[Review] Etude House Like 20 Skin Care Kit

Hello readers! Today I will share my opinion about Etude House Like 20 Skin Care Kit that I got from Koreabeauty for review purpose. This skin care range focuses on early anti-aging so we can always have the skin those people in their 20s. The whole products in this range contains Ceramides and Murumuru Oil. Let’s get into science for a bit, okay? πŸ˜€

First, what areΒ Ceramides? Ceramides are natural lipids and are a major component in surface skin structure. They serve as part of the “glue” that holds surface skin cells together (SOURCE). But with age and environmental exposure, our skin’s natural Ceramides can be compromised leading to loss of moisture, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, and allowing outside irritants to get into the skin (SOURCE)

Why are Ceramides important? Dry, irritated, and sensitive skin often lacks ceramides. As a result, skin’s protective barrier is compromised and become more susceptible to environmental factors, changes of season, and other irritants. (SOURCE)

Some functions of Ceramide for our skin:

  • It is well known that ceramides play an essential role in structuring and maintaining the water permeability barrier function of the skin. (SOURCE)
  • Ceramides are naturally found in skin’s vulnerable outer layer and help skin retain moisture. When skin’s ceramide levels are low, skin has difficulty retaining moisture. (SOURCE)


Now to the functions of Murumuru oil:

  • Murumuru’s lipids intensely hydrate and moisturize your skin by supporting the integrity of the cutaneous barrier. It helps your skin retain water by creating a protective film. And it supports repair of your skin’s lipid barrier. (SOURCE)
  • It nurtures your skin with vitamins and minerals. Its botanicals are rich in oleic acid, which avoid moisture retention. (SOURCE)

Okay, enough science! Now let’s see the product!


Etude House Like 20 Skin Care KitI got the Kit which contains 4 sample size of this range. I don’t really use anti-aging on my skin, but I guess it won’t hurt to prevent, right? ^_^


Etude House Like 20 Skin Care KitThe Kit contains :

  • Like 20 Booster Essence 10 ml
  • Like 20 Eye Concentrate 5 ml
  • Like 20 Finishing Cream 10 ml
  • Like 20 All-day Cream Pact 1 gram


I will review each of them one by one, starting with the Booster Essence! Here we go~

Like 20 Booster EssenceOne of the products that caught my interest the most is this Booster Essence. It comes in a plastic squeeze tube and twist off pale grey cap. It is supposed to prepare your skin and boost the effectiveness of the next skin care that you will apply. I’ve been liking this during the first week because it didn’t break me out. But on the second week, somehow the skin looks a bit dull. I think my skin didn’t get to adapt with this booster. Too bad, though T_T But I still have like half of it left, I will try it again someday πŸ™‚ It doesn’t break me out that bad, just a few bumps and no big acnes.


Like 20 Booster EssenceThis Booster Essence comes as a clear, kinda watery gel consistency. It spreads out really easy and fast absorbing even on my oily skin. It smells kinda funny because I’m not used to this kind of scent, but it’s not strong. To me, the scent reminds me of prescription antibiotics that I used to take. I don’t think it smells flowery or fruity at all, but it’s not something unpleasant either.

Rating : 2/5

Like 20 Eye ConcentrateThe next one is the Eye Concentrate. It comes in a plastic squeeze tube, also with twist off pale grey cap. All the products in this skin care line has white color as a base, which gives more mature feel to them. Well, I can’t say much about this Eye Concentrate because this is the first eye cream that I’ve ever use. It smells almost the same as the Booster Essence, but this one has a bit of flowery scent to it. The scent is stronger, but I don’t find it as a problem.

Like 20 Eye ConcentrateThe Eye Concentrate is milky white and has the consistency like a lotion. It’s thicker than essence but still easily spreadable. I LOOOOOVE this product! I have a quite deep line under my left eye which I don’t know if it’s a wrinkle or what, but it’s becoming less noticeable. It’s easier to cover the line with concealer/bb cream/cc cream too than before. I wish it can help my dark circle too, but sadly it doesn’t. I still have to find another eye cream to deal with this panda eyes. But this product does what it claims, so I’m pretty impressed ^_^

Rating : 5/5

Like 20 Finishing Cream

Like 20 Finishing Cream

The third one is the Finishing Cream. It comes also in a white plastic tub with a pale grey twist off cap. Okay, first of all I don’t know the difference between Finishing Cream and other creams. I will just guess Finishing Creams are supposed to be applied on the very last step of the skin care. Above the Finishing Cream will be make up.

Like 20 Finishing CreamTo be honest, I rarely apply this cream on my face because it’s so rich. The texture by itself is not that thick, but if I apply it on top of my skin care, it just won’t seep into my skin. My face will look somewhat greasy, and I hate it. But if you apply this on its own, it’s actually a regular cream, not too rich and not too watery. It absorbs quite fast and make your skin glow as in healthy skin. I only apply this in between face wash if it’s too close. For example, if I came home at 2 pm and I will take my evening shower at 6 pm, I will apply this on top of my Mizon snail cream.

Now, I don’t know if this breaks me out or not but I found a bump the next day if I apply this at night. If I apply this in between face wash, I don’t find any trouble. I think this cream is more for the dry skin people. It smells like the Booster Essence.

Rating : 3.5/5

Like 20 All Day Cream PactThe last one in this kit is the All-day Cream Pact. This cream pact comes with a sponge puff. The puff is amazingly soft, and the cream pact looks something like a balsamic balm. The texture is actually pretty soft and melts easily on contact with skin. I’m not sure what this thing do, but I think it kinda seals all the skin care that you slap on your face. It smells kinda weird, like an old lipstick (?) or maybe it’s just my nose LOL.

Like 20 All-day Cream PactI apply it to the circled area of my wrist. If you can see it (and probably you can’t T_T) it kinda gives a little mattifying finish on top of the Finishing Cream that I apply earlier. It feels a little powdery, so I guess it really does seal everything inside. This product also doesn’t break me out and I think because I treat it more as a make up item than a skin care because of the puff. I have never wear make up on top of this, so I don’t know how it affects the make up yet. But once I’ve tried it, I will make sure to update this post.

Rating : 4/5 (unknown effect on makeup)

Total rating on this kit : 3.5/5

Will I repurchase this? Probably just the Eye Concentrate. I’m not really a fan of everything else because I prefer Whoo essence and Mizon snail cream.

So, have you ever tried the Like 20 line? If yes, what’s your fav product? If not, which anti-aging product is your HG? I’d love to try products that work for people. Share in the comments down below~~~~

Aaaaand if you follow my Instagram, you’d already know that I will hold a giveaway next month! This thing is for sure, but only a local giveaway. But, you can join this giveaway if you have an address in Indonesia! The prize is still a secret, but I think you will like it since almost every beauty blogger out there already blog about this thing ^_^ This is the end of this post! Thank you for reading and see you again in a few daysΒ β™₯~

This product is sent to me by Koreabeauty for review purpose. However, every statement here is based on my honest opinion.






6 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Like 20 Skin Care Kit

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much sher for reviewing this trial kit!! ❀ tbh, I've purchased this kit but haven't tried it yet cos my skin is healing from all these hormonal acnes *sigh*
    I kinda have high expectation for the essence and the cream, too bad the cream is too rich for you 😑 I'm planning to use these babies only on night time since I find it too heavy to have your skincare under your makeup in the morning :/ (and because I usually rush everything in the morning, that includes my makeup routine LOL)
    once again, thanks for the review~! πŸ˜€ stay pretty and gorgeous πŸ˜‰

    1. You’re welcome! I should have reviewed this like months ago LOL
      Hormonal acnes are the worst IMO because they will just keep coming each month T_T I hate it so much.
      Oh does that means you don’t apply skincare under your makeup in the morning? Or just keep it minimum?
      Same goes for me, Jes. I rush my morning makeup every day hahahaha But you still get to do eye makeup while I only apply BB cream and blush after skincare XD
      Thank youuuu ❀ You stay pretty and gorgeous, too ^_^

  2. I’ve been waiting for somebody reviewing it, thank you :). I have an oily face and I hate a product which can make my face dull. But i still confuse about the purpose of all day cream pact.. -.-”
    Thank you.

    1. You’re most welcome ^_^
      I have an oily face too and I feel you. Maybe we should stick to gel consistency than cream because cream tends to feel oilier (is that even a word?)
      I’m still not sure about the cream pact, either. Hopefully I’m not on the wrong side of using it :p
      Thank you for stopping by! ❀

      1. the cream pact should be use as a moisturizer before or after makeup, up to your preference πŸ™‚ I read it somewhere that it should act as a light and handy moisturizer that you can bring it in your makeup pouch to touch up whenever you feel your skin is drying -> that mostly happens to dry skin type people πŸ˜‰
        hope this help!

      2. OHHHH! I’m not completely in the wrong side but now I understand what this is for hahahah Thanks Jess ❀
        Guess this will be useful if I want a boost of moisture once in a while ^_^

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