[Unboxing] Canmake 2015-2016 Lucky Bag

FINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER!! I thought I was gonna receive this lucky bag in February but it arrived a bit earlier. I got so excited since this is my first lucky bag! I was going to get the Rimmel one, but then I think since Rimmel is not a Japanese brand (CMIIW) and I was going to buy a lucky bag from Japan, I should just go with Japanese brand instead! That’s how I finally decided on the Canmake one. Okay enough background story!

This is what the bag looks like. It only has a tape to seal the bag so you can literally peek inside. But there’s no fun in doing that, right? This is just a regular, normal paper bag which I’m sure none of you is interested in XD

Let’s dig in!

This is the first thing I grabbed from the bag, Canmake Easy & Fast Make Gel. Actually, I have watched a lot of lucky bag unboxing in Youtube (especially Canmake and Rimmel ones) and I really want to try this product. Lucky I got this one! It claims to be an All-in-one product so this will really save time.

Then I get the Canmake Four Shiny Eyes eyeshadow palette in number 01. Okay, I’ve been eyeing Japanese eyeshadows for a while but I wasn’t hoping too much for my lucky bag. The fact that I actually got one is kind of a surprise hahahaha The packaging is super cute!!!

A closer look on the eyeshadows. It consists of shimmery and glittery eyeshadows (Japanese eyeshadows are mostly like this). It has white, champagne, baby pink, and brown so this must be aimed for a natural sweet look. No mirror in this palette bthough because it’s so small.

The next thing I got is the Canmake Candy Wrap Lip. This is like a guaranteed product, all the unboxing that I watched have this inside the bag. Some bags even have two of this in different colours! I got the number 13 which is like a baby pink in the tube. This is more like a gloss than a lip colour. I’ve tried it on my lips and it’s very moisturizing, not sticky at all, and it gives a very pretty glossy effect >w<

And the last thing in the bag is the Canmake Lower Lash Curler. This is the most bizarre thing inside the lucky bag HAHAHA I never seen one of this in any of the lucky bag unboxing video so maybe this is like a last minute idea? I don’t know LOL It’s supposed to be used for curling your lower lash. I tried using this to curl my upper lash (something like the Shu Uemura S curler) and it doesn’t work that good. It touched my eye ball (seriously) so I will probably use this just for lower lash.


In total, I got 4 products from the lucky bag with the price of IDR 298,800 + shipping fee IDR 10,000. I’ll say it’s pretty cheap compared to buying the things separately. But if I were to buy them separately, I will not buy the lower lash curler and switch for another eyeshadow palette or another Candy Wrap Lip XD So if you want to try something from the brand but not sure where to start, lucky bags like this is always worth to try.

I’m planning to get another lucky bag for the end of 2016 or maybe the summer clothes lucky bag if I happen to have enough money LOL

Did you get a lucky bag this year? How lucky are you? Do you think lucky bag is something worth getting?

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