[Review] Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable Peach

Good day everyone! ^_^ I mean, are you all having a good day? Because I do! I don’t have any class today, as well as on Monday so this will be a long weekend for me πŸ™‚ I’m quite concerned that my last post is on March 13th…. I should be able to update this blog more often 😦 Sorry T_T

Anyway, this is gonna be my one of my last posts for this month. I will post another review probably tomorrow, or the day after, or maybe just on 31st! Hehehe I promise you this time, I guarantee it! So what’s this post about? ….. Umm, I’ve spoilt it on the title, right? LOL Yes, this is a review for my second product from Make Over! I got this from Icel (Chel’s Latte) through our blog swap! Let’s start the review!


Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable Peach
Actually, it comes inside a black, glossy paper box but I forgot where I put it T_T The box is just an ordinary box, nothing special about it. Mine is just a little hard to open because the flap is too big, that’s all ^_^ Icel bought me the one in Kissable Peach!

The product itself came in a transparent, square plastic tube. The plastic is quite thick, around 0.5 mm, maybe? It feels sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap at all! The cap is also square, but to make it contrasts with the tube, the cap is a glossy black plastic. The cap is quite thick too, and it kinda “clicks” quietly when you close it, so you’ll know that you already close it well! Thank you Make Over for doing this!


Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable PeachThe cap is a twist off type, and the applicator is the usual doe-foot applicator. It takes out the right amount of product, so no need to worry of applying too much ^_^ Of course like other liquid gloss/tint/lip colour, this one also has the stopper. However, despite all of it’s greatness (?) mine is a little weird. It keeps popping out like when you put a straw in a glass of soda (get it? get it, right?). But after I twist it a little then it closes just fine.


Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable PeachAbove is an almost close up photo of the color in the tube. Can you see the pretty tiny shimmers? I’ve had shimmery gloss before, and it scares the hell out of me! My lips look like the night sky, it sparkles but not it a pretty way LOL However, this one doesn’t have that much shimmer. In fact, the shimmer in this is so tiny that it makes your lips only look glossy, not sparkly. And I love this ^_^


Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable PeachMaybe you’re wondering why I have 2 swatch up there? Well, I don’t know either LOL But the one on the left is more sheer than the right, I think because I only put 1 coat? The color is seriously a pinky peach. It looks darker in the tube but it came out a little bit lighter. The consistency is quite thick, but easily spreadable. The color is quite vibrant, I must say. It is quite moisturizing, but it’s also sticky so I will not recommend you to use this if you have long hair on windy day because your hair will stick on your lips LOL


Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable PeachAbove is the swatch on my lips! As you can see (or not), the color is actually very similar to my lip color, only better! It doesn’t make the lines more noticeable, and I can wear this without lip balm. However you will need to re-apply this because this will only stay on your lips for maximum 4 hours without drinking and eating and licking your own lips because this smells so good! It smells like…. vanilla! At first I thought it was caramel or candy, but after a while I know it’s vanilla. If you love vanilla, then you will definitely love this smell!


Positive sides

  • A delicious vanilla scent
  • Nice packaging! I prefer square tubes than round tubes~
  • Doesn’t taste bitter or weird, just plain and a little oily
  • Nice color pay off
  • Moisturizing
  • Quite long lasting
  • Doesn’t sink into my lip lines
  • Have a lot of color choice, just visit the counter
  • Not expensive! I believe this is in the price range from 70,000-80,000? CMIIW ^_^

Negative sides

  • Sticky!

Rating :Β β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β€’ 4.9/5

Will I repurchase this? YES! I will try more colors because I love this oneΒ β™₯


So have you tried Make Over lip products? What do you think about this? Interested to try this one? ^_^ Leave your comments down below, I love reading your commentsΒ β™₯ Thank you for reading, and see you on the next post! πŸ˜€







6 thoughts on “[Review] Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Kissable Peach

  1. Ihhhh cakep dipake km sher πŸ˜€
    Glad you like it XD dan setuju sama klo ada angin rambutnya jd nempelndi bibir gara2 lengket lol to mayoritas lip gloss gt sih kayanya jd ak ga pernah pake lipgloss hehr
    Nice review πŸ™‚

    1. Cakep dong cel, siapa dulu yg beli~ wkwkwkwk
      Ini sticky nya suka agak keterlaluan sih :p mgkin ketebelan pakenya? lol
      aku cm pernah beli sekali, tp abis itu ga pernah beli lg gara2 ga demen sticky nya
      trus yg aku beli ada pait2nya padahal wangi nya manis T_T

      Thank you ceeeel ❀

  2. you have such a pretty lip! ❀ love the color, well since I'm a fan of coral lippies hahaha πŸ˜€
    thanks for the review hun~!

    1. Hahahaha no laaaah, my lips are so-so. In fact they are so dry T_T
      You should try this one then, Jess πŸ˜€ I wish someday someone will invent an non sticky lip gloss LOL
      My pleasure~ ❀

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