[Review] Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

Hello my lovelies! I’m trying to at least publish one review post per month now hehehe I’m back to he starting point. Hopefully I will be able to manage my time to update this blog more often.

This is my 4th pair of lens but this is my first time trying this Eye Candy brand. It’s made of Silicone Hydrogel so it’s supposed to be super comfortable to wear. This pair comes in glass vial bottles, which is a pain to open. I cut myself while opening my new pair because this one is already at it’s limit. I use this very often in it’s life span 😀

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

The seller kindly gives me a new lens case. Well, she gives a lens case for every pair you bought, even for the free lens when she has promo price. And I have never experience any issues with this seller so I’ll just keep buying from her LOL

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

The diameter of the lens itself is 14.50 mm. I don’t like seeing myself with huge lens so I tend to only buy the smallest one possible. I also don’t like an obviously-you’re-wearing-lens kinda look, so I always go for the natural ones. However, the Belle series from Eye Candy looks super bright in the product photo (so why did I buy this???). Look at the photo down below.


The lens in the case look super pale. You can barely see the gray colour. The ring also not as thick, black, and obvious as the other circle lenses. It’s like made of tiny pixels than slab of colour. The inner ring has some yellow-brownish and gray pixels so it will blend with your iris naturally. The outer ring is dark gray instead of black and kinda rigged so it looks like a real iris (?). Still, the pale gray colour kinda freaks me out when I see this pair. But hold on, let’s see how it looks like on my dark brown eyes!

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

TADAAAAA~~! This photo is taken in front of a window. It’s not direct sunlight, but the kind of lighting that I will face almost all the time. I’m indoor, so this is exactly what it looks like when I get the seat-beside-the-window like the main character in anime XD

As you can see, the enlarging effect is almost non existent, but it’s still there just a tiny bit. The colour does look  bright and fake on that lighting, but in different lighting it gives different feel. I gotta say this is the most natural looking gray lens I’ve ever had. My friends also like this pair on me, they said it looks so natural. It looks like I don’t wear lens, but also looks like I wear lens XD Under brighter lighting, I’m sure the result will be the same as the ad photos.

So now to the main issue. Is it comfortable? I have to scream YES! It’s the most comfortable lens and it doesn’t dry easily on me. I once use this for 12+ hours but I still don’t need eye drops (as long as I blink more often). I don’t get red eyes, which I got after a few hours of wearing the Geo BC-102. My family never made any comments about red eyes when I use this. And it looks a lot better with makeup!

For the price, it’s not too expensive. I got this pair on promo for IDR 110.000 or around USD 10. The normal price is IDR 160.000 or USD 15. The life span is 6 months and it still feels okay if you extend it for 1-3 days.

Now for the camwhore time.  I took these photos in different occasions hoping you’ll be able to see the colour change :3

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

So here’s my rating:

  • Comfort : ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (more comfortable = more hearts = higher score)
  • Design & colour : ♥♥♥♥ (more natural = more hearts = higher score)
  • Enlargement :  (least enlargement = less hearts = higher score)

Overall rating of : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Will I repurchase this? OF COURSE! Well, right now I’m using the Eye Candy Bulle in Brown. I’m supposed to use the Eye Candy Belle in Honey but when I opened it, I noticed the lens is damaged. I decided not to use that one. Probably I will do a side by side comparison because one of the pair is still in great condition.

Anywayyyyy, this is the end of the review! Do you have any lens recommendation? What’s your favorite lens? Hehehe


2 thoughts on “[Review] Eye Candy Belle Super Grey

  1. Thank you for the review…! I love the way you talk about the lens and its result 🙂
    I recommended you Eye Candy Fresh Grey (I just bought it a month ago for daily uses) . The color and pattern are more natural than Eye Candy Belle Super Grey, have a smaller diameter (14,2mm) and it used syllicone hydrogel too.

    Anyway, I’m gonna try this Eye Candy Belle Super Grey for the next purchase XD

    1. Hi Lia, I’m really sorry for the late reply.

      Yeah, I’m actually looking forward to try the Fresh Grey! I don’t mind a little enlarging effect but if it’s too much then I think I look like I’m wearing a half-assed Sclera lens XD
      Let me know what you think about this lens on you!

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