[Review] Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive

Yeaaayyy another review! I actually planned to write and publish this yesterday but due to some problems I can’t. But I’m happy that I can write this today 😀


Who had problems with removing eye makeup? *hands up* I do. I don’t wear thick eye makeup (or that’s what I think) but I still find removing my eye makeup is the least favorite thing to do. Why? Because I use waterproof products and they are hard to remove for a reason, so they will not smudge on your lids. I tried some different ways of removing my eye makeup, like using soap and water for a few times (which DOESN’T work at all — waterproof!), using baby wipes (works on my face, but not on my eyes), using an oil-based product (like Egyptian Magic Cream, which I don’t find convenient), and even body lotions rubbed on my lids (weird, yeah, but it worked! ….. sometimes xD). I know, I know you will tell me to just buy a cleansing oil or water or cream to make it easier, but I’m afraid of using those things because once I broke out pretty bad after using a cleansing cream.

So, move on. I got this Holika Holika baby for free on my purchase of Korean products. It’s pretty awesome to get a full size product as a gift! And that makes me kinda doubt it’s efficiency. I already got this thing for almost 5 months before I decided to give it a try. Why? Because I don’t use eye makeup on daily basis hehehe So is this thing good?

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive

Like usual, I will go with the packaging first. The product itself comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The bottle is quite sturdy but not heavy. It contains 100 ml which is quite a lot and because it’s transparent you can always see how much you have left. The cap is the twist-off type. I love this kind of cap for liquid because this ensures the product won’t spill out as long as you close it tight.


Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in OliveOnce you open the cap, you can see a medium sized opening

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive

On the back side they provide the directions and ingredients. The ingredients have Methylparaben, some colorants, and fragrance so if you have sensitive skin, you might want to check the full ingredient list first. Those 3 things are listed in the last 6 ingredients, though.

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in OliveBefore you use it, make sure to shake the product well. You must already realized that this is a 2 layer product. Before you shake it, the liquid inside looks transparent. After you shake it, the liquid will look cloudy and it has tiny sparkly things which I think is the oil particles.

The smell? I have never smell an olive before so I don’t know if it is the smell of olives. The smell is refreshing and has a little sweet-flowery-fruity feeling to it. It doesn’t bother me because it’s not strong at all. It leaves a little oily feeling (well, duh! it contains oil) but it doesn’t matter because you will wash your face after using this anyway. Don’t worry, it’s not a gross sticky feeling! It doesn’t sting my eyes at all even when I’m cleaning my lash line.

Now to the showdown! Let’s see how good or bad this remover works!

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive test

Do I need to say anything? The photo already explain how well this remover works! I listed the things I used to test this remover in the photo also. I always find the eyeliners (except the liquid one) are hard to remove in the past. Also, lip tint! I didn’t thought this product will be able to remove lip tints too. The result? I LOVE THIS!

Thanks to this product, I can wear eye makeup anytime I want. I can even try thicker and bolder eye makeup if I want to xD

Positive sides

  • Doesn’t sting my eyes
  • Removes everything easily, including waterproof make up
  • Refreshing scent
  • Sturdy and simple packaging makes storing this easier

Negative sides

  • Contains paraben, fragrance, and colorants (not a negative to me, but it is to a lot of people out there)
  • IDR 120,000 for a lip & eye remover sounds a bit expensive, but I’ll see how long this thing can last. I’ll update this review again later ^_^

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Will I repurchase this? It depends on how long this bottle can last. If it lasts more than 3 months for me, then it’s defiinitely a repurchase 😀

Have you tried Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover?  Do you like it? Or do you have another great remover?


Oh and by the way, I am in the craze of looking for a check-patterned skirt because I think it looks boyish but girly at the same time. I also think wearing plain tops with this will make the boring plain top becomes more attractive. The last time I saw this skirt is at a Korean clothing preorder. The price is too high for my budget and I decided to just keep looking for it. And you know what? I found a super cute one in Zalora with HALF the price!!! Not the same design and pattern, but this one is super cute too! But I can’t decide which color to go, so please help me decide >w<

Zalora checkered skater skirt


5 thoughts on “[Review] Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover in Olive

  1. Woaah I never heard of this product before and it seems really good 😀 Im currently using a milk cleanser bought it at a local drugstore and appearently it’s a French product and it works wonderful in removing waterful base and eye makeup ><
    Pick the red one Sher! It's definitely will be more stand out!

    1. Really? What are you using Jess?
      I’m actually trying to avoid milk in anything, both food and anything that has milk in it (although cleansing milk probably has nothing to do with milk xD)
      Eh still it’s great to be able to find French product from our local drugstore~
      I’m also more to the red! >w< The blue one seems too…. dark(?)

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