[Review] Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M’oubliez Pas

Hello again, this is the second week of November and I’m only on my second post T_T It’s less likely I will post more often this month, because the deadline is coming near. But I think I can post more in December, and review some skincare products as well. My first paragraph of each post is always weird, unrelated things, but oh well, better than nothing HAHAHA-ha-ha.. okay that’s enough.

So, back to the review. This is my most expensive lip product that I ever purchased by the time I write this review. Well, I bought it on a discounted price, 250,000 instead of 450,000, but it’s still is the most expensive one even after discount hahaha I seriously wished I will love this one. Do I?

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas

It’s a freaking GUERLAIN product! I never imagine I will buy something from this high end brand, but here it is! My first self-bought high end product!

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas

The packaging of the lipstick is not like your usual lipstick. It doesn’t come with a detachable cap. Don’t get me wrong, it still has a cap, but you won’t need to take it off to use it. Curious much? I’ll leave it there for now. The packaging is made of a plastic material that has a mirror-like finish, which is VERY GLOSSY and attracts fingerprints. But you can easily clean it off and it won’t take a long time to clean it. It looks gorgeous. The photo above doesn’t do any justice.

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas

I bought the number 102, which is a brown-ish nude colour It has the colour and code on the bottom so if you have a lot of this, you might want to store it upside down. And that is the cap over there, with the emboss of Guerlain on it. It might not look that attractive in the photo, but trust me, you’ll turn your head when you see someone take this out of their make up pouch.

So what about the cap?

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas

It’s an auto-retractable cap! Sorry, but this is my first time seeing this kind of lipstick packaging so I’m too excited. You just slide that button-like thingy down, and the cap goes down with it, and the lipstick goes up. It’s like a super efficient thing. Compared to the usual lipstick packaging which you have to take off the cap and twist the bullet up, this thing actually does everything for you. You just have to drag that button down! I read that this specific product is designed with one-hand-use in mind. You can’t even use both hands to use this, you only need one. Genius!

Okay, okay, enough of praising the packaging. Who needs a pretty packaging when the lipstick itself is trash, right?

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas

That’s how the colour looks like in the tube. It’s a warm brown-ish nude. It looks pretty dark, doesn’t look like it will be an everyday wear for me. I was worried about whether I should put it on sale before I use it or just swatch it and sell it as a secondhand product if I don’t like it. I choose the later.

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas swatch

The swatch is actually very pretty! It’s not as dark as I thought it would be. It doesn’t have any shimmer, but it has a glossy finish. It has a hint of vanilla scent, which I super like! It doesn’t feel heavy on the hand, and it’s not sheer at all.

Gueerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas swatch

As you can see on the lip swatch above, it does a very good job on the lips too. My bare lips are quite pigmented, but this product still gives a great colour payoff. It’s the kind of colour that I can wear everyday. It’s not too pale, and not too bright. It’s almost nude, but it doesn’t make me look sick.

Another good thing is this is not drying at all. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing something, and doesn’t feel sticky. It doesn’t emphasize my lines, and doesn’t sink into the lines a few hours after either! But because it’s a glossy finish, this doesn’t stay on for that long, especially if you eat and drink all the time. But since the packaging is so pretty, I don’t mind taking it out and reapply HAHAHA Btw I’m not a lipstick person, so I normally don’t wear any even when I go out with a face full of makeup. So when I praise a lipstick, I really really like it to the point I will wear it on a daily basis.

Positive side

  • Super pretty and unique packaging
  • Moisturizing, doesn’t feel drying
  • Not sticky
  • Glossy finish with the right amount of shine
  • Great colour payoff
  • A hint of vanilla scent
  • Doesn’t sink into fine lines
  • Doesn’t feel heavy

Negative sides

  • Due to the glossy finish, it’s not as long lasting as the matte ones

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Will I repurchase this? Well, this is a hard question. If I had the money and I see a colour I like, then I will definitely buy this again. For something with this quality, I don’t think it’s considered super expensive. But I won’t buy this just to try out whether a colour suit me or not. This is more to the colours that I know will suit me. And I’ll wait for the sale price LOL

Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 102 Ne M'oubliez Pas


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