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[Etsy Finds] End with Accessories – Ring Edition

Hello awesome people! I didn’t plan to put up a post today, but I think I will have to start making this blog alive to keep it going. After looking for some ideas in my head and online, I decided to do a new thing on my blog! Yep, it’s Etsy Finds! I just signed up for Etsy account yesterday night, and I am surprised with how helpful Etsy is! The first Etsy Finds will be the Ring Edition. I will try to post up Etsy Finds once every two weeks. We will start with the accessories first!

Okay, for you who don’t know, Etsy is an e-commerce website where there are a lot of seller from the whole world selling their usually hand-made products for sale. Hand-made means it’s not mass produced, so you won’t see 1,000 people wearing or having the same thing as you! πŸ˜€ The items usually cost less than stores, so it’s great! Let’s see what I found on Etsy! If you’re interested in any of the items, just click the picture and it will bring you to the product page on Etsy ^_^


cr GabriellesCreations

GabriellesCreations – Eiffel Tower Globe Ring $23.00

How cute can a ring be? Ask GabbrielleCreations! I can’t believe there is something like this in this world. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve been living under a rock all this years LOL Whatever. Every girl will LOVE this ring! And because Gabbie is super nice, she’s sharing her happiness with us by giving a 35% discount coupon with DREAMSCOMETRUE until the end of May! That means this ring will only costs less than $15! Hurry before it’s sold!

cr GabriellesCollections

GabriellesCreations – Colorful Sprinkles Globe Ring $20.00

Another cute ring from GabriellesCollections! Can’t help with the kawaii-ness! Plus, you can’t get this with that price in stores even if they had it. With the 35% discount, this will only costs $13! Your kawaii friends out there will be super jealous πŸ˜›

cr to kittywooddesigns

Kittywooddesigns – Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Ring $5.00

“Kawaii!” is the first word that crosses my mind the moment I saw this ring. The swirls, the pastel colors, the perfect rainbow and cloud shape, nothing can beat the kawaii-ness out of this. This ring definitely scream “Japan” for me. It’s so cheap too!

cr to Kittywooddesigns

Kittywooddesigns – Creepy Cute Pastel Mint Bat Ring $5.50

What else need to be said? Cute cute cute~ I personally love the white one more than the lavender one. I mean, both are cute, but the white one stands out more IMO. The blue is also the perfect shade of blue! If you want a darker look, try asking for black bat with red ribbon ^_^

cr to Waterwaif

Waterwaif – Coral Dahlia Ring $10.00

This Dahlia Ring from Waterwaif actually looks super cute! I love how she doesn’t use just plain ring. The ring design actually gives a delicate look. It comes in orange coral color, but you can request for a color of your choice. I love the black and baby pink one the most because I think both colors go well with any outfit. And for $10? Who can say no?

cr to DianaJewelryDesign

DianaJewelryDesign – Galaxy Nebula Ring $9.50

The design is vintage, but I love the galaxy image on the ring. I actually love everything about outer space except the fact that I can’t live floating there LOL This ring will match your vintage look and will be great even if you only wear this without any other rings.

cr to DianaJewelryDesign

DianaJewelryDesign – Open Eye Ring $12.00

This might look scary to you, but this is amazing. I never thought it’s the iris of an eye, I thought it’s a galaxy or something else LOL But aside from what it is, the color is beautiful. Not something that you can wear everyday, but I will definitely turn my head if I see people wearing this.


MASHUGANA – Vintage Green Opal Swarovski Crystal Ring $22.50

This is quite pricey, but with the intricate design and that huge crystal I am completely in love with this. There are a lot of color choice, but I personally think this one is the best. It looks fresh and feminine, and both words doesn’t represent me at all LOL But I’m sure all my readers are fresh and feminine!

cr to daimblond

daimblond – Emerald Green Stacking Ring with Gold Flakes $34.99

Okay, at first I thought the price is for one set of the rings, but it is for a SINGLE ring. However, I can’t find anything that can replace this. The emerald green color is so beautiful, and with the gold flakes it looks so luxurious. I love the cut of the ring too. It’s not too thick or thin, and that makes this the perfect ring if you want to stack your rings ^_^

cr to daimblond

daimblond – Black Resin Ring with Gold Flakes $41.99

My ultimate favorite among all the rings! I currently love resin rings because they look so unique. I’m still saving up to buy a resin ring because the price is expensive T_T I love how they add gold flakes inside the resin, it makes the ring looks more glamorous… I think? Hahaha

Do you findΒ this Etsy Find post useful for you somehow? I really enjoy writing and browsing Etsy for this post because I get to see awesome things~ You can see that Etsy offers all kind of products, both the most affordable ones to the more expensive ones. For the next Etsy Find post, I will probably do a Necklace edition! I saw a lot of amazing necklaces on Etsy and I can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Any of your favorites from all the rings in this post? πŸ˜€


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