[Review] The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

Heeeyyyyyy~ Did you miss me? Finally I’m willing to write again. Maybe you’ll get more notifications from my blog this week, or maybe not. I personally don’t know LOL I’m still waiting for new items to arrive at my house and already picked out a few new products to review again. Hopefully this blog will not be dead xD

Okay, I don’t have a huge black head problem. I do have black heads, but after BB/CC cream then they are pretty much covered. However, I think I got more black heads lately and decided to buy a nose pack for it. I already tried the usual sheet pore pack, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Then I decided to try a peel off nose pack, which hopefully has a stronger extracting power than the pore pack sheets.


The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

I bought the one from The Face Shop because the seller only has this one in her stocks LOL I didn’t expect much from this clay pack, just hoping maybe it can extract a few of my black heads.

The product comes in a matte finish, plastic tube packaging. The tube is pale green and has some cute illustrations on the front. The cap is a flip top type. I do like the cap because it’s mess-proof for me. It has some kind of outie (?) like those facial foam tubes. This tube contains 50 grams of product. I was a little surprised because I thought it’s around 75-100 grams xD The tube is just 8 fingers tall.


The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

The back side has the expiry date on the top (not captured here), the directions, and ingredients. It contains paraben (Methylparaben) and colorants. What caught my attention is they also contains CARAMEL! I have no idea what caramel is doing inside because I smell no caramel in it LOL


The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

The consistency is super thick and sticky. It is white so it’s easier to see all the black heads it extracted. It’s quite easy to spread and it also stays on place and doesn’t drip anywhere. However, the scent is quite strong. It has a little glue-ish smell, some fresh scent, and alcohol. That’s the 3 scent I notice the most everytime I apply this. If you can’t stand strong scents, you might want to avoid this product because this literally sits on your nose area.

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

It is easy to peel and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. I still recommend you to wash your nose area after you peel the nose pack, though. The trick to apply this pack is to apply it quite thick and spread it evenly. You do not want any thin areas because it will be hard to peel, or it will rip apart. The directions said to leave it for 10-15 minutes before peeling it, but it need 25-30 minutes on my face to completely dry. Make sure you peel it when it’s completely dry. If not, you will end up with tiny pieces xD


How’s the extracting power? I have to say that I prefer this nose pack a lot more than the sheets. This can also extract my oil clogs. A few times I notice it extracted a big chunk of oil. It also extracts a decent amount of black heads. I think it will work better if paired with those black head heating gels or melting balms 🙂

Another big question is, is it painful? I will not lie, it is a bit more painful than those sheets because this has stronger power. If you have stubborn black heads, you should try this one out. Oh, you can use this where ever you want. I use this on my T-zone and sometimes I smear a little on my cheeks. The great thing about this is, it doesn’t break me out. I got a new pimples everytime I use those pore packs but I only got redness (which is a normal thing for me) upon using this.


Positive sides

  • Strong black head extracting power. This can extract oil clogs too.
  • Thick consistency and easy to spread.
  • Cheap! I got this for IDR 70,000.
  • I can use this everywhere I want
  • Doesn’t break me out.

Negative sides

  • Need 25-30 minutes to completely dry on me.
  • Has strong scent.
  • Contains paraben (I know a lot of people are avoiding it, but I don’t)
  • Contains colorants.
  • A bit more painful to peel than the pore pack sheets.

Rating : ♥♥♥♥• 4.5/5 because I don’t like the glue-ish scent 😦

Will I repurchase this? Yes. I think this can be used for a long time so for IDR 70,000 why not? It also works well on me ^_^

Have you tried any black head clay pack? I heard the Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask also can be used to remove black heads on regular use >w< Do you have any great black head remover product? 😀

6 thoughts on “[Review] The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

  1. OMG, now i want this!! your review help me a lot.
    I start to read your reviews, because I fall in love with the korean cosmetics.
    Bye, a hug from Chile!!

    1. Aww, a hug from me to you!!
      Thank you for reading my reviews hehe I hope they help you in some ways. I love korean cosmetics too! I personally think their technology (in the cosmetic industry) is superior to other countries and they’re less harsh on my skin ^_^

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