 400,000! She really went over the limit. And….. ah I’m speechless. You can judge me by reading her post here : Valentine’s Day Blog Swap with Sherly from Blame The Store

So, thank you for reading this post! If somehow I look unhappy in this post, it’s because I’m too tired 😦 I have a lot of assignments and I got a freaky lecturer T_T I am seriously very happy with what she sent me! Make sure to subscribe to her blog here : Chel’s Latte. She has a cute blog and I like reading her posts ^_^

Also, I will be away from my blog for 1-2 weeks because everything is so messy right now. I have to get myself straight, and in the meantime maybe I will post my usual random blabber every once in a while 🙂 Once again, thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon ~


4 thoughts on “[Blog Swap] Valentine’s Day Swap with Mitchellina from Chel’s Latte~

  1. Glad that you like it sher 🙂 Sorry that the package reach you late yaa once again..
    And yes, I just realized that Dae’s eyes shouldn’t be that big LOL just how come XD Btw I also bought the same sleek palette and I also think to combine it with warm colour so it’s more useable~
    Thanks for doing this blog swap with me! Let’s keep in touch ❤

    1. ASTAGA aku blm reply comment kamuuuuuu??? T_T
      Ga lah cel, bukan salah km. Sebagian salah di mas2 yg ngetik, sebagian lg di aku gara2 ga angkat telp lOL
      Wah km juga ada Sleek palette yg sama? Bikin EOTD post ceeeeeel~ ❤
      Kamera hp aku ga bgs buat ambil foto2 zoom gt ga bs bikin post kya EOTD T_T
      Thank you too! I will disturb you via line everyday lol :p ❤

  2. such a lovely swap 🙂 wow the things in that package are just endless when you mention them LOL 😀
    wow, I’m really curious about sleek palette and OMG those colors are so vibrant *Q* I can wear very dark colors but never tried any vibrant color hahaha
    I’ll make sure to check her blog and happy valentine sher~! sorry it’s kind of late ^^”
    I also got chocolates from my female friends, yeah don’t have someone special for this year too LOL 😀
    wish you a lovely weekend 🙂 take care~!

    1. Happy super duper late Valentine’s Day, Jesssss~

      IKR?? She sent out a lot of things T_T I feel bad about this already 😦
      I have never tried bright colors either~ I don’t know how it will look like, but I don’t want to swatch it yet hahaha
      Wah at least you get chocolate! I didn’t give out chocolates nor get any XD
      Sometimes Valentine’s Day with myself is just better than anything else :p

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