My Acne Fighting Story from May to September 2015 + Tips!

Hi again!

So as you all know, I’m in constant battle with my oily, acne-prone face. I had acnes all the time, it’s a hard time for me and it definitely lowered my already-low confidence. I never feel I’m pretty, even with makeup because I can see the bumps and redness. I don’t wear makeup as a routine so I go out of the house mostly bare faced. Well, not really bare faced, I still use sunscreen. I wear makeup when I go to hang out with friends and families, but only natural looking makeup.

I also changed my skincare routine, which I will talk in depth about in the next post. I think it helped my skin a lot and i will stick to it for a long time. I will add some more products along the way, but I will keep the basic skincare the same until I’m free from this troublesome skin (JK, I still love you).

Without further blabbering, I’ll post a picture of my face every 2 months from May to September. I am bare faced in all the pictures. I won’t recommend you to see this while eating. It’s not that gross, but still not a good choice of picture to look at while eating.

Acne fighting story May-September 2015

As you can see, my skin improves a bit from May. You can click on the picture to see a larger image. I don’t edit anything, even the lighting. From May to July, you can see that my face looks darker. It did, because I went on regular swimming and I do get tanned. From July to September, my skin already lightened up a bit. The bumps on my forehead is all gone by September and the redness is not as bad as on May.

Acne fighting story May-September 2015

The right side of the face also looks less bumpy. This is not a good photo to post on the internet, but I’m hoping this can help the people who are dealing the same problem as me. It still looks a bit red, but not to the point of you’re-wearing-blush kinda red. I don’t feel so bad to go out with only sunscreen on my face anymore. Although I just bought a medium coverage foundation, I don’t wear it as often as I originally plan to.

Acne fighting story May-September 2015

The left side of the face now looks a lot better compared to May and July. It’s less red, obviously less bumpy on the temple and jawline. I don’t get any new acnes as often as before now, and I honestly think it’s thanks to the skincare I use now. I’ll give a bit spoiler: I use local products and my basic skincare only consist of 3 steps!

Now for the tips!

Along my way of fighting acne (it’s already 4+ years now), I find what’s good and what’s not for my skin. Mostly, it’s how I treat my skin and how my body is feeling. This tips might not be for everyone, but it doesn’t do any harm so it won’t hurt you to try it. I guess this tips are already all over the internet, but they work for me so I want to share it here too.

  1. Avoid touching your face. I can’t stress this enough. This is my number one tip. Do not touch your face unless it’s necessary. And don’t be scared to tell people that you don’t like our face being touched. Explain your concern to them, they will understand. If you’re asking why, it’s because our hands are dirty. Not only dirty with visible dirts, but also dirty with germs and bacteria. Your face also has germs and bacteria on it, nothing can ever be sterile if it’s exposed to open air! But avoid touching your face, especially your acne. Trust me, this help my skin a lot since I decided not to touch my face unnecessarily.
  2. Avoid picking on your bumps and acne. Why? Because you will end up with spreading the germs and bacteria on a wider area (around your acne and bumps) and usually you’ll end up with more bumps and acne around that spot. It is best to just let them heal or dry up by themselves. It’s okay to apply spot treatment, but never pick on your bumps and acne.
  3. Drink a lot of water. And by a lot, I mean a minimum of 2 liters of water a day. You can’t drink 1 liter at 7 am and then 1 liter at 7 pm. You have to distribute the 2 liters along the day. Water can help flush out the toxins inside your body that you get from food and the stuff you put on your face. But if you just push yourself to drink a lot of water in a short amount of time, it will only dilute your urine. And by water, I really mean water. No tea, coffee, soft drinks, beers, anything like that. Well ,you can still drink those, but make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
  4. Find out what you’re allergic of. This plays a big part in clearing up the skin. This may take time and money to find out, because everyone is different. My skin doesn’t work well with products that contains alcohol, and I just found out this month. Usually, the skin can be allergic to alcohol and fragrance, so try to avoid those things in your skincare products if you think you might be allergic to them. It can also be caused by food, i.e. prawns, nuts, chocolates, dairy products, etc. So you need to watch what you eat as well. Pay attention to when your skin break out, maybe you’re allergic to certain food.
  5. Be gentle to your skin. Excessive scrubbing will do more harm than good. Applying to much pressure will do your skin more harm than good, especially if you have sensitive skin. Treat your skin like…. um, tofu? That’s around how much pressure I put on my skin. Regular scrubbing or exfoliating is good, just make sure that you don’t use those plastic scrub beads because it’s too harsh on the skin.
  6. Cleanse thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t miss a spot on your skin and don’t leave any residue (makeup, dirt, etc) on your face. Never sleep with makeup on! I make sure to always double cleanse (cleansing oil and then facial wash) every time I wear makeup or sunscreen. The residue can clog your pores, causing bumps or acne.
  7. Sleep enough and reduce your stress. This is a thing that I still can’t do, but I try to engrave this on my brain. Your sleep cycle and stress level can make your skin upset. This leads to break out. Try not to sleep late and have a stress relieve once in a while. Find out what makes your body and mind relax. It can be a lot of simple things, like listening to the music you love, reading, watching videos, movies, etc.

It might sound so similar to all those articles that you already read, but this really help my skin to improve. I don’t gain all this habit at once, I started one at a time. It’s okay to take your time and do it according to your own pace. Pushing all these things onto yourself at once will only increase your stress level.

I hope all these tips will help you. And I promise to share my skincare routine by the first week of October! The in-depth review of each products will be up later on, but I will share the good and bad things about each product on the next post.

Now I’ll end it with a neko-chan version of me so you won’t feel bad after reading all the words above XD

Myself as Neko-chan

Share below if you have any habits to help you clear your skin! I’m sure it will be helpful to every one. Byeeee, nyan~!


3 thoughts on “My Acne Fighting Story from May to September 2015 + Tips!

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience and results, it must take a lot of courage! I know how annoying acne is, I still have some scars and spots from my acne. I wish you good luck :).

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