[Review] Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint – Red Apple

A-yo! LOL What am I doing -_ Hi awesome ladies, I’m here to bring you another lip product review! My first lip tint! I don’t use it that often though, because of my weird lips šŸ˜¦ But I will review it anyway!


Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint - Red AppleI got it in mini size, which is super-duper cute! The original size is a long tube, like the regular lip gloss, but the mini size is like a bloated bottle! It almost looks like the shape of an apple, but it resembles cherry more to me LOL The packaging is plastic, the bottle is transparent so you can see how much left you have inside.

Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint- Red AppleThe applicator is the usual doe-foot applicator. I found this applicator to be quite useful and effective, but I’m looking forward to a revolutionary applicator that can pick up the right amount and smudge it at the same time. I hate how my fingers also turned red after I blend this on my lips šŸ˜¦


Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint - Red AppleThe swatch on the inside of my wrist! It actually looks super pretty if you blend it real well. It can make that cutie pie gradation lips and can also be used as a blush. Honestly, I never succeeded using this as a blush. I dot it 3 times, but as I blend I can still see the 3 darker dots T_T I think I should work faster and just dot one in a time. If it’s too sheer for you or if you want a darker color, you can layer it up.


Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint - Red AppleCan you see how weird it is on my lips? Only the inner part of my lips will be stained, no matter how long I put the tint on the outer part T_T Well I can still blend another lipstick to smudge the line, so not a real problem there. It’s a bit drying, but I guess that’s how most of the water based tints work. If you have dry lips, applying lip balm before the tint will help a bit šŸ™‚


Although I hate how my lips absorb the tint, I love the natural look. It looks like my lips are just naturally pinkish-red. Some days I will look kinda pale after I apply my cushion or BB/CC cream, and a tiny dab of this on the lips will freshen up the whole look. It doesn’t stay too long on my lips though. One of the reasons is I drink often from my water bottle. It stays maybe for 2-3 times drinking straight from the bottle (2-4 hours)and it will fade. However, even if it faded already, my lips still have that pinkish color from the stain~ It has a kind of bitter taste when I licked it, but only a tiny bit. It doesn’t go to the stage it changes the taste of what I’m drinking.


Positive sides

  • Super cheap!
  • A little goes a long way
  • Cute packaging
  • Fruity scent, but it’s undetectable unless you smell it straight from the bottle or applicator
  • Red color fits all skin tone IMO
  • Effective for gradation lips!
  • 2-4 hours staying power

Negative sides

  • A bit drying, don’t forget to use lip balm before hand
  • Once it gets on your skin/finger, it will be hard to remove it without makeup remover. Water works, but you will need patience
  • A slightly bitter after taste

Rating :Ā ā™„ā™„ā™„ 3/5

Will I repurchase this? NO, I don’t really like this lip tint but I don’t hate it either. I’m thinking of switching to a more moisturizing tint hehehe~


Is it only me, or the only-absorbed-in-the-inner-lip-part also happen to everyone? Or maybe that’s how a lip tint works? Anyway, what moisturizing lip tint will you recommend to someone else? For now, I can’t really recommend any lip tint because I haven’t love none šŸ˜¦

Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY! I love how Tuesday and Thursday are holidays, that means I only have to go to campus on Wednesday~~~ Hahahahaha.Ā Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on Wednesday with another review!






7 thoughts on “[Review] Tony Moly Mini Tony Tint – Red Apple

  1. I also had the same experience with you!! no matter how well I blend the tint, somehow it just over stain the inner part of my lip šŸ˜”
    maybe I should try the cream based lip tint like the etude house one :O

    1. AH! Now that you mention it, Etude’s Fresh Cherry tint works on my lips just fine. But, well it doesn’t dry up nor being absorbed. But I think we should try the creamy tint :3 *more reasons to buy new stuffs*

  2. aku jugaa pake liptint ini cuma bisa “nyata” di bagian dalemnya, gatau kenapa >,< kalo pake liptint yg lain bisa2 aja~ trus ini paling kering T_T
    btw pas minggu km review ini minggu harpitnas banget ya sher XD

    1. Iya yah cel? Tp aku pake tony moly yg 1 lagi juga cuma keliatan di dalemnya doang šŸ˜¦ Apa tony moly punya ga gt oke ya kl lip tint cairnya? *salahin lip tint* Iya2 setuju juga ini kering T_T tp aku kl pake lipbalm dulu, ga bs nempel warnanya LOL
      Iyaaaa, harpitnas tp aku libur seminggu penuh itu, jd nya bs posting ini hahaha XD

    1. Wah aku juga lagi naksir sama 3CE nih, pas banget ^_^ Warnanya cakep2 semua, bingung mau coba yg mana duluan hihi Tapi iya sih agak pricey šŸ˜¦ Pakenya pasti bakal irit2 banget biar ga cepet abis LOL *pelit* Kamu udah pernah coba kah? šŸ˜€

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