[Bilingual Review] The Bath Box I’ll be Perfect Facial Oil

A bilingual post after such a long time! I decided to do a bilingual post because this is actually a local brand. More and more local-homemade-natural brand is coming out now, and I think his specific brand, The Bath Box, is one of the leading brands. This brand is also the first one that I notice.

Post bilingual (re: dua bahasa) lagi setelah sekian lama! Aku memutuskan buat bikin post bilingual soalnya ini brand lokal. Sekarang udah makin banyak brand lokal yang homemade dan natural gitu, dan menurut aku brand ini, The Bath Box, itu salah satu brand yang bisa dibilang paling sukses ya. Brand ini juga yang pertama kali aku kenal.


The Bath Box sells a lot of bath and beauty related stuffs, but they haven’t gone as far as cosmetics yet. I love all of their products. I already tried their liquid soap (currently using one), their masks (currently having 3), and this facial oil. They have bath bombs, body lotions, bar soap, and even a hair treatment oil too! You should check their website HERE. They also send their products overseas so you are very welcome to try. The price is not ridiculous, since they don’t use preservatives and chemicals. But the downside is they don’t have a long shelf life.

The Bath Box ini jual banyak banget barang-barang keperluan mandi dan beauty, tapi mereka belom sampe merambah ke area kosmetik sih. Aku udah coba liquid soap (sekarang lagi pake), masker (sekarang punya 3), dan facial oil ini. Mereka juga punya bath bomb, body lotion, bar soap, dan bahkan treatment oil buat rambut juga loh! Kalian harus cek website mereka DISINI. Mereka juga bisa kirim produk mereka ke luar negeri, jadi kamu bisa banget cobain walau lagi ga di Indo. Harga mereka ga tergolong mahal menurut aku, karena mereka ga pake pengawet ataupun bahan kimia gitu. Tapi ya jadinya ga bisa disimpen terlalu lama.


Okay, on to the review!


It comes in an amber colored glass bottle. The front side has their brand, the product name, the skin type it’s best for, their website, the amount of product, and their claim of this to be an all natural product.

Kemasan facial oil ini dalam botol kaca berwarna coklat. Sisi depannya ada brand mereka, nama produk, jenis kulit yang cocok pake oil ini, website mereka, isi produknya, dan klaim mereka kalau oil ini all natural.


The back side has a description about this facial oil, directions, and ingredients. In case you can’t read it clearly, this is what they write on the back.

Bagian belakangnya ada penjelasan tentang facial oil ini, cara penggunaan, dan bahan-bahan yang dipakai. Ini yang mereka tulis di belakang botolnya.

An exotic blend of high linoleic acid oil. It hydrates your skin without clogging pores so it can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. With Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Peppermint essential oil for pore tightening, reduce and prevent acne.

How to use:
Dispense 2-4 drops into hands, rub your hands lightly together and gently massage oil onto your face evenly with upward strokes. Always use on damp skin, after cleansing or toner.

Cucurbita pepo (Field Pumpkin) seed oil, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) oil, Pongamia glabra (Millettia Pinnata) seed oil, Rosa canina (Dog-Rose) oil, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Narrow-leaf Tea Tree) leaf oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil


The bottle comes with a dropper cap, which makes it easier to count the amount of oil you need. The dropper is made of glass, so make sure to be careful not to drop this bottle or dropper! The oil istelf is yellow in colour, and the consistency is thinner than vegetable oil. It’s about the same consistency as a cleansing oil.

Botolnya itu pake tutup pipet, jadi gampang buat itung berapa banyak oil yang kita perlu. Pipetnya sendiri terbuat dari kaca, jadi hati-hati jangan sampe jatoh ya! Oil-nya sendiri warna kuning, dan konsistensinya lebih cair dari minyak sayur. Kira-kira mirip konsistensi cleansing oil deh!


You can see on the photo how runny it is. It has a minty scent, but a bit unpleasant for me. I can still bear with it though. It has kinda minty feeling, but it’s not the same feeling as minty toothpaste. You can kinda smell the peppermint. For me, this is not a nice smelling product at all. But it kinda disappears when you apply it on your face, so it’s fine. And you’ll get used to it too!

Kalian bisa liat di foto seberapa cair oil ini. Dia ada aroma mint gitu, tapi aku ga suka baunya. Tapi aku masih bisa tahan sih. Ada berasa agak minty juga, tapi beda sama minty-nya pasta gigi ya! Kalian bisa cium peppermint-nya di oil ini. Buat aku, ini bukan produk yang wangi atau baunya enak. Tapi baunya agak ilang setelah dipake ke muka, jadi yaudahlah. Dan lama-lama juga bakal terbiasa sama baunya.


Now, onto how my skin reacts to this.
My skin loves this facial oil, I ended up finishing my first bottle. I think it took about 3-4 months for me to finish this. I used this twice a day, daily. This really helped with my acne. I used to get like, a new acne every 7-10 days. But when I use this, I could get like maybe 1 acne for 2-3 weeks, which is a huge improvement.

Sekarang, gimana reaksi kulit aku ke facial oil ini.
Kulit aku sukaaaaa banget sama facial oil ini, aku udah abisin botol pertama aku. Kayaknya 1 botol bisa dipake buat 3-4 bulan. Aku pake ini sehari dua kali, setiap hari. Facial oil ini bener-bener ngebantu sama masalah jerawat aku. Aku dulu tuh selalu dapet jerawat baru sekitar 7-10 hari sekali. Tapi pas aku udah pake ini, paling aku dapet jerawat baru sekitar 2-3 mingguan gitu. Dan ini udah kemajuan banget.


But, as I was using my second bottle, my skin reacts differently. Yes, I do apply another skincare on my second bottle. I apply Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Maybe because of the alcohol content doesn’t work well with this oil. You’re not supposed to apply anything with alcohol when you use this facial oil btw! My skin breakout, and I stopped the aloe gel at that moment and apply this on itself like how I used to. But my skin didn’t get any tiny bit better even after 2 weeks, I even got some huge acne along my jawline and near my ears.

Tapi pas aku pake botol kedua, reaksi kulit aku beda banget. Iya sih aku emang pake skincare lain pas di botol kedua ini. Aku pake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Mungkin karena alkohol di dalem Natrep ini ga cocok sama oilnya ya. Oh iya kalian ga boleh pake apapun yang mengandung alkohol kalo pake facial oil ini ya! Kulit aku breakout, dan aku langsung stop aloe gel-nya. Aku pake facial oil ini aja kayak pas aku pake botol pertama. Tapi kulit aku ga membaik sedikitpun bahkan setelah 2 minggu, aku malah dapet jerawat-jerawat gede di rahang sama deket kuping.



I ended up going for a facial to get rid of my breakouts and huge acne, but I waited for a while for the bigger acne to dry up first. I need to attend the KOSE event so I don’t want to go with my current bad skin. And I suspect the Tea Tree oil a bit, I might be allergic to it. My skin doesn’t like The Body Shop Tea Tree oil despite the amount of people who HG-ed it. And on the skin consultation with KOSE, they advised me to stop the facial oil first and see how my skin reacts. I’m currently paying a close attention to my skin.

Ujung-ujungnya aku pergi facial buat atasin masalah breakout sama jerawat aku, tapi aku nunggu jerawat yang gede-gede buat kering dulu. Aku harus dateng ke acara KOSE waktu itu, dan aku gamau dateng dengan kondisi kulit kayak gitu. Dan aku sedikit curiga sama Tea Tree oil sih, aku kayaknya alergi. Kulit aku ga suka banget sama The Body Shop Tea Tree oil padahal banyak banget orang yang cinta sama produk ini. Dan pas skin consultation sama KOSE, mereka saranin buat coba stop si facial oil ini dulu dan liat reaksi kulit aku gimana. Sekarang aku lagi perhatiin banget kulit aku.


Okay, so this facial oil on the face is not that bad. It’s a bit greasy. Also it makes my face looks dull. It doesn’t look much different before and after I wash my face LOL I personally don’t like how my face look like when I apply this, but the effect was so good that I continue using it. I did try to apply less, but the greasy and dull effect is still there. Maybe this is just me and my skin?

Oke, jadi facial oil ini pas dipake di muka itu ga terlalu buruk lah ya. Sedikit berminyak. Dan muka aku jadi keliatan kusam. Muka aku ga keliatan beda jauh antara sebelom dan setelah cuci muka LOL Aku sendiri sih ga suka liat muka aku setelah pake facial oil ini, tapi karena efeknya bagus banget, jadi aku lanjut pake terus. Aku udah coba pake kurangin facial oilnya, tapi efek berminyak sama kusamnya tetep sama. Apa ini cuma aku dan kulit aku?

Positive sides :

  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Made for oily, acne prone skin (they also have one for normal & one for dry skin)
  • Helps reduce and prevent acne
  • Pore tightening is visible on my nose area
  • Not too expensive. IDR 190,000 per bottle
  • Lasts for 3-4 months

Negative sides :

  • Contains tea tree oil, which I might be allergic to
  • Greasy feeling
  • Dull face after applying
  • Unpleasant smell
  • No purging effect on me

Rating : ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

Will I repurchase this? Yes if my skin doesn’t give a good reaction with my current skincare. I love how it actually prevent and reduce acne. I might have to start all over or my skin might have to experience purging first, though. But this does what it claims, so I love this.


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