[Review] Geo Magic Color BC-102 Circle Lens

Hi again my lovely readers! I’m in the mood of blogging a lot this month, probably because I want to avoid doing my assignments LOL But hey, it’s still something! This time I want to try to review something that I haven’t try before, CIRCLE LENS! Yep, you read it right!

I have bad vision so I have to wear glasses constantly. I’ve been using glasses since 3rd grade in primary school. I’ve never tried any soft lenses until my last year in high school. At that time, I decided to debut my soft lenses journey with Geo, a cosmetic soft lens company from Korea. Too bad I didn’t blog at that time so I can’t share how hideous I look. Seriously, the lens is too big for my eyes (I chose the 14.8 mm, the effect is 16 mm LOL) and I didn’t know how to do eye makeup so that made me look even more hideous and scary. I decided not to use any enlarging lens anymore.

But last year, I got a voucher for free pair of lens from a beauty box. I did redeem it, and I must say I am so-so about the lens. I think it’s because my friends said my eyes look scary? Plus it’s only for  1 month of usage, so I didn’t experience much.

Now, a few weeks ago I bought another pair of circle lens, this time the smallest one, 14 mm. I decided to start with the smallest ones and maybe I will try to make my way up the ladder. I chose the lens from my trusted Geo brand, the Magic Color BC-102! All online sellers were out of stock for my degree. Can you believe that??? Me neither, but they did! So I need to wait for a while for the seller to restock it.

Geo Magic Ring BC-102Finally I got it on February 27th! The endangered Geo Magic Color BC-102 in minus 2.75 for both eyes!

It came in a glass vial bottle packaging. I personally prefer this than the blisters. I admit the blisters are easier to open, but this vial bottle packaging makes it look more…… expensive and legit? Hahahaha. Move on.

Geo Magic Ring BC-102Okay, first we need to open the vials! Most people curse this bottle but I enjoy opening it. I made a pictorial…. kinda… on how to open the bottle.

  • Find the arrow sign on the bottle. Push the plastic cap upwards from the arrow sign
  • Lift the plastic cup all the way up. Be careful NOT to rip it completely. You will notice one side will get ripped off, but the other should not
  • Just tear to the side where it’s not ripped and get rid of the metal seal
  • You will be welcomed by a rubber cap. I don’t need to explain how to remove it, right? ^_^

Geo Magic Color BC-102This is how the pattern of the lens look like. It’s just a one tone lens. The ring on other circle lenses are mostly black, but this one is a solid brown. I like how the pattern looks like it’s pixellated. It blends beautifully with my dark brown eyes!

Geo Magic Color BC-102This is how it looks like with indoor lighting. It still looks natural on me, I personally think it doesn’t look like I’m wearing circle lens. It just looks like I have big iris hahaha. I need to warn you there will be a lot of selca in this post, and there will be some close-up eye shot. It might terrifies you, so just…. be prepared hehehe

Geo Magic Color BC-102Even under the sun light, it still blends well with my own eyes. Sorry for the weird smile, I noticed the construction workers are looking at my direction LOL I’ve been wearing this lens for maybe 8-10 times on the days when I can get home earlier, and my friends only noticed that I’m wearing lens (well, duh! Because I’m not wearing glasses anymore). But I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice that it’s a circle lens. My friend didn’t tell me I look scary or anything ^_^

Geo Magic Color BC-102A close-up photo on my eyes with lens on. In both lighting my eyes still looks natural, but still enlarged.

Well, enough of the bare face look! Let’s add a little bit of makeup and see how the lens look like!

Geo Magic Color BC-102

Geo Magic Color BC-102

Geo Magic Color BC-102

Geo Magic Color BC-102

Geo Magic Color BC-102First, sorry for the childish and weird pose. Please accept that I’m still a kid inside.

Geo Magic Color BC-102

Pattern : ♠ ♠ ♠
The pattern is simple but looks very natural. It blends smoothly with my dark brown eyes. You can’t see the pattern once it’s on your eyes.

Color : ♦ ♦ ♦
It’s a one tone lens, only brown ring for the enlargement effect. It is the exact same color as my own eyes. If you want a noticeable color, this one is not for you.

Enlargement : ♣ ♣
Although it’s said to be 14 mm on the picture ads, it’s actually 14.2 mm on the vial bottle. I suppose 14.2 is the size when it’s on your eyes. Not so noticeable enlargement, but it makes your eyes look more defined. I think this is perfect for daily wear.

Comfort : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I can’t say anything bad about comfort. I can wear this straight up to 8 hours without feeling dry. I only get a bit of redness if I push it to 10 hours. Still, I don’t recommend wearing this on long days.

Overall : 4 out of 5

I’m actually in love with this pair. I think this will be my favorite pair for now out of the 3 pairs I have tried. I recommend this for people who are starting out to wear circle lens. Oh, I bought it from Dreamie Chuppa on Facebook. She has a gazillion other brand and pattern. Make sure to check her out and buy some lens from her! She recommends me to try bigger diameter, but I don’t think I’m ready since I never use makeup to campus. Well, maybe I can use it for a day out or some occasions~ Still gonna try!

Please tell me what you think about this lens review. I feel that this is not a well written review, but I don’t know where to fix. I hope I can write a better lens review next time. I will see you in the next review! Thank you for reading ^_^ 


6 thoughts on “[Review] Geo Magic Color BC-102 Circle Lens

  1. sher cakeeeep~ *u*
    si acel jg dulu punya yg ini kayanya, natural bgt emang :DD
    btw how about putting a with and without so we can tell the difference? 😀
    Nice review~

    1. Makasi iceeeeeel *flips hair* wkwkwk
      Iyaaaaa demen bgt. Hari ini br sadar kl di makeup jadi bgs wkwkwkw *kemana aja emg???*
      Eh ada loh cel with/without nya.
      Sebelah pake, sebelah engga. Di foto terakhir tuh hehehe
      Ga keliatan beda pasti wkwkwk :p

      Thank youuuuu ❤

      1. astagaaa iya ga keliatan abis kiri kanan sama sher XD hahaha
        maapkeun yaak :p
        ak jg jd pengen iniiii gara2 km wkwk

  2. soooo pretty sher~! It looks so natural on you, love it! 😀
    Envy your double eyelids cuz mine is hooded eyelids lol and i noticed how your skin is improved a lot! mind to share your skincare regime with me? ^.^
    I love geo lens, they carry many lens with beautiful pattern although i prefer eos becuase it’s more comfortable to wear on my eyes 🙂
    nice review (y)

    1. Thank you, Jessss ❤
      I'm surprised that it looks natural on me too!
      Mine is also hooded lah Jes, but sometimes it kinda opens up a little bit more LOL
      Really? I do feel my skin improving but I don't know anyone can notice it hahaha
      I still use the same regime like my previous skincare regime post! Just keep repurchasing them with the hope they will improve my skin.
      But currently I changed my essence with Tony Moly's Nutra Floria Energi Toner. Don't know if it's good or not because it hasn't even been a week hahaha But it doesn't break me out!
      EOS is good? Maybe I should try EOS? hahaha Still debating whether I should stay in small diameter or go bigger :p

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