[Review] Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit – Skin and Lotion

Hello again my lovely readers! I’m back with a skincare review this time~ It’s been a long time since my last skincare review, right? I personally don’t have the balls to try out new skincare products because most of them just break me out. I just keep using the same ones. However, since I am a skincare freak, I can’t help to look at new skincare (oh the irony…) and wanting to try them. I managed to keep myself away from new skincare, but oh boy, Koreabeauty spoiled me! They sent me some popular skincare by Tony Moly and I was really excited to try it!

Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit - Skin and LotionThe first skincare that I am going to review is Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare kit. It comes in a slim and tall box, which consist of 2 bottles. One is the Skin, and the other is the Lotion. Each contains 20ml, which is quite a lot. I have been using them for 2 weeks and both bottles still looks full!


Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit - Skin and LotionThe box is made of thick carton paper and laminated in doff packaging. I personally loooove doff finish in everything. Oh are you wondering what I mean with doff? It means matte, not shiny/glossy. My dad works as a printing salesman, so I know quite a lot about paper and stuffs hehehe. The box is covered with what looks like peachy pink watercolor artwork. It’s quite abstract to me, but somehow it looks cute!


Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit - Skin and LotionThe cap of both bottles are twist off type. I don’t really like this kind of packaging for skincare because it’s harder to control the amount of the product. It’s not a problem to pour out the Skin, but for the Lotion it’s a pain for my palm. Since the bottle is made of a very sturdy and quite thick plastic, I can’t squeeze it out. But I haven’t experience spill out until now, so I can’t really hate this bottle. The bottle itself is made of transparent, pearly pink plastic. Kinda helpful to see how much product is left 🙂


Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit - Skin and LotionThe Skin consist of 2 layers of liquid which separates. That means you will have to shake it gently and well before you use it. It’s kinda fun to do, but if you’re in a hurry then it’s not fun anymore LOL I still find it fun because I get to shake things and see them combined, use it, and sometimes I watch them separate again for a while XD I only use this at night because it’s a little hard to absorb, maybe because of my oily skin.


Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit - Skin and Lotion

Above is the consistency of the Skin. It is runny, almost like water, but just a tiny bit thicker. It runs down my hand so fast that I can’t take pictures of it LOL That’s why I decided to pour it on my palm instead. It doesn’t leave any white cast behind because it’s almost transparent. I applied the Skin on my hand, and it took around 10-15 seconds to be fully absorbed. It leaves a glowing/dewy finish behind, which makes my hand looks healthier and softer. I love what it did on my hand, but I am in the middle when I put it on my face. It’s a little hard to be absorbed like I said earlier. And that means I will waste more time in applying skin care.


Tony Moly Berriane Skincare Kit - Skin and LotionThe Lotion is in a thicker consistency, like the Mizon All in One Repair Cream. The Lotion is much easier to be absorbed if being used without the Skin. However, since I said the Skin is hard to be absorb on my face, the Lotion then becomes harder to be absorbed. I lost track of time trying to find out how long it will take to be fully absorbed. However, if being used alone, this Lotion gets absorbed very fast ^_^

About the smell, I have to say both product has a very strong sweet, fruity scent. For me, it’s not the kind of scent I want in my skincare products. I prefer mine to have no scent at all, or just soft refreshing scent. Don’t get me wrong, I love sweet scent as my perfume. But not for my skincare. I don’t think my face need fragrance 🙂

Positive sides

  • Generous amount for a sample! This way, you can really see if it works for you or not
  • Makes your skin glow with the Skin alone
  • Very moisturizing, great for dry skin!
  • Cute and sweet looking packaging

Negative sides

  • Sadly breaks me out a bit, so I won’t be using this anymore 😦
  • The strong sweet scent

Rating : ♥♥♥ 3/5

Will I repurchase this? No, because this breaks me out and I can’t stand the super sweet scent. However, I do recommend this if you have dry-normal skin or for the cold seasons.


Have you tried the Berrianne line from Tony Moly? Do you like it? Share it in the comments below ^_^

I will need suggestions for the next review post. Do you want to see a lip product review or another skincare review or maybe a circle lens review? I wanted to do a FOTD post but my phone camera can’t do a good job in taking the photos that I want. I think I will have to get a real camera for that 😦 Anyway, thank you for reading and I will see you soon! ^_^


6 thoughts on “[Review] Tony Moly Berrianne Skincare Kit – Skin and Lotion

  1. I’m quite skeptical when it comes to tony moly skincare poducts because mostly their makeup products are a loooot better than their skincare :/
    I’ve tried the tony moly skincare line for acne (I’m forgot the name…ooops) but yet it’s toooo freaking oily for me teenager skin 😦
    anyway, thanks for the review hun 😀 let us do our best to achieve perfect flawless skin :*

    1. I think I have to agree with you for now, Jess. Currently trying out their Nutra-Floria toner, though. I hope it can replace my History Of Whoo essence because it’s getting more and more expensive T_T
      Yeah, I’m not too far from flawless skin now because I rarely get pimples! hehehe ^_^ Don’t you have flawless skin already?? I envy your skin T_T

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