[Review] Urban Decay Nail Polish in Vice

Ya-hoooo~ I decided to post a review on Christmas night because I don’t celebrate Christmas. But MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! Remember,  Christmas is not about the gift, but about the heart.

So today I will post a relatively short review, at least I’ll try making this short. I like nail polish. I have a box of them and this one by far is the most expensive one. I bought it on a discount for IDR 150,000 or around USD 11. What bought me is THE BOTTLE!

20150903_121236_zpsxdxrgvqgBehold, Urban Decay Nail Polish in the colour Vice! The bottle is of course made of glass. The cap is made of plastic with a glass-like finish I guess. I can’t figure out what it’s made of but it’s not important. It’s gorgeous!!

20150903_121309_zpsutynq3y1The cap has the Urban Decay lettering in the same colour and finish as the cap.

20150903_121530_zpsofzeqbdfThe bottle has a silver UD print on it with the same finish and colour as the cap.

20150903_121420_zpsh5qbkd6sThe bomb is the skull embellishment on the cap! It’s so cool! Too bad my camera sucks and refuses to focus on the skull. The skull has roses for the eyes, while the rest is the same as the skull that you see in your science lab. It also has the same colour and finish as the cap. The packaging design is so put together, I can’t really say anything bad about it. It’s nice to have on your vanity table!

20150903_121500_zpsp2z0wawsOn the bottom of the bottle is a sticker with the colour name and the amount of product inside. The brush is just a regular nail polish brush, nothing special.

20151224_150047_zpsgoabfinjThat’s the swatch of the Urban Decay Nail Polish in Vice on my nails. I use two coats, but one coat is pretty opaque already. As you can see or not on the photo, the colour is a deep purple with blue and red shimmers. The shimmer is not too much and it’s tiny. You need a glossy top coat if you want a nice high gloss finish.

The smell is like every other nail polish, and it stays on my nails in tact for 3-5 days. Or when I don’t do any washing or rough things, it can lasts up to a week without top coat. Pretty awesome! IMO it looks good both for long and short nails!

Positive sides

  • Opaque colour
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Lasts up to a week without top coat
  • Doesn’t stain the nails (with base coat)

Negative sides

  • Quite pricey for a nail polish
  • Needs top coat for a high gloss finish

Rating : ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

Will I repurchase this? If I have extra extra money, YES. The nail polish itself is great and there’s nothing I hate about it. Except the price. But I don’t see a reason not to buy this if it’s on sale! And the packaging is so nice too. It will work as a gift to nail polish lovers!

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