Makeup Challenge from XiaoVee – First Concert Makeup Look

Hello my beautiful readers~~!! It’s been a long time since my last update, right? I know, I know. I promised to publish a post last week, but my laziness took control of me 😦 And this time I will post a makeup challenge instead of a review! The review will come later next week ^_^ It’s a gel eyeliner review!

Anyway, move on! So XiaoVee held a makeup challenge competition, which you can read the further details in her post HERE. The theme is “First Day”. It can be interpreted in your own way, as long as it’s the “First” of something πŸ™‚ After a few days wondering of what look to make, I decided to create a First Concert Makeup look. You know, because I already attended a concert once LOL

Okay, now let’s take a peek of the look!

XiaoVee Makeup Challenge - First Concert Makeup Look



You can’t see the makeup clearly, right? Although it’s named as First Concert look, I still try to make a more natural one.

Why, you ask? Well because we have to wait outside the venue in line with the sun and the wind (and if your luck is bad, the rain) until we can go inside. But even after we got inside, we still have to wait a little bit more until we can get inside the exact concert hall! If you wear thick and dramatic makeup, imagine what will happen to your whole look after all that trouble. And you don’t want to catch your idol’s attention in the wrong way XD

This makeup look is minimum, yet it will look good even ifΒ it melts a bit. Don’t worry, I guarantee nothing will go wrong with this look πŸ˜€ Let’s see the details then!


Products that I used for this lookAbove is all the products that I used for this look. Forgot to throw in the BB cream and the powder, but I use Tony Moly Goddess Aura BB cream and Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder. I’ll describe the rest in steps so it will be easier to understand πŸ˜€

  1. Apply BB cream all over your face, make sure it has SPF to protect you from the bright sun!
  2. Dust oil control powder if you have oily skin, or any powder that you like. Make sure it has SPF too πŸ˜€
  3. Apply a little bit thicker powder under your eyes. Our eye makeup is shimmery-glittery. This will make it easier for you to dust off the sparkles~
  4. Okay, we’re finished with the base, now let’s go on with more colors!
  5. Fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil, choose the closest color to your hair color. I use dark grey.
  6. Apply a shimmery taupe color all over your lid. This will be our base eye color. I use the most right color in Wardah eyeshadow palette.
  7. Apply a heavily sparkled medium brown color on your inner lid, 2/3 way through. This will be our “party” color. I use the middle oneΒ in NYX Love in Rio palette.
  8. Now, let’s give our eyes more depth. Reach out for a dark brown, matte/shimmery color and apply it on your outer 1/3 lid. This will make our eyes pop out a little bit. I use Faint from Naked Basics palette (matte).
  9. Hmm…. Not enough. Blend a little bit of black color on your outer crease. Don’t put too much, or your makeup will look too dark. I use Crave from Naked Basics palette. Blend the eye colors really well so it will look smooth, a little glam, but natural ^_^
  10. Line the eyes and make the puppy eye effect. Our eyes will look rounder and softer with this trick. You can line your lower lash line if you want to.
  11. Curl your lashes and apply your ultimate mascara. Don’t forget to choose the waterproof one! Sweep off the excess powder and sparkles on your cheek with a fan brush. And we’re done with the eye make up, which means we’re 90% done!
  12. Apply a bit of pink blush on the apples of your cheek, bring it back to the cheekbones, upwards to the temple, and down to the jawline with whatever remaining on your brush. Don’t apply too much because your face will be red with the sun. We only want a bit of color ^_^
  13. For the lips, apply and bring along your trusted lip balm. You will need this later. Aaaaand we’re done!


Pheeeew that’s a lot of steps. But I think it all worth the work. Now, let’s see a close up eye look. We have… 7Β steps for the eyes only, so I know you all want to know if it’s worthy or not~

With natural sun light, from the side
With natural sun light, from the side
With natural sun light, from the front
With natural sun light, from the front
With harsh, bright lighting indoor
With harsh, bright lighting indoor


Well? Whaddya think? πŸ˜€

If you’re interested in joining the competition, you still have time until April 20th! It’s still 3 days away. The prize? MAP voucher worth IDR ONE MILLION for two people! Read the details in XiaoVee’s post HERE.


Now, enjoy some of my camwhore moments~! Me and my precious lightstick! LOL

XiaoVee Makeup Challenge - First Concert Makeup Look

XiaoVee Makeup Challenge - First Concert Makeup Look

XiaoVee Makeup Challenge - First Concert Makeup Look

XiaoVee Makeup Challenge - First Concert Makeup Look


This is the end of my post! I’m afraid you will puke if I post more of my photos LOL I personally love the last photo of myself, not that it’s important or anything hahaha Don’t forget to join the makeup challenge! Check XiaoVee’s original post HERE~ Oh, any inputs for this makeup look is greatly appreciated! I haven’t submit this look yet, probably tomorrow morning ^_^ Wish me luck and thank you for reading~ See you on the next postΒ β™₯!




4 thoughts on “Makeup Challenge from XiaoVee – First Concert Makeup Look

  1. waaaaaah pretty sher ❀ love the eye makeup πŸ˜€ you're getting better with your eyeshadow ^.^
    hope you will win the makeup challenge~! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you Jess ^_^
      Are you joining the competition too? πŸ˜€
      Wah really? I think it’s still so-so compared to the other senior bloggers, but it is improving from the first time I used it LOL
      Thank you thank you! ❀

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