[Sponsored Review] Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap

This is a last minute review posting, today is actually the deadline for this product. I’m very sorry for publishing this post very late, I have some problems in January and a pretty bad thing happened in our family so it took most of my time. However, I will still review this product properly! Let me stop blabbering and continue with the review!

Today I will be reviewing Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap. I got lucky and chosen as one of the 50 (if I’m not wrong) bloggers! This is actually my first time getting chosen to do a product review XD

For you who have never heard about this brand, Cowstyle is a personal care brand originated from Japan and in fact, all of their products are made in Japan, including this soap! They also have a lot of other products such as the Skin Life line for skin care and the famous shizengokochi facial wash which I really want to try next >w<

The bottle contains 550 ml of product and it also has Indonesian description at the back. You know that all Japanese products barely has English on them, and this Indonesian description and ingredients list are actually very helpful! Not everyone can read Japanese well here.

The bottle is made of plastic and the design of the product is actually pretty cute! It’s something that can suit a guy’s and girl’s bathroom. But I don’t know if guys will want to use this though XD

A closer look at the Indonesian description and such. This contains paraben, so if that bothers you stay away from this product. However, I believe paraben in controlled amount is still safe. I mean it’s made in Japan, and has passed the test of Indonesian health ministry with the POM registry number.

The soap is a liquid soap in white colour. It’s not runny at all but not too thick either, just the right consistency! It’s easy to pump the liquid out of the bottle, no super power strength needed. If it’s too thick then you’ll need to press harder 😦

It claims to have abundant, dense, and fluffy foam, like a whip cream. Well, does it really? I tried 2 ways of making the foam, one with a huge bowl and water, and the other way is with a shower puff. The result is:

This is the result of the bowl + water one. I just pour one pump of the soap with a scoop of water and mix it up. It’s actually pretty easy to form the bubble. You’ll get a little of arm exercise as well :p It took me about 3-4 minutes to form this super dense foam. A dense foam is better than normal foam because the particle is smaller, so it can goes deep into the pore so your skin will be much cleaner and feel more hydrated, that’s why this soap is good for all skin types, including the dry skin people.

You can even flip it upside down and it won’t fall off. Notice that I’m not grabbing the foam at all, it just hangs under my palm. A normal foam won’t be able to do that!

With licorice-derived dipotassiumglycyrrhizate, it can help to get rid of dead skin cells on your body. I still won’t neglect scrubbing my body once a week, but we constantly have dead skin cells so this actually makes my body feels more fresh than usual.

This is the foam formed with shower puff. It’s more or less the same as the first one, but this one feels denser than the first. However, if you happen to not have a shower puff or too lazy to whip this soap, you can always apply it like how you normally would. I tried it before and the foam is still amazing! But I still prefer to foam it up first because the foam feels so fluffy >w<

This has a flowery scent which I suuuuper love! I never use any floral scent body soap before because I don’t really like floral scent. This one is an exception. I can’t say how long the scent lingers after shower because I always use body lotion afterwards. But even if it stays on my all day, I won’t mind at all!

Moreover, this product is actually very easy to find. You can buy this from Guardian, PAPAYA, Metro, Watson, Yogya Super, Setiabudi Super, Grand Lucky, Ranch Market, AEON, Century, and Hypermart. Or if you don’t have those stores around you, you can always buy it online from Sukamart and Nihonmart! I see this product all the time in Guardian and Century ( I went to these stores the most from the list).

Positive sides

  • Smells super good!
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Fluffy foam! Who doesn’t love that??
  • Right consistency
  • Easy to find
  • Doesn’t leave a slippery residue after rinsing

Negative sides

  • NONE! I just wish they have a bigger bottle :p

Rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Will I repurchase this? YES! I used to use fruity body wash and pretty tired of it. My mom loves how this smells too so we’re definitely buying more!

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