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[Event Report] Jean X Kose Girl’s Day Out – Japanese Lifestyle for Beautiful Skin

Hi my beautiful readers!

This is my first and Last Event report in 2015 I guess? I still can’t believe that I got chosen as a blogger to attend this event hosted by KOSE and cici Jean Milka. She posted about this event like, about a week ago, and I tried my luck and drag some friends along with me. Turned out I got chosen to attend this event as one of the blogger and both my friends are also got chosen to attend this as her followers! How lucky could we be! Now let’s go straight to the event report!

20151212_101923_zpsxfmu3cl6My top is from @shop_blossoms

The scheduled event is supposed to start at 10 am on the invitation, so we (me and my friends) actually get to Holiday Inn Express Pluit just in time. Luckily, they didn’t actually start at 10, it’s like at 11 am. I think they originally plan to start at 11 am, but because we have the habit to be late, they pushed the time forward an hour before the actual time XD

20151212_103139_zpsn9igp04tThis photo is taken at 10.30 and the hall is still empty

img_20151212_105727_zps6mxphszbMe and my friends waiting for the event to start

I learned from my last event report, the Shu Uemura one, that in order to take good pictures I should stay as close to the front as possible. Well, since it’s still practically empty by the time we arrived, we sat in the middle row in the front line XD So this time the picture is pretty decent! Actually a lot better than the Shu Uemura event.


We are greeted by this set of KOSE skincare on our table. All 3 of us sat on one long table btw, it’s not cramped at all. We have all the space we need. We each had our own mirror too! Actually, I didn’t expect this event to be a try-it-youself kind of event. I thought it’s gonna be something like a talkshow where we just sit and watch and listen to them talking and explaining. We all came with full make up on our face XD

img_20151212_124720_zps48q2szooEvent start!

The host is Ms Cherry (sorry if I got that wrong) and cici Jean Milka! She’s super pretty and cute in real life! Her photos don’t do any justice. She’s super nice and friendly, too! She will share her knowledge about skincare, and specifically Japanese skincare habit and lifestlye to achieve their beautiful skin.

img_20151212_110933_zps0wsv2hurKose’s representative is giving a welcome speech

I think cici Jean thought that I was taking photo of this guy only? Hahaha It’s actually really hard to take photo of 3 of them in one frame. When one is facing front, the other is facing the other way. Well, this is the best one I can take hahaha


Now I will recap all the important things that I learned from this event. I don’t have a computer brain so I can’t write everything here, but I’ll try to give as much information as I can.

Cici Jean pointed out that the most important step of skincare, both for the Japanese and herself, is cleansing. She cleans her face in 2-3 steps (if I remember correctly). The first step is using a makeup remover to remover her eye and lip makeup. The second step is using a cleansing oil/gel/cream (depends on your skin type) to remove the base and basically everything else. The third step is using a cleansing foam to wash all the oil and makeup residue that are still left on your skin.

I personally do a double cleansing, which means I use cleansing oil and cleansing foam. I remove all my makeup with my KOSE Softymo Cleansing Oil (which I will review really soon!) which I’m sure a lot more affordable than their Sekkisei line :p It removes everything well and I don’t need to waste a lot of time removing my waterproof eye makeup.

Still, I agree that this cleansing step is the most important of all. It doesn’t matter how expensive or luxurious your skincare is, if you don’t start with a clean skin, you won’t get the maximum result.

And remember, NEVER sleep without erasing your makeup. It’s not good for your skin!


After that you need to moisturize your skin. Even if you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean you don’t need moisturizer. You have to use the right moisturizer for your skin type and needs. For drier skin type, you can try the creamier consistency. But for the oily type, a gel type moisturizer works the best. You won’t feel sticky once you’ve found the right one for you.

Also, cici Jean told us to apply the moisturizer a little bit thicker on the side of the face that we sleep on. The reason is because the pillow will absorb the moisture from our skin, so our skin will have to compete with the pillow for moisture.

Let’s see, what else? Oh and never apply too much of moisturizer. Sure, you can apply a little bit more than usual if you feel like your skin is more dry at that time. But applying too much will make you feel sticky and oily later, especially if it’s cream type.


She also pointed out the importance of using sun protection/ sunblock/ sunscreen or whatever you wanna call it. And she means a dedicated sunscreen, not the sunscreen in your foundation or powder or day cream. Our climate is really humid and hot, and we get constant sun all year long. She stated that we need a minimum of SPF 40. It increases along with how long you stay in the sun. We even need sunscreen when we’re inside the house because our lamps and monitors and such also have UV rays.

I personally agree with her. Moreover I read in an article that consumers actually use a lot less than the recommended amount of sunblock. It makes the SPF is not as high as what the bottle stated. For example, if we use SPF 50 but only like a super thin layer (which is not the recommended amount) then the SPF can go down to just a 10-15!! Imagine if you use SPF 25 with the same thickness. It pretty much means nothing at all.

So please, be generous when applying sunscreen. If you feel that it’s too oily, you can either switch to a thinner consistency or I do use a matte finish sunscreen, check my previous posts. It’s the Shiseido Anessa in gold bottle. It has SPF 50+ too so it’s a really good one!

Now, we’re moving on to actually trying the KOSE Sekkisei line!

img_20151212_101700_zpsjhaq1y7rThe products that we will use on our face. YES, ALL OF THEM!

We are given the chance to try all 8 products on our own face, with the guidance of the host and KOSE’s BA. It’s not like you have to do this, it’s fine if you just want to watch. But me being a Japan-enthusiast these past month, couldn’t pass the opportunity to try expensive Japanese brand! And I didn’t bring any makeup with me so I ended up walking in the mall bare faced XD

Okay, now I will talk about each product and what they do.

20151212_130227_zpstjhap02gKOSE Perfect Makeup Remover

First, we were to remove our eye and lip makeup using KOSE Perfect Makeup Remover. It’s like a cleansing milk consistency. Pour it on a cotton pad and swipe it along your eyes in downward and forward motion, following the curl of your lashes so they won’t fall off.

This is a really gentle remover, it can’t remove my Dolly Wink Liquid Liner on my tight line XD But it removes mascara and other eye makeup very well! Don’t forget to remove your eyebrow makeup as well!

20151212_130444_zps5koif9w5KOSE Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil

Next, we will use the KOSE Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil to remove everything else on our face. It has no colour, just like water but with thicker consistency. It’s the same consistency as my current cheaper KOSE Softymo, but mine is yellow.

I just love using cleansing oil. You can actually see the oil dissolves the makeup on your face. Oh, cleansing oils are supposed to be used on dry hands and face. Massage it gently all over your face. After that, use a little bit of water to emulsify the oil so it makes a milky colour and massage it again for a while. Then use running water to wash it off.

Because it’s impossible to provide running tap water on the table, we had to use tissues. There is a technique to that too! Fold the tissue diagonally, and lay it on your right half of your face and press gently to lift off the oil. Flip the tissue (the clean side, still being folded diagonally) and do the same thing on your other half of your face. This should already lift off a lot of oil from your face.

Lastly, unfold it and fold it again diagonally, revealing the clean side of the tissue. Wrap it on your hands and tap on the areas where you still feel the oil. After that use a wet cotton pad to lift off some more oil from your face You don’t have to do this if you’re at home, though. You can use running water and that’s a lot faster hahahaha

20151212_130409_zpsbri7i0vpKOSE Sekkisei White Powder Wash

Third step, a facial wash. And not just a common, regular facial wash. It’s powder form! I find this KOSE Sekkisei White Powder Wash very interesting since I never seen anything like this!! The texture is really powder, like baby powder. It’s white in colour and very fine.

So you pour some into your palms and add a bit of water. Then you work it in with your other fingers until it forms a foamy consistency. Not like bubbly, but foamy. The final texture will be like a dense foam which won’t fall even when you flip it upside down.

Apply it like usual to your face, massaging gently with only your fingers, not your palms. It feels funny and unusual but I personally love it. My face feels very clean after this powder wash although I kept complaining to the BA before that I didn’t feel I already clean the oil well enough XD

Our cleansing step is done! This took a lot longer than I expected because of the detailed steps. Too bad I can’t illustrate the steps here 😦 But don’t worry, I have a good news by the end of this post! Keep reading to find out. We have 5 more steps left!

20151212_130315_zpsoooomxbwKOSE Super Dual Clear C

The 4th step is exfoliating. KOSE Super Dual Clear C is an exfoliating product so you can only use this maximum twice a week and avoid the eye & lip area. This has kinda runny gel consistency and white colour. Pour some to a cotton pad and swipe it across your face gently, concentrating on your T-zone.

Let me tell you, THIS IS THE BOMB!! I love this product so much (although not buying it). It feels very refreshing after using this on my skin. I did see some dirt on my cotton pad, which always means a good thing. It softens up my chin area instantly. Well, not like baby-butt smooth in an instant, but you can definitely see the difference. It’s said that it can remove blackheads with continuous usage too! Give this one a try if you want to try a product from Kose!

20151212_130350_zpsnfi0zgmnKOSE Moisture Skin Repair

The 5th step, prepping your skin. KOSE Moisture Skin Repair has a water-like consistency. The liquid itself is brown coloured. Squeeze some of this on your palm and use your fingers to massage it on your face. This is not in their Sekkisei line.

This contains Rice Power extract, and Japanese people apparently like using Rice water for things such as soaking in the tub and watering the plants. My mom also use rice water for watering her plants. I don’t know how I feel about this, I don’t really feel anything I guess? It’s not something bad, but I don’t feel anything special with it.

KOSE Sekkisei Lotion

Step number 6, the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion. This has the consistency of a toner, really water-like and it’s a white liquid. Pour this on a cotton pad and tap it all over your face. That’s right, tap it. They said the Japanese tap it for a minimum 100 times. I prefer to tap it continuously for 60-90 seconds instead of counting the taps LOL

THIS SMELLS SO GOOD!! It’s not a flowery or fresh or fruity scent at all, in fact it smells a bit like medicine? I do have a thing for hospital scents, or scents that are along that line. This one smells like a fresh medical scent. It’s not too strong either.

THIS ONE IS ALSO THE BOMB!! I actually bought this because I love how it feels on my skin. It has a cooling effect on my skin, and my skin is not as red as how it usually was and I only have been using this three times. My skin seems happy with this, so if this actually works for me, I’m gonna be broke forever XD

20151212_130337_zpsy894syjbKOSE Sekkisei Emulsion

The second last step, KOSE Sekkisei Emulsion. This has the texture of an emulsion. It’s not too thick, but it’s not runny either. It’s thicker than a serum, thinner than a cream, something like a gel, but a little bit thicker. The colour of the product itself is white. You pump this out on a cotton pad, even it out by folding the cotton pad and unfold it, then swipe it across your face.

This one also has a bit of fresh-medical scent, and it’s fast absorbed by my skin. But only if I apply ONLY the lotion and emulsion after washing my face. In the event, since I already apply quite a lot of other products, and I apply too much of this emulsion, it feels a little bit sticky. However, I can see people with drier skin will love this. I actually only need like half a pump for my whole face.

img_20151212_113746_zpsrf7isbu2KOSE Sekkisei Day Essence

Finally, the last step! Phew! KOSE Sekkisei Day Essence has an SPF 25 and PA ++ if I’m not wrong. It’s a tiiiny bit thinner consistency compared to the emulsion. You apply this with your hands. And use the heat of your palms to make the skin absorbs the products faster.

I personally don’t like this one at all when I tried this. My face is actually already too sticky at this point, but I still want to try this product LOL I can’t really remember anything special from this. All I remember is after the palm-press, my face is super red. And it’s not because of this product! I’ll tell you why later!

There you have it! That’s as much as I can remember for now. If I ever remember something else, I will write it down for sure. Now to the goodie bag!

YES, despite being a free event, we all get a goodie bag. My friends get a facial wash and sunblock. Obviously in mini trial size. But it’s still a lot better than nothing, right??

20151213_130712_zpslm6ats54The blogger goodie bag LOL

Because I came as a blogger, I get a smaller size of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion and KOSE Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask, which of course I have to review in 3 weeks XD No complaints though, I love the fact that I can try a good Japanese skincare!


Buuuttt it doesn’t end here! I also bought this small kit from KOSE which on a huge discount! It’s normally priced IDR 399,000 each so this kit’s normal price is above IDR 700,000. I will never spend that much on a new skincare because my skin is not the most friendly skin. But since it’s on sale for IDR 249,000 (yes, I typed that right. You also read that right) I can’t resist!!

Moreover, after the skin consultation with KOSE, they told me that I have a thin skin (they thought I was on a doctor’s medication, which I’m not!). And my skin’s temperature is so high. That is the reason for my redness, my massive oil production, and my acne as well. They recommend the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion to cool down my skin and the emulsion can help lock the moisture inside.

I want to post a photo of my close up skin condition from the consultation but I don’t have it and I don’t want to give you guys nightmare. Heck, the skin on my arm is actually a gazillion times better than my face despite the fact that I spent so much for my face T0T *bawl my eyes out*

But let’s see how KOSE will transform my skin! I can already see it changing a tiiiiny bit. It’s less red now, less angry, and a little bit less oily so I hope it will keep getting better. I really want this to work even though I will be broke every month.

Don’t worry, I will still post up the review of my previous skincare routine products!

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT! You can actually have the chance to attend the next KOSE’s Girl’s Day Out, this time with Stella Lee. It’s on December 19th on Harris Hotel. You can check Stella Lee’s instagram account for more details, she posted it a few days ago. You won’t regret coming to this event! It’s not free this time, though. But it’s still cheap!


So thank you KOSE and cici Jean Milka for this lovely opportunity. I really really appreciate it. Despite me being a lazy and noob blogger with sometimes crappy pictures, I still got chosen. I still feel like it’s a dream, really!

How about you guys? Do you like event report posts like this? If you do, I’ll try to attend as many events as I could. Let me know what kind of blog contents you guys want for the future, I’ll work my way there! Thank you for reading and have a good day/night!

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  1. O.o Im so jelly!! i’ve never been to this type of beauty event before (usually just Korean concert type of thingy) By the way I’m in Jakarta now, shall we meet? hehe

    1. Korean concerts are always awesome though! I think it’s a lot better than other concerts? I dunno, I only went to GD concert once hahaha Maybe you can go to their next event? It’s nice to get some freebies :p

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